Introducing Spiritual Corner

by Quinton on April 2nd, 2014

I wanted to introduce everyone to a new section on Truth Control called Spiritual Corner.

Spiritual Corner is going to be managed by Jessy who has been in all the past Truth Control videos along side me.

Jessy is the most spiritual person I know as far as picking up on energy and being connected to the universe goes. Jessy always has very insightful and powerful revelations and we both thought Spiritual Corner would be a great addition to the site.

So please welcome Jessy to Truth Control and be prepared to see some new postings every week or so in the Spiritual Corner section located under "Shows & Blogs" in the menu.

Thanks much!

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UN.i1-PHI: Welcome Jesse!

Welcome Jesse! / RICKYJG

I'll be looking forward to your company and reading from you here at TC, This sounds like a very nice and good idea :)

Tough i haven't been paying much attention, I noticed you operate at the 'PeaceBeBlessed' website wich looks very much like TruthControl but is more directed at spiritual topics and conversations.

I'd like to say to both of you Jesse and Quinton are doing a great hearty job hosting these forums reaching out to the people with its info and members, and your video shows too!

Good or Great work comes from great hearts with great intent for the better of all!

Also i'd like to share a very nicely stated spiritual quote from jesse here from PBB

Just marvel at your uniqueness, with every breath you take there is an opportunity to renew your self..No judgement can take away your true beauty... only you can hold true love from yourself..You have the key to your heart and only you can unlock it..Love has never stopped it is your weak thoughts that have not allowed you to receive it.. As always go within and you will never go without...PeaceBeBlessed..Jessy

Silenci030310: Jesse, i been reading some of

Jesse, i been reading some of your posts on your site, thats what i like reading about spiritual growth, it makes me feel good when i read postive things, glad to read your tthoughts/pov on life,.

Starperson: Perfect time and place

Jessy, you have been a source of great comfort and inspiration to me in the past when I have needed it the most. I am truly looking forward to your energy and wisdom in the Spiritual Corner.

As always, love and light to you. Star

RickyJG: I thank all of you that

I thank all of you that welcomed me to Truth Control. I thank Quinton for giving me the opportunity to put myself out there and for giving me the opportunity to broaden my horizons. In the future I am hoping to self-publish my "Daily Inspirations" book . I am here to serve a purpose and I finally realized what my true calling is, for the years I have known Quinton he has pushed me to do more with my energy readings and my counseling of others but I have been very hesitant about it. I have always said that the universe will guide me and let me know when its my time to shine and I truly believe in my heart that the time is Now..

Again, thank you so much and may love always guide you to your peace..

PeaceBeBlesseddotcom RickyJessyG

Tarheel: All the best to you, Jessy.

Good luck & God-speed in your quest.

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