It is good to know

by Arctos on October 10th, 2012

It is good to know, but it is better to be ready.

Can you close an open wound?
Can you find a meal without going to the grocery store?
Do you know how to grow something?
Can you keep someone from dying?
How will YOU defend yourself?
How will you defend your FAMILY?
Can you start a fire?
Where will you hide?
What will you drink?

It is good to know what is going on around you in the world, but will you be ready when drastic changes happen? Knowing is only half the battle. Utilize public services before it is to late. Take to the libraries and learn a few things, go to the YMCA and learn to shoot a bow and arrow. Go fishing and hunting and freeze your meals.

Do something so that when life changes, the change doesn't kill you.

Humanity is engineered with survivability, but use it or lose it, and many have lost it.

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Tarheel: Humanity has gotten soft, BUT......

.....never underestimate the will of the people. Just when you think Humanity has lost it's edge , Humanity will show it's might.
The power of Humanity's resolve is unfathomable.

bluesbaby5050: I hope for the people's sake.........

That they have taken all the advice in this forum, and put it to good use. No one can save you, BUT YOU,YOURSELF!! SO YOU BETTER BE READY! DO NOT LOOK TO YOUR GOVERMENTS! ALWAY REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED DURING THE EVENTS THAT TOOK PLACE DURING KATRINA!! RAPES- THEFTS,AND MURDERS TOOK PLACE THEN! People were LEFT TO DIE, AND BE EATEN BY RATS IN THE STREETS, AND IN THEIR HOMES WHILE THE WORLD LOOKED ON FROM THEIR SAFE PLACES! WATER-FOOD-ICE-MEDICINES were BLOCKED from getting into those areas ! People were SHOT IF THEY TRIED TO LEAVE THOSE AREAS! They were Blocked from leaving! THIS WAS ALSO REPORTED TO THE NEWS.The truck drivers told the reporters all about this after! It was broadcast all over the planet, while the world watched!!

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