Internal Human Parasites

by Starperson on November 17th, 2013

A few years after I started my healing energy work, I was finally able to sense spiritual blockages. I could not see the block, but I could feel an obstruction. A few years later, I was able to "see" the actual blockage with my third/inner eye. It appeared to me as a blob, best described as formless tar. Now, many more years later, the blob has taken on a real shape and it is aware.

Before you critique my sketch, please understand that the last time I drew anything, pagers (beepers) were all the rage. I know I can't draw, never could, but this is my best attempt to show what many of us are dealing with.

Here's what I know (My Truth):

1. They exist, and are aware.
2. They attach themselves to our skeletal structure with their claws, especially the spinal column.
3. They are responsible for blocking chakras, chi/ki and they affect auras.
4. They range in size from about 1-6" (without tail).
5. I have not seen a limit to their tail length.
6. The tail can move from chakra to chakra, and from organ to organ.
7. Some people have more than one.
8. They tighten their grip and tail length and close their bright red eyes when confronted.
9. They are most prevalent in people with a chronic injury or illness, including emotional, mental or spiritual issues.
10. I have never seen one arrive.
11. I have seen plenty of them leave.
12. They usually leave behind a trace amount of goop.
13. They can't stay put when divine light is directed at them.

My intentions for posting this is not to teach anyone about them, nor to expect anyone to accept my experiences. Please don't. My true purpose for this post is to learn more about them. I believe there are others here who know some or all of what I just wrote. I'm actually hoping someone knows more!

I have questions. What are they exactly? Where do they come from? Where do they go when exposed to healing light, love and vibrations? And my ultimate goal...How can we keep them from attaching in the first place?

There is no need to get snarky or rude with me on this, I already know how this must sound to most of you. Love and light to you all.

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bluesbaby5050: I have also seen some that look a little ...........

Different then this type too. The ones that I have seen are much larger, but they do the same things, and more. They are attached the same ways also, and they feed off their human hosts though the spinal areas, and their organs. I have also read that there are Worm types that reside on peoples backsides attached their spines though their claws, and grow larger, and stronger though time. They come from areas outside in the astral realms, and that they come from eggs that are laid in clusters hidden in locations and these clusters of eggs are surrounded by protective fences laid by reptilians types. Humans that have weaknesses are the future hosts of these worms that grow up into these reptilians. They can not be removed except with the growth of great inner spiritual light. Then they will release their grips though their claws in the human spinal areas. But, in order for this to happen, the human host has to change spiritually first, and become clean though the ways that they live their lives. It can not be done any other ways except though a shaman. But if a human continues to live though darkness, and depravities, and indulges in gross sexual assaults, and perversions on others though many means/ways then they will find you again as their hosts, and attach them selves to the human spines once more.

bluesbaby5050: How do they fine you as a target?

They can see the Human Auras. Humans that have addictions such as to drugs, and alcohol, and to sex even as a past time like at parties, and social gatherings will run the risks of becoming a host to these reptilian parasites. When people have addictions to these things, they develope holes in their auras that these reptilians are able to read as weak spots, and this signals them to these weak auras, and then they can target humans they see because of their damaged auras.

bluesbaby5050: This is why it is so important to...........

Have CONTROL of your OWN Thoughts. And KNOW your self well. Become aware of what your thinking. Don't become a willing target for weakness in any areas, such as food, and drugs, and alcohol, and yes, sex too. Sex is a normal release for stress, and is natural to express love to another person, but not when it becomes obsessive, and aggressive by a persons nature/behavior. There are many DARK PLACES that exists for the attraction of those certain kinds of people that are attracted to the abusive acts of sexual aggressions done to themselves though bondage, as well as done to others though the so called "UNDERGROUND DUNGEONS," those establishments catering to those types of people that Love Pain. These are the kind of places that these unseen reptilian parasites hang out living though their human hosts, by their activities, and they go to the extremes in behaviors, and even to the point of death, because they use electricity in their so-called sexual games of torture,that they say is only fun-n- games. These are Houses of Reptilian ILL REPUTE!

bluesbaby5050: This is just a Reminder to those that THINK.........

That It is Harmless if this kind of S and M, and Sexual Slavery is shown on the internet as a form of Adult Entainment only. This then is a form of SELF ENTRAPMENT to think this way, because this is only the FIRST step to becoming a host to a reptilian parasite though viewing this sort of activity though the internet.

um.hello: that picture looks like an

that picture looks like an Extremophil

Crackdown: Maybe, that is the "etheric implant" ?

At least, the descriptions somehow correlate

UN.i1-PHI: hmm

heres some interesting links/articles i found but havent read that much of them yet but may be worth checking into/considering... this would also fit in in this topic;

Energy implants close to key chakras

Tim Lovell: mmm this is disturbing you

mmm this is disturbing you can always feel if these things are attaching themselves to you , you feel a tingling sensation or like a spider web has been laid over you etc then either a draining of energy or energy coming in, they try to get you addicted to it to make you a slave to it once your infected and part of the vamp network it is VERY difficult to get it out of you , and you run the risk of beaming an energy vampire yourself, and eventually your soul/aura matrix will become mutated and you will be less your original self and more a mutatnt of all the energies you have taken into yourself, a very sad situation to end up as...

Tarheel: They hate LOVE vibes.

Is your "blockage" gone now, Star?

Starperson: True, they can't stand love, light or good vibrations

My blockages (plural) are gone now. Getting mine cleared started me on my path as an energy healer. The relief I felt was immediate, and I wanted to help others experience such renewed energy and light. I hope I didn't imply that I've had these things bothering me personally, lately.

I "see" them when I work with others during personal, or group spiritual energy healings sessions. Two things I forgot to add to my post: Not everyone has them. Those who do their own energy work like meditation and opening up to the Divine light and love, seem to be parasite free.

The other thing...they smell so bad when they leave! Something like death. I put Vick's vapor rub on my upper lip when I see one, and begin to aid in removing it. No one wants their guide/healer to gag! As I've said before I'm just vessel who tries to help.

Excellent comments. None of them are ridiculous and all are plausible. This information is so helpful to me as I develop my truth. At least the answer to one of my questions commented on above, resonates deeply. Thanks T.C. Any more thoughts? Love and light

Terra Tea: great information

Though I've never seen one, I've seen enough to believe it. I truly appreciate the diversity of this site. Every article is filled with thoughtful, intelligent, and positive info and equally good responses. Thanks for sharing

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