An Interview With Eric Phelps

by cryssmo on June 28th, 2014

So it took me a while to read all of this interview, but I would really like to know what you all feel about this discussion. He talks about so much history and everything thing just seems to fit please, share your thoughts about it! Even if you've probably already looked into this. Here is the link:

I have always looked into the illuminati stuff (thinking it only had to do with the music industry: like when they killed Tupac and Biggie, Michael Jackso, etc.) for fun when I was a teenager, but now that it seems these things are getting pretty serious, and has been taking over our government and it is just crazy and too much to just ignore. I hope I can help make people understand that we need to start stepping up.

CMM ( :

PS- Please be patient, and try to read everything. It's all very important. Maybe not true, but I believe important.

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Quinton: Eric Jon Phelps knows what he

Eric Jon Phelps knows what he's talking about when it comes to history. I've read his book "Vatican Assassins" and I agree with him that the Vatican/Jesuits is the main system of control throughout the world.

The Illuminati is much larger than the music industry. The music industry is the tip of the iceberg.

When people refer to the Illuminati they are usually talking about semi-secret organizations like the Bilderberg group and the CFR and the way they control society through governments and large corporations.

When you dig deeper you start to find that the people who control the Bilderberg group, the banks and the money behind everything are actually royal families located in mostly Europe and are mostly German.

When you dig even deeper you begin to find that these royal families are actually bankers and executives for the Vatican and that is where the Illuminati really starts to take on an interesting twist. That is also where you start to see how the Jesuits fit in. Royalty is not above the Vatican. The Vatican is above royalty.

And when you dig even deeper you find how the Vatican and Jesuits are really just a continuation of even more ancient systems of control that comes out of Egypt and Babylon.

And then from there you can dig even deeper and see how really this is all a front for an off-world ET connection and that this whole thing is being orchestrated outside of just this planet. This whole thing is a lot bigger than we think it is.

So yeah, Eric Jon Phelps is awesome because he deals with how the Vatican is above the Rothschilds and Windsors which a lot of people don't get. When most people refer to Illuminati they really mean Jesuits but just don't know that. They think it ends at banks, Rockefeller or Rothschild -- it doesn't. It keeps going. And it's quite an interesting study.

Looking through history of the past 2000 or so years shows how fascinating the connection between the Vatican, Royalty and all these secret societies really is. Almost all the major events we've had in history the past 2000 years have had the Vatican involved. History mostly is the story of the Vatican trying to gain more control of the world through one front organization or another.

obsrvantlouie: Agreed

EJP knows his history - well said Q - the rabbit hole just keeps getting deeper huh?

Not only has the monetary policy been enough to influence the world stage for centuries but when you consider the power of symbology, numerology, astrology used and the power of religious influence (threat of death, blasphemy, sinning - burn in hell etc) etc it's just mind blowing sometimes that it has taken them so long to accomplish their goal.

I used to think oppositely - I used to think, how could this control be maintained? Now I see how easy it is for them....especially today with tech advances and programs like 'Monarch' and MK ULTRA etc.

Always like to remind persons who haven't seen Michael Tsarions work on hidden hand of symbolism in the media (Medes).

Nice post Crys

cryssmo: I will definitely look into

I will definitely look into Michael Tsarion : ) thank you Observantlouie!

Yeah technology has gone so far, so quickly. The best way to keep us distracted. I myself am almost considering becoming a "hobo". So I can just explore the world and not worry about looking at any kind of screen. I won't lie though, I do like movies. I feel like movies have a lot of subliminal messages, but the prepare us. Or to show us what is really going on around us? Like they are warning us. Or maybe I'm wrong and they're just using those to distract us as well. But there are just a lot of things I have learned in movies that I think are worthy of keeping close to mind. Please, correct me where ever I may be wrong. ( :

thank you all once again!!

cryssmo: I appreciate your Comment

My mother is a strong Catholic woman and would really like for me to continue joining her when she goes to church, and although I do believe most of what she does. I don't feel the need to go to church. I'm not sure if she finished reading the whole interview, but when I got to speak to her about what she'd read so far she felt some type of way when she realized or read that Eric Phelps is a Protestant and they don't really believe in the Virgin Mary. So I guess she was doubting that he could be on "our side"... or idk maybe it just bothered her. I was just wondering how you felt about that.?

So yes, I have always looked into first: the music industry, then I noticed them all always putting up the same signs (the horns, or the OK symbol, covering one eye)...I noticed that it wasn't just the music industry and once I started digging deeper it just enraged me even more lol. So when I finally got to this interview and it just pieced everything together, I better understood why everything is the way that it is now. I also was wondering if I'm even pronouncing the word "Jesuit" the proper way. Everytime I want to say that word, "Jesus" wants to come out it jess-u-it?

Thank you for your response : )
much love,

UN.i1-PHI: The Satanic History of The Black Pope

The Satanic History of The Black Pope

[Reproduced Content:]

This video contains repulsive TRUTH

We are going to take a closer look at the Vatican’s most powerful society and it’s influence in history

Did you know that the first „black pope” and Jesuit General „Ignatius Loyola”, Formerly a military soldier, was a WITCH and a member of the Illumbrados?

This is the third black pope Francis Borgia who is always depicted with a human skull.. notice the crown on the following image…[example]

The current [not anymore; 1983-2008] Jesuit General Peter Hans Kolvenbach

[now Adolfo Nicolás is the current black pope]

Known in France as the Company of SION. This Order (Jesuit) was created by Spanish Gentile and Knight of the Virgin. Ignatius Loyola who lived in the castle Casa-Solar in the Biscayan Provinces.

The Order was created in 1534 to destroy the Reformation and Saracens. They quickly become the world’s most feared Order and eventually gained control over the Vatican

They work VERY secretly to direct world-events in order to shape a „new world order” with ONE religion and world government - Catholicism (pope workship)

The Catholic Church hierarchy - especially Eugenio Pacelli, before and after he became Pope Pius XII - aided the Nazis.
Indeed, Pacelli and the Church played a central role in the making of Adolf Hitler the dictator of Germany.

Hitler was a catholic and admired the power and influence of the Jesuits had and still have…

Nazi-coins with catholic church behind

The Catholic church have worked hard to not let the world know their guilt behind the horrible events of the world war II

They are intact the ones behind the holocaust, and the american government today is under their secret rule


I can only show this much.
you have to seek for yourself if you really want to know the truth about the Roman Vatican…
but i can tell you also this. two clues to 9/11 = woolworths building, and Fordham university…

UN.i1-PHI: Pictures worth thousands of words...

Pictures worth thousands of words...

Priests salute Hitler at a Catholic youth rally in the Berlin-Neukölln stadium in August 1933
Anti Falangist propaganda in Spain clearly linked Christianity (represented by the bishop's mitre) with Nazism (represented by the swastica) and fascism (represented by the fasces-bomb, and with blood-shed and death.

Right-wing Politics

UN.i1-PHI: Don Francis Borgia --- Bush the Bonesman Unmasked!!

Don Francis Borgia—Bush the Bonesman Unmasked!!
The 2 Dons who founded the Jesuit crime family!! [read more...]

Don Ignatius LIEola (1491-1556).
The Jesuit General is referred to as
the '"Black" Pope at the Vatican
because he always dresses in black!!
Jesuit General from 1541 to 1556.

Don Francis Borgia (1510-1572) was the
great-grandson of Don Alexander Borgia
and co-founder of the Jesuits.
On his mother's side he was
descended from King Ferdinand of Aragon.
Jesuit General from 1565 to 1572.

Tarheel: It's all part of an Anunnaki Control System

Yes, it goes WAY beyond The Vatican. Off-world, YES. It is a control system brought/instilled here by those wanting to control us and keep us under wraps.

Break away from the matrix and refuse to be controlled. We all have The Power within us to break away from the control system. Until we have numbers, it will be tougher going.

Listen to what Edi & Anu77 have been telling you for YEARS. Most people have no idea whatsoever and are totally clueless. They think we're "conspiracy theorists with a screw loose" and they refuse to even consider the premise that we're under the thumbs/being controlled by ANYONE, let alone an off-world entity. What we can * have to do is educate them, slowly but surely. If we go too fast, they will freak on us and run. Spread the word, be persistent and never give up.

Our time has come and we must break through. The old system will not fall without a fight,
but it can & will fall.

The break is straight, deep & wide- break on through to the other side.

obsrvantlouie: Ring of power

Empire of the city

If persons enjoyed the EJP history above they will enjoy this documentary. This video is constantly being taken off YouTube and uploaded again.

Quinton: I've seen a lot of

I've seen a lot of documentaries on this subject and I can say this is one of the best ones out there! Highly recommended :)

obsrvantlouie: I could watch this 10 more

Times and learn something new; I just watched today - it's so well done. As full of information as it is the narration is very professional and it feel she makes it as entertaining as possible.

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