Isreal got a light show

H/D were you able to see this on the 6th? Or hear about it any where? Seeing something like this would surely sway faith that something is happening out there.


HebrianDaniel: many people reported it in

many people reported it in the forum they saw blazing light that disappear and creating Spiral thing. the goverment say its Russian Balistic Rocket. people also seen it in Jorden
and Lebanon also. i dont know what is it. but its appear in israel in 21:30.
i didnt had luck to see it :(

Crigitine: Interesting. There's no doubt

Interesting. There's no doubt in my mind about the Russian rocket. GLP has been spewing reports about those for the last couple days. But there have similar cases like the one seen above through out modern history. It starts out like a rocket and turns into the whirl pool and then fades away.

Tarheel: "IT" has started....... Falcon Godess-See this ?

It has to be. THE event Edisonik foretold has begun.

This HAS to be IT. Russian rocket my butt!

bluesbaby5050: To Tar---

Those are plain to see that they are Spaceships! Russins are lieing!! Yup! This just may be what Eddie was referring to for this month!! It has to happen over there,as well as in Africa! These are prime areas for this,as the people there NEED a Good Wakeup Call! The Falcon.

Tarheel: Coming our way/they have to be.Keep your eyes wide,my Friends

I'll call ya!

Get with Wmarkely. Crig n Hebrian know. Hebrian is front line ! Gotta get Pham too. and SoL.

bluesbaby5050: These spiraling lights---

Have been said, that UFO'S have been coming in though these Worm Holes from other Dimentions all over the world! They have been seen most recently in the middle east, in Norway, in China, in Russia. These are just some of the countries reporting this. It has been shown all over the Youtube Channels as well. I have seen them many times on there myself. They are also called Vortex's.

Tarheel: PLEASE keep us POSTED, Hebrian/Crig !

This HAS to be it. The timing is EXACT !

I'll bet CNN/Fox/MSM doesnt even cover it. Those pathetic excuse of rnews outlet. Tabloid journalism at it's best is what these pathetix excuse for new outlets are.

HebrianDaniel: dont worry i will report any

dont worry i will report any ufo incoming soon btw
there was UFO reports over Mount Hermon before 4months. few people saw a weird
yellow light and cought ito n the camera. and the goverment says its Army Training hehe.
btw mount hermon is in the border between Syria to israel

Crigitine: I..uh..H/D? Have you seen


Have you seen anything about this? This actually sounds pretty serious. My wishes towards your well being.

It speaks of new military targets in Israel and a city heard explosions some minutes ago. It was reported there were no casualties which is good. Godspeed H/D.

HebrianDaniel: there always troubles in gaza

there always troubles in gaza :P

Crigitine: lol just making sure it

lol just making sure it wasn't something serious. I guess I'm getting glp syndrome. "OH MY GOD! MY TOMATOES CAME OUT ROTTEN! QUICK EVERYONE BUG OUT!"

..bug out meaning grab your survival gear and go live in the

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