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by Silenci030310 on January 29th, 2013

Evidence of Enki being the creator of humanity is vast throughout the ancient world and these ancient stories will further prove that even in the New Testament,the amount of the true history that has been suppressed and manipulated is staggering to even the most imaginative. It is with the uncovering of that which was once thought to be safely hidden from the masses that mankind is once again coming into his own. Keep in mind that these text are at least twice the age of even the most ancient Old Testament documents! It is only with the uncovering of these ancient civilizations and their text,that the “Trinity of Deception” (Islam,Judaism,and Christianity) is being shown for the monster that it is.

Here Enki is named Viracocha in the Andean creation story where you can clearly see where “let there be light” originates: Viracocha first appears from the sea at Lake Titicaca bringing culture to the ancient peoples of South America. Fair-skinned and bearded, he travels the countryside teaching art, astronomy, agriculture, geometry, and various systems to improve the lives of the people. According to the 16th century Spanish chronicler, Pedro Sarmiento de Gamboa, recorded in his Historia de los Incas a tale about Manco Capac (Viracocha), the first Inca, he writes, “The Great Flood being passed and the land dry, Viracocha determines to people it a second time and to make it more perfect, so he created luminaries to give it light, and with this objective in mind, he went with his servants to a great lake called Titicaca. Here Viracocha ordered that the sun, moon, and stars should come forth and be set in the heavens to give light to the world, and it was so. This done, Viracocha made a sacred idol in that place as a place for worship, and as a sign of what he had there created. Leaving the island, he passed by the lake to the main land, taking with him the two servants who survived.

He went on to a place now called Tiahuanacu (Tiwanaku) in the province of Collasuyu, and in this place he sculptured and designed on a great piece of stone, the likenesses of all the nations he intended to create. This done, he ordered his two servants to charge their memories with the names of all tribes that he had depicted, and of the valleys and provinces where they were to come forth, which were those of the whole land. He ordered that each one should go by a different road, naming the tribes, and ordering them all to go forth and people the country. His servants, obeying the command, set out on their journey and work. All agree that Viracocha was the creator of these people, and it is recalled that he was a man of medium height, white skinned, and dressed in a white robe like an alb secured round the waist, and that he carried a staff and a book in his hands.

When he was ready to leave the land of Peru, he made a speech to those he had created, apprising them of the things that would happen. He told them that people would come who would say that they were Viracocha, their creator, and that they were not to believe them, but that in the time to come he would send his messengers, who would protect and teach them. Having said this, he went to the sea with his two servants who went traveling over the water, as if it was land, without sinking, for they appeared like foam over the water, and the people therefore gave them the name of Viracocha, which is the same meaning as the foam of the sea.”

Another story recalls Viracocha (as Manco Capac), emerging from a cave at Lake Titicaca after the re-appearance of the sun…

“Manco Capac and his brothers arrived at the mountain which is two leagues approximately from the town of Cusco, and climbing to the top, they saw in it the rainbow, which the natives call “guanacuari”, interpreting it as a favorable omen, Manco Capac declares, “consider this a sign that the world will not again be destroyed by water.” The rainbow was depicted on the high altar of the Sun Temple in Cusco and remains the insignia of the Inca civilization to this day. The Inca’s are known as the Rainbow One’s, those who’ve successfully initiated their light body.

(by Kathy Doore © - All Rights Reserved 1998 - 2007.)

Here we see where the story of the rainbow came from as well as the “let there be light” story in the Old Testament. We also see that Enki warned the Incan people that there would be those who would deceive the people into thinking that it was their god (who was created by them) that did these things. He was essentially predicting the coming of the Abrahamic Trinity of Deception as I call it.

It is also important to point out again as I have in previous articles that it is Enki who told "Uta-Napishtim" to build the ark in the far older Sumerian text. It is Enki who created man from his own flesh,it is he who taught man and refused to let them perish in the flood because he knew of their potential,he taught science and his symbol is seen on every hospital! It is he who will protect and teach,and the lie will fall like dust to the earth. In some cultures,he is known as Oannes. This is where the current word ocean originated from. In the above text we see that the people of Peru were already in existence when Enki first arrived to teach them. This is the result of man spreading throughout the world after the flood. He came to them in four different time periods to teach them what he originally taught the Sumerians. It is clear from these texts that he wants all of mankind to be cultured and knowledgeable of their heritage.

It is very important that we see the parallel’s between Oannes here, and the stories of Jesus in the New Testament. In this record,Oannes tells his disciples to go different ways and name the tribes and teaching the people. This was re-written in the New Testament when Jesus tells his disciples to go out and teach the “good news”. After which we clearly see the event where Oannes (Enki),and his two servants walk on the water as if it were dry land. This was plagiarized to be told as the well known story of Jesus walking on the water.

Here is something that is not so easily seen: the two disciples. This is very important because in the book of Revelation,we are told that Jesus will have two disciples that will go before him and tell the world that he is coming. Oannes had two disciples that went before him to name the tribes and teach them what Oannes had originally taught the Sumerians.

This is another,most perfect example of how everything that man is being taught has been so twisted and altered,that it takes much to discover. The record of Enki coming to the Inca people has been revealed to be the source of not only the rainbow story,and the “let there be light” story in the Old Testament,but the source of the “walking on water” story,the disciples of Jesus going out and naming and teaching the tribes the “good news”,and also the two witnesses that accompany Jesus in the New Testament.

Remember that these cultures have existed for thousands of years before the Israeli people,including Abraham ever existed! The stories of the bearded men invading them and destroying their ancient cultures are everywhere. For the agenda,the Trinity of Deception has killed and destroyed countless people and their civilizations in order to take their true records and twist them into a new religion.

Thankfully it seems that none of these cultures were caught off guard, and were able to hide their original records in a place in which they are only now being discovered.

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