Ison is dead (or is it?)

by cosmicstorm on November 29th, 2013

Yesterday Ison entered it's perihelion phase around the sun. At the time NASA was holding a hangout to see if Ison would be desintegrated or come out still alive and kicking. After its redenvous with the sun, it exited SOHO view for everyone to clearly see it was still alive(or whats left of it), but NOOOO NASA has to make everything a mystery and say that it's probably dead.
Don't believe me, see for yourself.

Now all I have to think about is Isons debris trail. Wonder how that will turn out.

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Crackdown: If thats real, should have behaved sane & quick, with cold blood

Too many emotions, too many mistakes. For example, I could not understand, why they just left the supposedly dead alien alone

cosmicstorm: I know there's two versions of this

One is the true video and the other is the remake to make the original seem fake. This is probably the remake seeing as it had ending credits and either they were frightened and certain the creature was dead or they were just following the script is why they left it alone. Another way to tell is the original was set in 1983 while this one was in 1989.

Crackdown: Thank you

I could not find the original (1983) video. If you have it, please share

cosmicstorm: I wish

The cia seized the original copy and ordered the production of the fake one to cover the real one, its probably in some top secret cia warehouse or something like that.

bungalowbut1: arranged marriages

Why is nothing but talk being done about this widespread and upsetting problem I am discussed by nothing being done

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