by edisonik on April 30th, 2011

Many of you people only know the basic understanding of your matrixed relm of reality. You only can understand what you see in front of you, you can only understand what you can see, feel , touch, and taste and not what you sense or what you invision in your divine minds.
There is an entire World out there , in your mind you have stargates to other Worlds.

The Scientists are Quick to dismiss Dreams as mere imagination but I know dreams mean a hell of alot more then what you can possibly understand or believe.
Dreams depending on emotion and intensity can send you to different times and different Worlds your Soul has been in the Past and the Future, the reality is you folks do not know your Incarnated Past or Future and therefore you cannot understand that you are travellers of time and space and that your Physical Bodies are mere Vessels or Matrixed Spacesuits.

When you are alive you sleep and when you die you wake up!, this is basically it.
Dreams can mean many different things, dreams can take you to the future , dreams can take you to the past, dreams can warn you of future events, dreams can be manufactured by the Reptilians to produce a reaction into you, dreams can be remembrance of Movies or T.V. Shows , dreams can be Sexual , dreams can be horrible and Dreams can be Wonderful and beyond Words .

The Greatest Secret is that you can control the outcome of your dreams if you can understand that you are supreme Master of your Dreamworld , Once you understqand you can change the outcome of your dream you can now become a Master of your Reality. Always keep your Reality a positive one.

Your thoughts are Light Speed Activated, you can communicate with Star Nation People from other Worlds by just thinking about them, they are just a thought away, you must practice meditation to communicate with the Light People.
Your Mind and your Dreams are the most incredible gift you have , you must tune into your Heart and into your Spirit.

Close your eyes , feel your yourself within your Organs, invision yourself from within, like a Virtual Reality X-Ray , invision your internal self, invision your Bones, invision your muscles, feel your life, feel yourself deep within you, you Exist because you are!, you Are! because you Exist, you are the Eyes of God , you simply cannot die because you are all immortals.
Awaken the Light within , when you accept the this truth you will live without fear because you continue beyond the physical because you are immortal light.

Dreams are much more then you know friends , so much more. Peace to all.


Chris: Humanity

Hey edisonik i am tired of waiting on hummanity i feel like nothing will change i go through alot of negative things in my life. I don,t want to be here i want out how do i incarnate into a more advanced human race than hummanity.

Chris: hh


highplainssister: A Dream

In 1978, I layed down to sleep at my brothers house on the couch. I had been drinking some , I was intoxicated it was in the summer time and it was a hot day. I had a dream that I was with some people who were dressed like nomadic sheep herders the men had robes I guess you would say, they were speaking a different language that I don't know, I caught the drift but not their exact words and they had staffs and there was camels everybody became frieghtened and started looking up into the sky, we saw what looked like a ball of fire blazing comeing very fast toward us we could not run from it, the fire came down on me as I saw myself a woman. I woke up and my clothes were drenched I felt like I had a fever and I was shaking, In the atmosphere beening awake there was a shineing flicker, this light was very brillant like a diamond. I to this day see this light, I now associate it to different plutonic types of thinking, reincarnation for one.

Annunaki77: Take a Vacation to Costa Rica

Go to Costa Rica on a Vacation for 2. Go on a Field Trip to Brauio Carriyo National Park, also go to the Volcano in Costa Rica.
When your there Chant " I am a Human Becoming help me become, chant for about 10 Minutes".

Enjoy the Sites, enjoy the food, enjoy the Women or Men if there are women interested in that sort of thing. The ET X Factor lives over there my Brothers in Arms.

So Chris pick yourself up from the floor , clean yourself up and take a Vacation to Costa Rica, Save some Illuminati Money , get your Passport Ready & Grab the Bug Spray , Good Luck my Depressed Terran Friend. Big E had to set out for a Minute.

highplainssister: Somebody

Somebody has got a Multple Personality Problem. And it ain't me.

Annunaki77: Is it me Susan?

I am the Messenger, behold the Messenger, in the next year to the next Decade, Mankind will have to make a stand. No one will be able to Hide & Run away. There will be no place on Earth to hide from the Hounds of Hell, we make a stand now, or suffer later, us and our Sons and Daughters.

highplainssister: future

I have a little trouble watching some of the videos, my isp connection isn't always the fastest, it slows down real low sometimes, then I get frustrated so sorry I don't watch all of it. 10 years from now, get to the point, have you clairvoyaintly seen the earth's future or are you just speculating?

Fal: When I was young, I would

When I was young, I would have dreams often. I don't remember many of them, and the ones that I do, don't make much sense. I do however remember the dream I had last night. It was very brief. I saw a crystal, very dark in color, purple, almost black. It looked like it was sucking something out of me, and into the crystal. Then I heard a voice say something about "needing his energy to keep this membrane open".

Kinda weird, if you ask me. Maybe I spent too much time on this site yesterday, and it influenced my dreams?

Annunaki77: Your Negative thoughts will consume your energies

Focus on Positive Energies, when you sleep and when you understand the Astral Relm, you will begin to master your Multi-Dimensional Awareness.
Dreams and Reality are the same, there is no difference, the only difference is that 3RD DESNITY is more thick and hard, like Water, when frozen it is hard you cannot go through and see through, but when the water gets hot , or when your tuned into the Dream Vibration and you begin to understand that you are living in a Holographic World , you will be able to see to the other Relms, you will be able to see the Lies all around you, lies that have been enforced by the System of Orion for thousands of years.

Once you understand your Immortal , all your excess baggage will fall away.
I have no need for Wealth , or Gold, or Fame or Fortune, these traps are shackles that will enslave your Destiny and your lives, you buy into this Illusion everytime, do you really think the Super Wealthly and Powerful are truly free?, think again!, your true Wealth is your Family and your Friends, so do not be fooled.

highplainssister: telepathy

truck NOT fuck

Fal: Annunaki, my mindset is to

Annunaki, my mindset is to not be endebted to anyone, but as long as I am, it is indeed a chain I wish I did not have. The problem is the world revolves around money, period. There is a price tag on everything, even "love". If you love your family, you will work to provide in the best way possible. By the time everything goes to hell, I want no debt, nothing to owe, monetary, or material. My family comes first. So, more or less, I agree with you, but am not currently in a state of compliance with what I want.

highplainssister: No Debt

I have always shunned false responsibilities, everyone is in debt only to oneself. First of all don't live beyond your means even if you have to buy your clothes from the Salvation Army, take a lesson from Vitalis, Fal you kinda for some reason remind me of him. Love Violatalis

Fal: I am not worried about

I am not worried about clothing. My job limits what I need, and actually supplies me with the shirts needed for my job. My wife usually purchases clothing for me because I tend to wear everything I have until it falls apart. I am worried about the payment I have to make on my car, the rent I owe, and the utility bills. I needed a more fuel efficient car when the gas prices were this high back in 2008, so I financed an 08 Sentra. Well, then having a car means I "have to pay insurance". Many things beget others. I started a family of my own, so obviously I needed a place of my own. Well, there goes more to rent. Then to keep food from spoiling, I would need electricity for the refrigerator. I can't have a private garden out back in this development, or the landlord would kick me out.

All in all, its a vicious cycle that won't be so easy to break as long as money is the cause of debt. Nissan wouldn't just give me a car because they have so many and wanted to be nice. My landlord won't just let me stay here without payment because I needed a place for me and my family to stay. Then again, I could just TAKE things without repaying others, but usually that ends with the involvement of law enforcement and lawsuits.

And who is Vitalis?

highplainssister: Pools

I saw on your profile you are pool maintenace man. I don't know where about you are living but I got a Uncle , has a big maintenace service business in New Orleans. It is a very good business there, The guy has gotten very wealthy from it. May be you should start your own business that might solve your tight money problems.

Fal: I had thought about it, and

I had thought about it, and many people have told me I should, but then I'd have more to be responsible for. My stress is too high for that right now. Money may be an issue, but its still something I am in control of. Thanks for the advice, though.

highplainssister: Alright

If you are illuminati or should a I say an Interdiminsional Reptile money is no stress. You know about those don't ya? Just get your woman to relieve that stress for ya. You'll be alright.

Fal: Okay, first things first,

Okay, first things first, before I deny those ridiculous claims, I like to inform you that I know how reverse psychology works. I haven't slandered you, so I would appreciate it if you wouldn't continue referring to me as a member of a group of people that I have no personal associations with other than I use a bank to store the credits due for physical labor that I perform for a small private company. Also, stress, I am very stressed almost all the time. My wife is in the hospital because she had her endomitrosis spread so badly that it caused her to have an ovary and the fallopian tube removed just so they could get the cyst out of her body, which in turn had caused her to have colitis.

Other than that, I can't sleep at night because I'm afraid to have that strange sleep paralysis. So, no sleep, and my wife being hospitalized is quite stressful. Oh, and as for my wife helping me to "relieve that stress", that wont be happening for over a month because of the operation.

Highplainssister, you sound like a 12 year old girl. Stop making a fool of yourself and be serious. Insulting me won't get you anything or anywhere. Vent your negativity elsewhere, please.

highplainssister: Goodbye stress

I think you misread what I wrote, I didn't associate you to the illuminati , I used the word IF ,I just meant the illuminati has all the money in world most of it anyway, the banks. I joke sometimes, didn't mean to insult you, I apologize. Hope your wife soon gets better.

Fal: It was implied that I knew

It was implied that I knew nothing of stress because I was either reptilian or illuminati. I didn't take any offense to it, but it seemed you were being hasty and tactless, so I thought I'd spill some beans to set the record straight. Thank you, though for the hopes that my wife makes a good recovery. I appreciate it. =]

highplainssister: You need work

Do you work on Hot Tubs too? I got one that needs working on. I'll give ya a job.

Fal: Haha We maintain hot tubs,


We maintain hot tubs, and the owner does repairs, but only locally. Sorry.

highplainssister: ok

That's ok, I'll get Edisonik to fix it, he can fix anything

Annunaki77: The Global Illusion

The Illuminati are Wizards of Reality, Humanity has bought the Engineered Lie, they give up to easily. They must unlock their Awsome Creativity & Fearlessness to overcome these Puppet Masters.

Phaminator: i just dont know why are we

i just dont know why are we here. although im almost 16 years old, i realized stuff that i learned in school is nothing but a lie. though im failing 3 courses; english, french and social studies. english is just something i dont understand and same goes for french. as for social studies, im not interested about canada and it doesnt have enough historic details/topic. but if i fail at school, people would think i have no success at life and being a hobo instead. and is this world just a illusion im living?

Fal: English and French languages

English and French languages are just that, languages. A way to communicate with others. Comprehension, to me is more important. I didn't understand the English language and all of its trickery until I was in the 11th grade. I could read and write just fine, but I didn't understand WHY sentence structure is they way it is in English. Funny thing is, English is my only fluent language. Don't sweat it, though. English is the most difficult language to master. Its sentence structure is backward from almost every other language.

As for history... I have 2 principles that I never forget.

1: He who has the gold makes the rules
2: He who wins the wars writes the history books.

They are both pretty self explanatory.

Annunaki77: Phaminator

Just get the grades, and then on your off time, follow your Passion.
I understand your frustration, this is Monolithic in Nature, the System is Billions of years old, and not just on this Planet either.

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