Internet Freedoms are being Challenged ! ACTA > SOPA/PIPA combined !

by Tarheel on February 2nd, 2012

There are 3 types of People. THOSE that MAKE it Happen. THOSE that watch it Happen. Those who wonder "what the hell just happened".

Please be aware people that OUR internet freedoms are under attcack again, Our President quietly signed a treaty (that usually take 2/3 Congress vote to ratify) under the moniker of "executive agreement". This blatant misuse of power !

Please read it for yourself, but "it give foreign governments and copyright owners way broad powers". If a website has violated a copyright....OUR site can be shut down WITHOUT a trial (I quote) and owner can be taken to jail."

Just another example of BLATANT misuse of power and what is being called "Chinese type censorship for the ENTIRE planet:. Pay attention people. Do NOT just sit back and watch/wonder what happened.

Stand up for your rights ! PLEASE. Our site may depend on it.

Paraphrased and quoted from....


Fal: There is a saying. "If your

There is a saying. "If your government shuts down your internet, its time to shut down your government".

I personally believe this is all a big to-do just to make Obama look like a hero when he actually vetos something.

Its a show to the American people to sway voters.

What gets me is, if the government is doing this because they are starting to fear the mass of people under their 'rule', its because they are doing something wrong.

If any of this is passed, there will be 2 wrongs, and we will see if the American people make it "right".

Phaminator: Don't forget

There's many more countries around the world that are already attempting to censor the internet. From where I live, Harper and his "Conservative" henchmen are trying to pass a bill called C-11. Pretty much it's a Canadian version of ACTA > SOPA/BIPA but much more worse to the point that it's ridiculous. It's only a matter of time before the govt will censor us unless we get our asses up and say no to the bill C-11.

Tarheel: This should have been voted on...

...but it wasnt. The President has been accused of misuse of power.

I dont know how much more like MISUSE you could get than this. Executive Order-BS !

WAKE UP, People ! Take control of your future before they take it, too.

Guess what? I look at todays headlines and "The FBI is warning of the risk of MASSIVE cyber-attack!" is one of those headlines. Simon says "The System" unleashes a cyber-attack and blames it on terrorists. The internet IS THE most used form of communication world-wide.

The ability of people to communicate via The Net scares The System to death. They will shut it DOWN when they know it is being used against them and their antics. Take Back your Freedoms. They are in jeopardy.

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