Inner earth and the Dew Line

by dvogel on May 24th, 2013

That there is a high possibility that the earth is hollow, most of us probably know, but that the north American govenments seem to know this and are affraid of what might come from the inside is not so well known.

Currently I'm reading the book "The genesis of the modern space age". The book is supposedly written in 1980 by several investigators who got access to secret information in USA, Germany, the Vatican and several other countries.

One of the things they write about is the inner earth and Admiral Byrds mission to spy on the Nazis who supposedly fled there at the end of the 2nd world war. When the Nazis were actually found in the inner earth the US president Truman decided together with other western leaders to create a huge radar belt close to the north pole and several watch stations in the south. In Canada they created the Dew line which effectively existed ( The promotional video for the public)

and this was partly also called operation Pine trew which I also found described in an old Canadian news paper from 1955:

As well they set up a military base in Thule Greenland (I always wondered why the Americans wanted a "science" base in the Danish owned Greenland)

On the southern hemisphere they created the project the Geophysical year.

The official story was that they wanted to have a defence line against a Sovjet air attack via the north pole and down through Canada and at the southpole they said it was to do scientific studies on the ice, however in the book they write this:

"Henceforth, all nations agreed, the new allied military presence in the polar regions should increase and would be disguised under various names. There was Canadian Operation Pine Tree, and Dew Line in the northern hemisphere. High Jump and the Geophysical Year, with their variety of logistics and tactical exercises were held in the southern hemisphere. America's Greenland base at Thule would be a scientific ice station, and Canada's Baffin Island Station also would mock the truth. No mention would be made that the ear1y warning stations were located within short flight minutes of the Northern Polar entrance to the interior. No one would admit that McMurdo Bay in the Antarctic was the headquarters for any projected entrenchment"

I find this very interesting and a posibility worthy of consideration.

You can read the full book here:

You can PM me if you want to discuss the content of the book.

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