The Illusion of Time, NOVA: Fabric of the Cosmos .....

New Layers of Reality, Lying Just
Beneath the Surface of
Our Everyday World

Space and time from the very

fabric of the cosmos. Yet they

remain among the most mysterious

of concepts. Best-selling author,

theoretical physicist and Columbia

University Professor, Brian Greene

asks simple yet boggling questions,


- Is space an entity?

- Why does time have a direction?

- Could the universe exist without space and time?

- Can we travel to the past?

From Newton's unchanging realm in

which space and time are absolute, to

Einstein's fluid conception of spacetime,

to quantum mechanics' entangled

arena, where vastly distant objects can

instantaneously coordinate their

behavior, Greene takes us all, regardless

of our scientific backgrounds, on an

irresistible and revelatory journey to the

new layers of reality that modern physics

has discovered, lying just beneath the

surface of our everyday world.

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nice picture

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