It seems as though The Cabal is about CAPUT ! The Cabal is desperate says Benjamin Fulford !

by Tarheel on April 24th, 2012

Wow ! There's way too uch going on to even try to comment, so I will send ity along for you to digest yourselves.

Excerpt-Major confrontations in South China Sea as desperate cabal tries to steal Asian gold deposits”

Excerpt- The US, or should we say, Nazi (national socialist Zionist) forces have been systematically searching bunkers and caves in the Philippines…
…this battle by the cabalists to steal gold is actually a sign of desperation…


The Cabal is slowly sinking, dieing, failing, falling. "They've made desperate men out of you Cabalists ! Ha-ha-ha-ha!


Crigitine: The only way gold would

The only way gold would benefit them should the white nots actually make a free trade system work would be so they could give it to king anu or make it the powder they need to manually ascend and even then if what scientists say is true (Which is probably not) earth is the only place with gold. But the scientists on this planet that openly say this only use telescopes to base this on, so I'm sure there's more gold out there.

edisonik: Yes Earth is the Only Planet close by with Rich Gold Deposits

Gold protects Atmospheres of Dying Planets and when Properly Ingested by crushing gold into a powder it can be ingested into your body to give you massive prolonged life spans because it purifies Organs also.
Gold is the Currency of the Gods.

This is what the Annunaki needed to save their People, this is what created humanity in the first place, the Gold.
It is Real Wealth, beyond your Wildest Dreams.
Not Paper .

bluesbaby5050: To Edisonik----?

I read somewhere that the gold had to be in it's purest form to do this? Yellow gold only? No white, as this has other compounds added to it,to make it white gold ? What is the truth? Falcon G.

Crigitine: If only that could be whats

If only that could be whats in the chem trails. I'm sure they've back engineered it by now so that it keeps the atmosphere and the people afloat only enough to say "I'm sick will you help me?" to which they reply only if you have the money.

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