I'm sorry we are not famous or have supreme power!

by nivine on June 28th, 2014

Anyone else is getting super annoyed when they hear or see their surroundings celebrating the world cup? or its just me?
I'm sitting here in my room, trying to explore whats going on around the world, and figure out new ways to awaken the people up...And all i can hear is...loud noises, fireworks, and celebration down the roads, restaurants and houses!

This occasion let me see for the first time the sum of all the population worldwide that have been fooled..And all what i get to tell to myself is...Please no! Not this number!!

Who i should congratulate?
The world government for actually succeeding in distracting people out, brainwashing them, and make the most important thing in their life is .. whats the latest song,movie,application? or who will win the world cup?
And by always keeping them busy!
Well yeah, this definitely needs greeting, I'm actually thinking about seriously greeting them.. I call this success anyway.. don't u think so ?

Or i should congratulate the people for being wise enough, easily fooled, and happily accepting it..
Not to forget .. and even fighting for that ! as if its the optimum truth and defending it!

So my answer will be:
Its so easy to control once the world government got the power.. so i will not congratulate them

I decided to congratulate the people out there, they are the ones that worked hard on giving up who they really are and the peace inside them in order to become the people that the world wants them to be!
And that's what i call a great achievement and is definitely worth greeting!

I feel so sorry for the world!!
I'm so sorry if those that seeks the truth don't present it under fancy conditions, under supreme power, or on their favorite talk show so they will listen to us! I mean they never suspected the sayings of their favorite singer, actor, or leader.. maybe if we get any of the stars to talk, they will listen by then!


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