Info Wars and Anonymous

by Crigitine on March 23rd, 2012

A lot of hackers know that there are many levels to the internet. To sum it up to an understandable statement to shut down the internet entirely would take not only the best of knowledge of coding and hacking but the best technology. I stated earlier that anonymous was taking too much unneeded flack, if they manage to pull this off they have to have a helping hand from technologies way beyond our time. I shutter to think of this event actually happening, anonymous was the first thing that brought me to stop and look.

I urge you to look these things up, on duckduckgo, google whatever tickles your fantsy. And know that if they manage to actually shut the internet down do not, DO NOT go with the governments side. I know it will look bad on both hands, but the worst we can do of the two is to run crying to the hand that has fed us poisons, and lies. Again LOOK THESE THINGS UP DO NOT READ ONE SOURCE AND ASSUME HEY THIS IS ALL I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THAT, THERE IS MUCH MORE IF YOU LOOK FOR YOURSELF!


Fal: I hope they do it, and I hope

I hope they do it, and I hope they succeed. I also hope that the government starts to understand how powerless they actually are against the masses that stand against the oppression, tyranny, greed, and corruption.

Sure, this isn't a GOOD thing, and I'll bet the government will use it as reasoning to try and 'patrol' the web to keep it 'safe'. The internet does not belong to any one person, group, government, or entity. That's like the local police constantly coming into my house searching for criminals that are never there. FTS!

The internet was an idea that worked. You can't stop an idea.


When the System says they want to keep you safe, you will not get Safety nor Security. You will get neither.
This Project on Planet Earth is about Free Will, Passion and Destiny.
So what does that mean?, it means taking Personal Resposiblity for your Lives, Governments can only Leverage and Enslave
People when the People become Irresponsible with their Lives, When Nations become Decadent and Ignorant and their Core Values become Eroded their Free Will , Passion and Destiny Erodes also.

So Governments cannot Abuse or Rape their People if the People are Personally Responsible for their Lives and the Lives of their Families.
I will say this again, this Planet is an Planet of Peace and Harmony, not War , Greed or Corruption.
So remember your Core Values Personal Responsibility is Job 1 folks.

Crigitine: @Fal

Truer words have not been spoken

Crigitine: I am wondering the intention

I am wondering the intention of this, sure sticking it to them will be great, but if they now this will only end up in a tighter collar for the world I'm wondering why do it. I hope they have a plan for when the government starts searching. If they were able to get the hackers, scriptkids, phreakers, etc. together to shut down the entire Internet I'd say we will have quite a show. To unite the undeveloped and simple surface is one thing, but to get together some of the most renegade well educated and informed, I'm excited.

Fal: Well, here's a thought. I

Well, here's a thought. I know it would push for a tighter collar around the world, but the harder the government pushes, the more resistance they will get. Maybe they see things such as the NWO trying to come to a head, trying to push its way into existence. Maybe they are trying to cause them to make a blunder by acting rashly to apprehend them, or infringe upon rights of citizens, and have the chaos that is building up finally pop like an overgrown, festering whitehead, and cause a lot of damage in the explosion.

Honestly, I have a facebook, and I am on it every day, for probably less than an hour a week. I couldn't care any less if the internet went down. Most of my gaming is offline, and I am sure that with the internet down for a day, it would give me plenty of time to continue writing my book.

Its the people that are addicted, and 'stuck' in that phase of being engrained into every aspect of society, be it real, or virtual, that I worry about. THEY will take the side of the system so they can have their peace of mind at getting their 'reputations' back online. Its those 12 year old screaming gamers that have forgotten what the outside world looks like because of MW3, HALO, and WoW, that I worry about. What would they do without their addiction? Its sort of refreshing to know I don't have these issues.

The internet is a very good thing, and it is a very bad thing. There is a moderation to everything, and as a people, there is too much reliance for entertainment on it. There is too much reliance on communication on it...

What ever happened to imagination in kids nowadays? I'm not talking anarchist's cookbook stuff, but what happened to 10 and 12 year old kids chasing each other with plastic light-sabers and Nerf guns pretending to be Jedi and bounty hunters? I actually miss those days. Whoever heard of a grown man playing with such things? =[

I am not so dependent on the internet for my way of life. Go ahead, Anon. Take it down.

wmarkley: kids

I do agree about the kids, they need to be outside playing like i used to, it keeps the fat away, today i see alot of mushy kids who spend way to much time on their butts working their fingers instead of the whole body, and immagination, but the internet is a tool also if used properly, and for some it is the only form of communication, it doesnt belong to just 1 person who has the right to shut it down, it belongs to the world, it connects family separated by thousands of miles, it was my wifes salvation when my boys were in iraq, and afghanistan, mothers go nuts when they dont know their kids are ok, i guess it was MY salvation too, lol

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