If you are a Female do not take the HPV Vaccine!

by edisonik on November 16th, 2010

The Hpv & the Gardasil Vaccination Programs which are being heavily marketed on T.V. and at your Doctors Office is nothing more then a Population Reduction Campaign to Scare young women into taking yet another poisonous Vaccine which will not only give you Cancer it will also Sterilize you. From what I heard from my sources this specific Vaccine is Race Related, it will give Black Women Cancer and White Women will not be able to have kids, it is a horror story in the making and the Pharmacuetical and Medical Industry are all in on it!, can you believe it?, well you better wake up before you become a Causalty of the System. If your stupid and ignorant you will Suffer so just SAY NO TO THE HPV VACCINE AND THE GARDASIL VACCINE. GOOD LUCK BECAUSE THEY WANT YOU TO SUBMIT!.


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