The Inconspicuous Nests of the Urban Financial Elite ‘Millionaire Basement Wars’ (2015 video)

The Inconspicuous Nests of the Urban Financial Elite ‘Millionaire Basement Wars’ (2015 video)
Ultra-Wealthy Angering the Merely Wealthy. [click on to image to enlarge]

Tyler Bass
Forbidden Knowledge TV
May 12, 2015.

Ultra-wealthy Londoners were burrowing into the grounds of Notting Hill, angering merely wealthy Londoners with the sounds of drills and hammers creating new bedrooms and gyms in luxurious two- and three-level basements. One construction contractor estimated that his work would take one home’s value to over $5 million. City planners in the nearby Borough of Kensington and Chelsea halted construction of triple basements in light of complaints.
- See more at: MORE Here - MORE Here - Rich, Russian and Living in London Russian Billionaires in London/England/UK BBC Documentary 2015 - Who are the super-rich Russian elite who have chosen to make London their home? Why have they favoured the capital city? And why do they obsess about the English education system, polo and the monarchy?
We enter the lives of an entrepreneur chased out of Russia for his liberal views and growing bank balance, as well as one of London's biggest art collectors and philanthropists. We tap into the life of Russia's top supermodel. And as we follow two debutantes preparing for the glitz and glamour of the Russian ball, we meet Princess Olga Romanov, the granddaughter of Tsar Nicholas II's sister, who vividly recalls her coming out as a debutante.
Debunking some of the myths about Russians in London, this film takes us further under their skin than before. They love the capital city for its security and freedom, for them it is an English dream. But how do they see us? Why, when in London, do they still feel a need to access their Russian roots and culture? What is it that unites the Russians in London and brings them together for a fairy-tale night by the banks of the Thames? And on what do they spend their wealth?
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