It is Now A Crime to Host a Fellowship Bible Study in Your Home,and At Church!!

Satan's work being carried out by the local police! In Phoenix, Arizona,a man,and his wife hosted a bible study to about 15 to 20 people ,and shared food,and ideas,in their home,and now the man,and his wife are behind bars!! This family has now been torn apart! Mr. and Mrs.Michael Salman went to court, and was told they had violated the citie's code 67 that is on the law books! They have been ordered to pay a fine of $12,180 dollars, and they have to spend 60 days in jail!! Their home was raided by armed a dozen officers from the Pheonix police department, and this was when the Salmans was told of the code 67 violation.This is Satan's work at it's best!


Quinton: I heard about this on Alex

I heard about this on Alex Jones... the whole thing is just insane. Just another day here on planet earth.

bluesbaby5050: Really?

I read this in the news. Ya, Alex would cover this topic for sure.

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