Iran Is NOT Our Enemy. 10 BIG LIES in the U.S. "War on Terror." Solutions /video

Iran Is NOT Our Enemy.10 BIG LIES in the U.S. "War on Terror."
Solutions /video. 10 BIG LIES in the U.S. "War on Terror," Have we every gone into a war based on honest and accurate information?

Let's see...

Iraq - No
Afghanistan - No
Yugoslavia - No
Panama - No
Vietnam - No
Korea - No
WW II - No (US banking support of Hitler never disclosed)
WW I - No
The Spanish American War - No
The taking of Hawaii - No
The Mexican War - No
The multiple invasions/attacks on Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Guatemala, Honduras, El Sslvador etc. - No

See a pattern here?

Despite what all the media are yammering at you, despite all the fear mongering about Iran's 'nuclear threat' (Iran has been fully verified by the IAEA and ALL the U.S. intelligence community agree and are on record that Iran is not pursuing nuclear weapons - SEE ABOVE VIDEO CLIP), despite talk that Iran is intolerant, despite the daily barrage of bad press and unpleasant innuendo, Iran is a great country, friendly, cultured, fun and spiritually-minded!

The 'Powers That Were' are dead set on taking us to war against Iran, but 'They lied about Vietnam... Iraq...Afghanistan...'
and 'Iran Is NOT Our Enemy!'U.S. confirms Iran not making nuclear weapons

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