Inside Secret Government Warehouses Full Documentary [ 1 hour 18 mins. ]

by bluesbaby5050 on September 22nd, 2014

Inside Secret Government Warehouses Full Documentary [ 1 hour 18 mins. ] Alien body parts... powerful religious artifacts... UFO wreckage... what exactly is hidden behind heavily guarded doors?

Inspired by Syfy's hit series Warehouse 13, NBC News award-winning journalist Lester Holt goes on a global expedition to uncover the truth behind the world's top secret, mysterious warehouses where super-classified objects are kept.

In Inside Secret Government Warehouses: Shocking Revelations, Holt capitalizes on exclusive access to restricted sites, traveling from Area 51 in Nevada to deep inside the Vatican secret archives - the centerpiece of Dan Brown's Angels and Demons - interviewing informants, Washington decision-makers, former top military personnel and leading experts.

Among his findings: A high-level informant who describes huge underground tunnels beneath military installations, victims of unauthorized government experimentation, and a former US Air Force pilot ordered to shoot down a UFO in England.

With input from world renowned theoretical physicists, Vatican officials, anthropologists and experts on Area 51, Holt will explore the darkest corners of the places where the world's secrets hide. What will he discover? Tune in to find out. -

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Crackdown: Problem with your video

The video has been removed together with account because of some biased copyright claim.
Please provide the alternative link for this video

bluesbaby5050: New link for video......

Sorry, it was removed..... so here is another one to replace it. happens.

bluesbaby5050: It's re-edited now....

I Found it on ' Disclose.TV True Revealed.' So here it is AGAIN too.

Brakel: They need to realize

That they are being used as puppets in exchange of money,fame and power,The people in the government dont realize that this body we have is not our real selves,we could be looking like those they locked up,some are our brothers and sisters

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