If existence is a miracle then why don't humans believe in magic?

How is it that humans only accept information if it pertains to science when existence itself cannot be explained or duplicated. We can clone lives out of DNA samples but can't create lives out of nothing. So how are you gonna sit here and believe anything another human being tells you when we as humans don't know where we came from or how we got here?

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Terran resistance: some people do

theres such a thing as kabbalah and wiccan and thelema magick so some people do believe in magic

Xplicit408: Thank you. I will look into

Thank you. I will look into that

BenjaminFalkenrath: People can't fathom that

People can't fathom that Spirit is a form of science =)

Quinton: I suppose you make a fair

I suppose you make a fair point :)

Tarheel: I've come to believe...

I've come to believe that magic is power we misunderstand &/or cant comprehend. Most of us have ability to use it (as a power), they just don't know it or know how to access/utilize it.

BenjaminFalkenrath: Let me explain...

I will say this however it comes out, in the right here an now, as I write, how I feel. So call me crazy but this is my opinion.

For me, I can say spirit is something that defies the explanation of any modern means of science. It will continue to do so until, the realization is made that spirit is a science. They still can't explain energy an consciousness as the soul an how within thus world we're put into our human forms from the non physical to physical an what's beyond or before because they're thinking is to damn narrow.

If we keep seeing this as Science an Spirit like oil and water. Then The answers will never be revealed to men.

Science is great. We'd be lost without it! But our life, our existence, that is creation an thus Spirit was around long before the study of our physical world. Which is what science is...
An while I'm at it. I see magic as a form of mystery shrouded in misdirection an cunning illusionary artistry.

Tarheel: I saw this a while back...

There is no nature to form technology that can surpass the technology of the spirit.

BenjaminFalkenrath: Spirit is the Original.

Spirit is the Original.

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