Interesting materials, information and videos

Probably all this is already familiar to you, but nevertheless I would like to share this stuff,
in hope you would discover something interesting that you have never heard about before!

1. This great channel more than ONE HUNDRED great videos, with a lot of archeological evidence - hollow earth, war of ancient "gods" (aliens), Megaliths, Terra Papers, and much more:

Completely amazing channel, which will blow your mind ! MUST SEE !

2. When a great powerful country collapses, some parts of secret information are leaked:


This video contains the images of nazi maps that were captured by soviet army,
during the end of war. Secret, only for eyes of special submarine captains!
These maps were manufactured in selected concentration camps, and
ALL 150 workers-prisoners involved in manufacturing were killed later.


This video contains the English translation about one important document, dated by 1939 year,
the interrogation of Yakov Blumkin, special service agent. He told that in his expedition to Tibet,
he learned about some ancient artifacts of Tibet and that Nibiru would come in 2014.
It _could_ be a true date, because some other sources of information point to 2014 date as well.
This secret service agent did not have a reason to lie, because he expected
that he will be dead soon (and indeed was executed later)

However, Nibiru could be a planetoid (a giant flying spaceship) not a planet.
In case it is not, then it is controlled and could come earlier / later than 2014, or not come at all.

2.3. More leaked soviet documents could be found at this website:
Valuable pieces of evidence which tells about hidden history of humanity.
And that hollow earth is true:

If you are interested in other documents, just send me a message and I could translate for you ;-)

3. You might also would like to learn about Viktor Schauberger, great scientist
and engineer, which took part in the construction the vortex implosion UFO engine.

Yes, Germany have constructed UFOs during the World War II.
They have the following information sources:
1) Vril maidens - channelers
2) Great scientists like Viktor Schauberger
3) Ancient manuscripts from India and Tibet - great documentary, notice the amount of likes - interview with his friend, ex-colleague - Indian Aeronautics, Antigravity machine

4. At the moment, I know there are at least three types of UFO engines,
based on different effects:

1) Electromagnetic effect ("Vymana Engine")
2) Implosion effect ("Schauberger Engine")
3) Microcell effect ("Grebennikov Engine")

You probably know about 1-2, but I doubt you know about 3.
So I am going to share with you some materials about it:

4.1. Brief description:

4.2. "My world" book:

4.3. Some awesome videos of this technology:

Basics 1:
Basics 2:

5. Please take time to save the exceptional videos/webpages/websites that you encounter,
they like to "disappear" because of Youtube staff / hosting company / government agents / etc.
I have seen this a lot with Youtube videos (that happens often to videos from vlad9vt channel)
and one of our local websites about UFO and suppressed technologies was nearly terminated
because government considered it as "extremist" and added to "ban list of extremist websites"

Of course, you know how to download video from Youtube (e.g. Keepvid)
But what about websites? They are much more vulnerable than videos!
Sometimes people are making copies of interesting videos,
and in most cases the original uploader still has it -
meanwhile, people almost never download interesting websites!

To download a website, programs like Teleport Pro and SiteSucker could be used.
After website gets downloaded (could take a day or two if it is large)
it usually weights a lot, should be compressed to zip archive

For example, here is my torrent of BibleotecaPleyades website:[SiteSucker]_BibliotecaPleyades_-...

While it is not necessary to make a torrent for a website copy while the website is alive,
the copy could be valuable for offline reading without internet connection (e-book reader)
Some people would still download it. However, torrents are not anonymous and are unsafe,
your IP address is exposed, and I have noticed suspicious persons from Israel and America
who were downloading my torrent (maybe its just cautious part of me, but who knows)

My collection of materials is already 80 GB and includes your website as well ;-)

I hope this article was interesting and exciting. Please share your thoughts!

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bluesbaby5050: @ Crackdown..........

Thanks. ( I was already Subscribed to this Channel .) But, others will be able to learn a great Deal from this Wealth of information from your links. Thanks again or your help.

Crackdown: Nice to hear :-)

Nice to hear :-)

bluesbaby5050: @ Crackdown.........?

I would like to read the # 2,and # 3 in English, as I didn't quite learn how to read Russian though completely, and Now I have forgotten what little I Did learn,LOL. ( I was doing a self- learning of languages a long time ago, and 1 language's was Russian! It really is very easy to learn to read, not speak though, I later found out. I was doing this though Video's back in the early 80's, and books. I will pick this hobby up again soon, and do it though the Internet now. OR iI will use the Rosetta Stone to Accomplish this. It's really fun,and there are alot of Russian people that have moved into my city in the past 25 years now(jobs). I think I will need to learn Russian for sure now! (I Promise to learn Russian, LOL! ) I was also doing Spanish,and German, at the same time. Spanish is also easy to learn.Germany is alot harder. Thanks. BB5050.

Crackdown: Translated scheme of real Earth crust

Sorry for long waiting time.
I have updated the scheme with included English translations.
Please click the image to view it in enlarged mode

bluesbaby5050: It's alot EASIER to read a language...........

Then it is to speak it. And IF you do not hear the language being spoken,then it is harder to remember it. This is why I didn't remember what I had learned log ago. I hard learned some persian French in grade school,but I forgot that too Darn! LOL! Also I took Latin for a second language,and most of our english comes from this language,and so it is alot easier to remember.

Crackdown: Secret documents and Languages

It is good to revise language from time to time (even if it is not necessary)
so you would not forget it. Great if you would learn Russian or German,
there are a lot of interesting documents written in these languages.

It could be enough to use automatic translation, but there are three major obstacles:
1) Poor image quality (OCR could not recognize it properly)
2) Handwritten letters (could not be recognized with OCR at all)
3) Wrong translation (different meanings of the words, usage of slang, etc.)

Also, quarter of Earth population uses Chinese.
Excellent table of 3000 most common characters:

I am going to learn the table, because Chinese is especially hard for OCR.
Once I spent the whole day to translate user manual from this language :-P

bluesbaby5050: Well now....

You sure peaked my interest in Chinese! LOL! I just had time to check out the Chinese Calligraphy, and it does look easy enough. I will give it a try. The shame of it is, I haven't anyone to converse with! Your're in interesting person. Welcome, and Glad to have you aboard here on Truth Control. Feel free to share your knowledge, and pictures with us here.

Quinton: Very cool stuff, thanks for

Very cool stuff, thanks for sharing :)


Use this material, especially about microcell effect and true history of humanity, from vlad channel

Crackdown: How to get audio files from YT with high quality

Probably the easiest way to get audio files from YT with high quality
(e.g. audio books of Tantarum ) is wonderful "convertmemp3" website

Unlike many alternative websites like SnipMP3 (advised by Keepvid),
it is possible here to select the quality, to make sure it is the highest

For some time after conversion, it is also possible:
* to get the audio file instantly, if it was already converted with your quality
* to download it with a direct link, so you could quickly share it with friends

P.S. "Edit" feature, where are you?

Crackdown: New version of BibliotecaPleyades offline copy was released[SiteSucker]_BibliotecaPleyades_-...

People are awakening! ;-) The previous version (February) was seeded only 9 times.
However, it took just two days to seed 28 copies (300 GB) of this new torrent by me,
and probably much more copies if consider other members! I am very happy :-))

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