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bluesbaby5050: UP-Date! The REAL Reason the FEDS Wanted the BUNDY Cattle!

It now has come to light that the REAL Reason the feds took the Bundy cattle is, because they want to put him out of business by FORCE, so that the Government can reap the wealth that sits below the ground right under the Bundy ranch! It sits on TOP OF some HUGE AMOUNTS OF OIL, and NATURAL GAS, and SILVER! A satellite over Earth has secretly revealed that the Bundy Ranch, as well as others, holds all of these rich resources. A satellite over Earth looked deep into the earths crust, and it has shown what exactly lays beneath the earth's crust in many places on this planet. The show down was about the Freedoms, and the Rights of the people, and not really over the cattle, and the water was used as an excuse to cover up the truth behind the real story of what lays under the Bundy Ranch.

Quaesitor: A well put together video that most involve agree to

I think there is more than one reason. I think the minerals are only part of this. I hope you will watch this video I think this is the foremost reason. Secondly water. Las Vegas needs it. Then there is also the mining and fracking.
This is obviously the tip of the iceberg of the corrupt nature of our Gvt.

bluesbaby5050: Great video Quasitor, and it does shed more light on this story

I agree with you, and these rumors were just speculations on the other possibilities of the many reasons people were talking about over there, besides the water which always was a big issue in the history out west, and not in the eastern U.S. where I'm from. There were many different reasons that were being discussed in those towns by the many people living in those surrounding areas, and in the surrounding states out west. And yes, we all know that Las Vegas would never survive without the dammed up water flowing though there. And lately, there are discussions in the news between Mexico, and the U.S. of opening up the Hoover Dam, and other dams, to allow the water to flow down in to the country of Mexico where they need clean water badly. So we will hear many more stories surrounding this story of Bundy/cattle fight, and about Mexico, and the needed water in the months to come. And the U.S. government has its claws in to everything, and most of is top secret, and hidden away from the public for many covert reasons. Our Tax Dollars at work FOR the interests in profits for the U.S. gov. and NOT for the best interests of the American people.

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