by freedmftr88 on September 3rd, 2018

I was just curious if anyone here has been to ? I strongly recommend it to everyone that is here , the website seems to be in the same genre as TruthControl . :)

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bluesbaby5050: in5D....

Yes, I'm subscribed to this channel for a few years now. It's a great resource. Very up to date and informative topics too. I think I might've posted on some of the topics in the years past. Thank you for sharing.

freedmftr88: I'm on there all the time currently

There's so much on the website. Eventually, I need to check out more of Gregg's other site.
What's funny is if I search on Google a subject like how to tap into 5D vibrations or how to master Law of Attraction , there's tons of articles on there.
The problem unfortunately is that the website is quite heavy and slow. I tend to always have tons of tabs open in my web browser all the time but if I have even three tabs relating to in5D , it slows my computer down. Even when I would look up the site on my ipod touch , it would always crash on me.
Must be all the adverts on there , I don't know.
I think Gregg said he had similar problems on his site before on one of this Facebook live videos.

I guess currently there's daily videos where he takes his water cleaning machine and he goes to the beach to poor clean water into the ocean. He made a bunch of those videos lately.

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