Internet SPYING on YOU/US !

by Tarheel on June 10th, 2013

But, we already knew most of this right? So, here's a clarification. Government FEARS Humanity so much that it spies on it's own. Pathetic. The local library participates in this BS. Yours probably does too.

Title- Tech Companies Concede to Surveillance Program

Excerpt- When government officials came to Silicon Valley to demand easier ways for the world’s largest Internet companies to turn over user data as part of a secret surveillance program, the companies bristled. In the end, though, many cooperated at least a bit.

The companies that negotiated with the government include Google, which owns YouTube; Microsoft, which owns Hotmail and Skype;Yahoo; Facebook; AOL; Apple; and Paltalk, according to one of the people briefed on the discussions. The companies were legally required to share the data under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. People briefed on the discussions spoke on the condition of anonymity because they are prohibited by law from discussing the content of FISA requests or even acknowledging their existence.


US wants to destroy privacy WORLDWIDE

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ShockRah Zulu: Im sure this site is on their

Im sure this site is on their watchlist.. Do we care? HELL NO!

They cant throw EVERYONE in prison, so their turning this land INTO a PRISON!

Tarheel: They FEAR us or they wouldnt watch.

It's gotten WAY beyond humorous. Very predictable too. The most funny part is...they THINK we don't know. Dude....GFR, we've known ALL ALONG.

Alpha Male

ShockRah Zulu: It is outrageous! There is

It is outrageous! There is strength in numbers, and the elite have very small numbers comparatively, so they employ tech to do their dirty deeds... an EMP would do em good right about now

TruePierr: This land is already a prison

Hello Zulu: This land is already a prison. You have no choice but to pay your du to IRS, you can be pulled over any time and with NO trial whatsoever be put in jail without the possibility of calling a lawyer and I can come up with many others... The real question I am asking myself is why this debate at all? With such power as what is described above why do we bother about our privacy when (And they already did it in the past) the government can create their own false proof on anything anyone. If they need an email to incriminate someone, why do they even bother looking in company servers, all they have to do is create the bloody email. Who is going to be able to tell the difference? That is a major main concern to me. When your gov as enough power to pull that up without any question we do have a MAJOR problem.

Annunaki77: BRAVO , BRAVO!

Let them use the Technology they got from the Greys to find the people that are awake. Bravo , Bravo!. When they see just how awake the Masses are, their days will be over. It will be like that Zombie Movie Apocolypse Z ( 2013 Zombie Movie ). It won't be Zombies hunting people but People Hunting Elites, Arrogant Stupid Fools that they are.

Their Plan is already gone down the Toilet, say good bye to the Enlil New World Disorder. The Adamu have Incredible Awsome Gifts.

They have Free Will.

They have Passion.

They have Destiny.

Also they have Gifts like:

Sex + Pleasure + Ecitement = Reproduction ( More Adamu ).

A Sound Mind Designed for Learning and Problem Solving ( Better than any Stupid Alien Grey Super Computer).

Beautiful Bodies for Perfect Planetary Habitability.

Creativity , the ability to create Awsome things with your Ideas and Creativity.

What does Sirius & Orion have?, they have Enslavement, Bondage, Servitude, Worlds of Mind Controlled Biological Robots with no Free Will or Free Choice.

What do you have here Boys and Girls you have Free Will so use it.

Do not let the New World Disorder Paralyze you with Stupid Fear and Dumbness. Use the Tools your Buddy En Ki gave you.

It's time to separate the Men from the Boys and the Women from the Girls.

Always Defend your Sacred Ground because if you don't , no one will do it for you.

Bowonga Jee kuu.

Stupid Dumb NWo Goons.

ShockRah Zulu: MJ12 was not majestic...

They SOUL'D us out for some gadgets!!

The 4th Density is upon us, Global Consciousness is near

The Elite will meet Defeat!

Anu.. what does "Bowonga Jee kuu" mean?

Curiosity Killed The Cataclysm!!

Annunaki77: It just means Humanity has already Won

It means that this Cabal has Pissed Off very Big Players in this Planetary Chessboard.

Primarily the Annunaki who care for Earth and Humanity.

ShockRah Zulu: In what language? :)

A bit confused... you said "His silly Idea of keeping Adamu under Annunaki Control" yet, "the Annunaki (who) care for Earth and Humanity"

Enlighten me Wise One

Annunaki77: Pee ka Boo , I see you!

Peek a Boo , I see you New World Disoder. Still trying to catch that Needle in the Cyber Haystack are you?. Keep searching because you will find absolutely nothing.

Humanity does have short lifespans and I agree that is set against them and their evolution because of their short lifespans. But that is just a glitch in the DNA Sequence because of Daddy Anu. His silly Idea of keeping Adamu under Annunaki Control because of the mishap at the Tower of Abel.

What was that Bible Quote?, "Come Let us (Annunaki) change their Language so that they cannot communicate with each other", they also shortened Adamu Lifespans to 120 Years Max from 1,200 Years.
One slight tweak of the DNA Sequence and Bingo your back to Living 1,200 Years again. Wouldn't that be nice hey?.

Humanity will progress, you can either accept that or MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!.

You Decide Shadow Cabal Goons.

Humanity will obtain their Independance because it will be so.
With or without your Co-operation.

Have a Great Day.









If this is too much for you well then I cannot help you.
Move along to another Forum and do something else.

This Place has been chosen for a reason and it is Destiny that we are here in this moment in time.

ShockRah Zulu: I think you mis-understood my question Sir...

In no way shape or form do I disagree with you, I was merely asking for a bit of clarification on the Annunaki issue.. Since it is such a BROAD term

Annunaki77: Correction from a Friend

Correction Do not Trust the Politicians, don't listen to what they say, watch what they do because Actions are Louder than mere Words.

bluesbaby5050: Those are some Awesome words Annu77!

And I Whole Heartedly Agree with you 100% ! When they say something it is the opposite of what they really mean, and then do. Politics, It's a very Dirty Business, and not to be trusted.

Starperson: Privacy? What Privacy?

This is just the tip of the iceberg. 100 thousand drones and counting worldwide, watching us in incredible detail. HD cameras mounted and monitored throughout the world. Now think about this...The U.S. Supreme Court has said it is Ok to gather and store DNA samples from people who are merely arrested, not convicted of any crime.

In their decision, the "supreme court" said, "It's just like fingerprints or mug shots". Really!? Since when can you tell by a photo or fingerprint an individual's true heritage, race, family tree or even what diseases they might be prone to? DNA is in its infant state. What else can they glean from a DNA swab in the near future?

Personal privacy is a thing of the past and our "leaders" not only don't give a crap, and they are in fact complicit. Monitor my key strokes if you want, watch me pee off my deck and I'll give you a one finger salute. And just to be clear, it is my brother who has an outstanding warrant...check the DNA! Edward Snowden has some big brass ones.

Tarheel: They THINK they are "untouchable" and "undetected". .

Little do they know ! It's beyond humorous. They THINK they are SPYING on us "in the name of justice & safety". It's a JOKE.

What was it Anu77 said, "When the people fear govt, the govt is in control. When The Govt FEARS We, The People" WE are in control. Spying on us..they are SCARED TO DEATH. Yeah, I said it. Sue me.

Here- a gift from ME to The covert SPIES..OOOOOH. PLEASE, stop it-YOU are embarrassing yourselves. . My gift=

Yeah, Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys more closely resemble "Lippy The Lion-ESS & Hardy-Har Har."

Ecbra de Oaoj: well...

first some word... serius... if... there are it...


when you see and correct your wrong today you are better than yestarday.

in midle...:

who not in debt not... fear. brazilian... proverb. and...
to finalize...
to spies if wanna see something from me... my penis erected..

ha... hahahaha....


yes yes... we...
can too...

Happiness ... and Heath



Starperson: You make me think, and laugh Ecbra de Oaoj

Ecbra de Oaoj, you are the man! Next time I am in Brazil, and find myself in over my head with the local Popo, (5-Oh), cops, you will get a call from me. Peace my South American brother...stay erect!

Quinton: Ecbra is the main man. He

Ecbra is the main man. He doesn't know it yet, but once the dollar crashes and the police state takes over I'm heading over to South America to live with my buddy Ecbra ;)

Starperson: I hope Ecbra has a big place!

I am working on my Portuguese...just in case. I have some cash set aside for the inevitable. We all might just be roomies! I actually really love Brazil. A good place to start over? Yes, yes; a familiar...peace to all. :-}

Quinton: You hear this Ecbra? TC may

You hear this Ecbra? TC may be relocating its headquarters over to Brazil in the near future...

Tarheel: ECBRA has his attention diverted.

FIFA has started up and Brazil is/are the defending CHAMPS !

Love ya, my Brazilian brother-from-another-mother. But, I'm coming to Brazil (babes-a-plenty) w/ Q-dog.

Ecbra de Oaoj: we are Brothers of the same Mother...

The Godess... :)

and you are always welcome here.

Im very sure that you will love this place; please contact me when and where arrive ...


Brother and Sisters all we are here in Earth...

ShockRah Zulu: You can count me in on this

You can count me in on this expedition as well... Lets Make It Happen!!

Ecbra de Oaoj: South America in particular is a great place, Starbrother

and charmous places;there are

guetos; and...
souls.. living...
in reducts; but...

yes, you have reason... a
large garden... and
smooth metropolies too. when came to this direction
lets take; if you enjoy of course
a bit of cangibrina... (cana de açucar refined)...
and works your languaje in portugues maybe I get
bring some words to your vocabulary... :)

and please... continue... teach me...

about... your... idiom and... all etc.

Regards, from you friend

Good vibes

ShockRah Zulu: I have wanted to move to

I have wanted to move to south america for a long time! Where would you suggest would be the best place for an american to move to? ya know places with little govt control and no nazis :)

Ecbra de Oaoj: hummm...

legend (?) says ... Hitler went to Argentina... Andes division with Chile...
I thin is... possible.

Brasil had a integralist partie; simpatic to nazi cause...
and ... total free... of these... skematics... of... social...
socialism... not yet. it maybe are in all nactions along
in minor or major kilate.


place; is a ... paradisiac. I not know USA or Europe ; only in my...
imagination ; perhaps some... de ja vi... if; exist this of... encarnation ...

but I wanna also. to go to your lands... to see and trait of life whit..


Ecuador. have a important President. perfect?

no can with sure say to you but;
I hear light in this talk. and Uruguay...


Brasil... of course...

there are... Paraguay... that I twice pass...

many places... ShockRah Zulu...

when you came... lets we call...

the places is where we are. so...

Harmony and Freedom.


Ecbra de Oaoj: ps:

ne es bemmm... portugues pero...
(no est; portugues; ... to... who not... know but...)

understand... independnt. of ... english or other...

just; writes; and today apear;
espontaneos; after
think and; colect; about

Profet... chapter...

(Godess... before and...)

haha... just una...
parla. among personages

ps 2. if you have a job; remunetarad that can join me
please in; because... isnt easy gain money here
when you are a; renegade... do you... know...

ha...haha... (or better... neither... smile... ? hãmmm...)


Ecbra de Oaoj: ps 3:

reports in cities here show; global. television;

tanks. i front of palaces of;
Govern? yes... somethin g... like this...

near here... include.

confronts with studants and polices.

taxs. edging 40... 50 % in some cases of tades and...
impostos. bus pass. they are saying is the triger but... Im not sure

3. to 3, 20 reais...

the last scene remembered the; phots. this site when speack
about. the peekabum... do you know...

no beuty. no... way; to laug. inspire...
duct of oils; people rape in their own; car bueyed to stay; stoped. in
streets streight.

reclaim... prisions... all... that disagree with this... politics.
not all... either but... with this kind of; discurs...


they seemns not; see; that it is dig; to their castles
just a round; and when true captains; aprouch to say with reals
valorous... policies. and militaries. these that have
inside. the vocacion for dutye.... and balance. and true virtue.

there are mercenaries. and clones. and.. madness. that
carring power; will be safe. but...
why need... and... still.. when if;

these walls that are puting... have doors and
people are one?


please... pray if; believe... to
Peace... hold this situacion and
reign. here and... Earth... Universe...






sun: Waiting for the day when the

Waiting for the day when the people will crash this NWO party, democracy is deceased, masked dictatorial leadership rules, but with no control over the outcome. We are with too many...Fear rules, GOOD, let them shit their pants :P

Crackdown: Even your printer is spying on you!

From the listed companies, only Samsung and Oki do not label with yellow dots,
but they could use other similar methods of labeling. If you are going to buy printer,
better to choose Samsung, Oki, or some random small company which is not famous
in your country. Also, it would be great if you could do a test print before purchase,
to analyse the print carefully for a presence of dots or very slight font distortions.

There are many different methods of surveillance.
One of them involves the usage of a very high quality microphone, which listens
as you type letters on your keyboard. Different keys make slightly different sounds.
Statistics for user's specific keyboard could be gathered and analysed, and then
it is possible to decrypt the information which user types with a high accuracy

bluesbaby5050: Cody Wilson, the guy from Austin,Texas that made the Killer

Plastic Pistol didn't say what brand of a 3-d Printer to get. Just that one would be needed to make the Plastic Pistol that looks like a gun, and that it does shoot real bullets. Thanks for this extra information about printers. This will come in handy for some I'm sure.

Starperson: We wouldn't come empty handed, Ecbra

We would not expect you to host anyone. But you are in a place that seems like right from wrong is clearly defined, although I understand the current struggles you are experiencing. It is not so much true in the U.S. I have been in the rain forests of your country, and I have met and lived with the native people. They understand how to live and enjoy life much more than most of us.

Secure some land and I'll be the first to invest. When lines are clearly drawn, I'm in my element. I'm sending you some light and love, it's easy. I hope you are receiving. Peace to you.

Ecbra de Oaoj: just sharing litle report about here these days

hammm... a clip to ilustrate... in your idiom...

(I think you all will lapreciate it... specialy Tarhel... Bluesbaby and... all Brothers and Sisters in North America...)

many... work guys... lets talking...

Peace and Harmony

Tarheel: Quinton, Jessy, Star & I are on the way.

Quinton just leased a '74 Pinto Station wagon and we are all gassed up and leaving now. Jessy's pissed because I called shotgun and he's relegated to the luggage compartment (beside the cooler).

We have to stop in Cuba & manufacture some $. We'll call you and update you on our progress.

Tarheel: Oh Ecbra-we're in trouble !

Dude....can you help? Send Lawyers, Guns & Money.

Ecbra de Oaoj: better....

I will send it

Greetings. Peace to all.

We are here to suport actions to people of nactions live in Harmony; and Prosperity. and etc.
So; there are some questions that you; as representants of; we. citizens. must urgently get plus dimension.

- energy. there are free and cheap devices that can replace oil, atomic fireplaces, usines of water that cause disturb in ecossistem; and etc. this discloure is just int time to prevent; destrution of enviroment; polution and radiation, wars for greed to obtain advantage.
people can ejoy more their time having energy to houses, industries and transport. and Earth thankfully too.

- bank; serv a important part of desenvelopment when keep safe goods of persons and turn back when owner recall it. however; was indentificated that this sector are taking all resourses as propietors, meanly from weak people and nactions, buyng armies to perpetrat this fraud inputing absurd interests to mantain control above individuals and comunities, operacting tatics of domination and sutil slavery; trought payment of mercenaries and corrupts politics.
so; this scenario of course will be no longer acepted when people along World wake up of this monetariazation; and we are people too.

This words have caming here to show that future is present; and will be better to sons and daughters; depending of us; and now.

thanks for atention. Forward.

with Love.

Admiral Ecbra de Oaoj (Dayana)


We are here Tarheel... me here and you there... to propose of
Glad... and bring Light (Information)... Liviness... and all etc...

Corage... ! Strengh and Love


ps- Oracle... says me... when I; in doubt... share with you... think about too... :
the gun is the thought.

Peace and Harmony

Starperson: A Pinto wagon, really?

It will never make it to Brazil, let alone Cuba! I'm a pilot, we'll fly.

Ecbra de Oaoj: ;)

titles arent important... Heart... are important...

and Cuba... no. here isnt Cuba.

warp to here; we are needing help and suport to struture Country; teach people about; true Republic and that governants need serv naction isteead; contrary.

when shedule arrive please contact me to encounter. I have many sugestions of sites where you can stay good here and build, and work for food, consumables, energy devices and etc to comunities.

Feel free... to create projects to desenvolp works to people if want. and just enjoy your passage or change home for while want.

Im volunteer in this wagon. count me in this fly, pilots.

We are when (and who) wake up and our dreams too.

welcome, again

Tarheel: You're a Sky Pilot?

Never leave the ground. Of course I'll join you in flight.

bluesbaby5050: Nice message Ecbra!

Thanks for the tunes too! The whale, and the lighthouse, and the ocean, looks like where I live. LOL!

Ecbra de Oaoj: consider with reserv report of mainstrem midia

latin america was dominated by many years for Roman Church and; many kinds of politics publics that caused ignorance and fear, and... slavery.

really, not easy to change people's mind to a frequence of self-responsability and liberty but...

well; if it was easy... why me... and we... here? hahah..a...

regards, Orion...

Peace and Harmony

Tarheel: Ecbra, tell us who is Soccer World Champ.

Did Brazil pull it off or their nemesis?

Ecbra de Oaoj: still Spain... last World Champ Soccer but...

2014 will have next Copa here in Brazil and (you all are invited, of course)...
our team gained in June Confederation Cup... ;)

sports bring fun and enjoy but; governants use it to divert masses of important matters. transform it in circus and ignorance to divide and full mind of people with childish triunphalism.

and even adolecents here are founding this tatic.

bilions was aplied to construct arenas; and mucho of this to acounts of corrupt polics ones. this caused include protests. but
there are many many reasons that could write a long book ... so;

our nemesis are; we. no one more.


in other hand; tell us... Swooden... he will turn on a russian citizen?


eii Tarheel.... Peace and Harmony dear Brother...
lets play soccer or... better...
voley... with... hers... ;)



Tarheel: Yes.

Q-dog does have one SMOKIN Pinto Wagon. He parks it next to his Lamborghini.
Joking, of course.

Ecbra de Oaoj: Cel Pinto...

was a codename of a official dutch that in II world war worked in pro to alies as spy against.

recognized and debunked many nazis infiltrated; and making it avoided many losses and covardy.

about him you and Tarheel are talking?
he choosed this name because in portugues means... cock. find it funny.



lets talking, Brothers of same... Universe...

Cel Pinto's wagon need valorous pilots.

Tarheel: No, it was light humor, my friend.

No correlation, Brother Ecbra.

Ecbra de Oaoj: :) ... just in time. let me say what is happening now here

ei international bankers ... we must not for you guys. We were not authorize such interests in corrupts contratacs in past. we are tired and agreed that the central question is you has robbed us. politicians that you guys put in to steal in such embezzlement are being purged. we will redo this account and you guys know very well that you are in debt in this acount.

we learn your strategies of control and domination. since colonial time.
thank you but; we are adult now. and people are awake that time of abundance to comunity is possible;
we know about; why you input misery and dependency to our nations. and we are strenght about; enough.

midia will say because 20 cents in bus pass. and police; have the order to atack and hurt citizens that talk... about. but

we arent for sale.


just in... time... Starman... check quicly your...
passaport and.. came fast...

there are a good... place here to us
Live... in Peace and Harmony...

so... came in...


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