The illusion of separateness

we thing we are like and united but actually this is illusion like the maya the illusion of self but this time
its the illusion of separatness its what stop us from living in harmonic stats of love consciousness and there for messiah consciousness. in order to reach this we must treat people as equal being and try treat them with love and care unification is not a simple cause because the entiere planet is in separatness of mind body and soul we are enslaving ourself in form of prison like a matrix and yet we never try to be true friends nor lover nor united we are driven by hate discirimnation racism we are conquared and divided but do not lose hope my friends. as long as im alive and well and my spirit still strong and struggle i will work my best for reach the stat of unity harmony peace and love even tough i am imperfected person i have grudge and ego.
still for me its hard to overcome my dualistic nature and my ego but im not giving up.
even tough this site is not much active im still sending you my love to your all and show you im not gone and never will untill my last breath. peace and love from hebrian daniel.

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bluesbaby5050: The Illusion of Seperateness

Great points HD. There are many illusions that humanity has to learn to overcome. They were put in place to separate humanity from each other by those negative ET invaders that divide and conquer planets and it's populations for greed, and profits in many forms. But, in truth we are all connected. This is the Big Lie that is being told to us, that humanity is different from each other by race, color, and by our diverse cultures, and by religions, and by the borders of our countrys to make you believe this is our true reality when in truth it really is not. These are real lies that they want us to believe in to remain as their slaves. This is the methods they have used to invade and conquerour planet thousands of years ago. Don't believe these lies forced on us. Humanity has learned and grown to see though their illusions, and trickery. We wish to live and prosper in peace, and in harmony, and in Unity Consciousness, as a brotherly, and sisterly race of human beings helping each other, and supporting each other. So let's unite, and change our thoughts and love each other for humanities Highest Good of All. For the future of humanity, and for our beautiful planet Earth..... our True Mother.

Tarheel: Noam Chomsky believes people

Noam Chomsky believes people come to be united through division.
Perhaps division is even the best requisite.

Nice post,HD ! Always good to have you around, my brother.

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