Increase the probability of getting easier than average exam task. Hack the Matrix!

by Crackdown on November 19th, 2013

Usually, the exam task consists of several exam questions. While some exam questions are easier, other are more difficult. As result, the total difficulty of each exam task is different

How to increase the probability of getting the exam task which is "easier than average" ?

Main strategy:

Previously determine as many parameters of your actions as possible, to develop a precise algorithm for any situation, then use your intuition to choose the correct moment for applying these parameters

1) If the exam tasks are taken by students in line:

Exam tasks are usually too close to each other, and to feel "which task is easier" could be difficult. That is why I used to concentrate my feelings not on "easy/difficult task", but on "better/worse moment of time to enter the line" ! Because your algorithm of actions was determined before, the main parameter which is affecting the outcome is the time, and "better moment of time" should automatically result in "easier task" :)

Sometimes, there were funny occasions: I already entered the line and think that I chose the correct moment, but after my turn gets closer I suddenly feel that my choice was wrong! And I had to ask several classmates behind me to go forward: "You first ;)"

After you chose a right moment to take a "correct" position in the line, and it is your turn now: you are just following the algorithm which was predetermined before the exam.

My favorite algorithm:

Take the second exam task from the top of the stack of paper.
If there are several stacks:
a) each exam question has its own small stack of paper -->
-----> take the second paper from the top of each stack;
b) several stacks of the same exam task -->
-----> take the second paper from a stack which is closest to you;
c) if there are no stacks, just everything in one row -->
-----> take the second closest paper to you

Better to find your favorite method and stick to it: this way, it would be easier to adjust.
I invite you to become not just a user, but a developer of methods - "Hacker of Matrix"


2) If the exam tasks are placed by examiner on each desk:

You need to go through the exam class or at least to look across of it, at the same time concentrating your inner feelings on "what desk would be more correct to choose"


Find out methods which work best for you. The main point is that, if you carefully listen to your intuition, you could get an easier-than-average task and pass with a higher grade! However, if you prepare in a bad lazy way, you would be unable to successfully answer even to this easier task; to avoid that problem, you should be a hardworking student as well. Your success is a combination of knowledge with psychology and intuition skills

If you would trust in your abilities and will keep trying, the probability of getting the easier task would be increasing. Anyway, it is better to listen to your intuition than to ignore it :)

P.S. Do not try it without real exam: there would be no "atmosphere of exam" and all the moments of time would seem the same - because in this case, the choice of the moment is not influencing your life. Also, do not tell your classmates about this method: if they would not believe --> they would laugh at you; if they would believe --> everyone would be trying to get the "better moment of time" and that would not end well ;)

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Crackdown: Great advice, BB :) And there

Great advice, BB :) And there is also a problem: a lot of people do not trust in themselves. Meanwhile, everyone could significantly change the world, both directly and indirectly - influence spreads like "circles on the water". We are the creators of this reality!

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