if everything poisoned how come we survive it?

by HebrianDaniel on February 27th, 2012

its quiet weird that every food and water poisoned and our body can handle it?
how is that? is our body are that strong to handle all these Poisons? i dont get it


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HebrianDaniel: i do not understand what your

i do not understand what your saying but somehow feel that what you said about youre first sentence is quiet look like insult to me however i do not understand what you trying to tell me
and not sure how its related to this topic

FoxCub: Poisons

Just because something is a poison doesn't mean it will kill you, but prolonged ingestion of flouride dumbs down the brain and weakens your bones amoungst many other things.

MSG is a excitotoxin and over stimulates the brain into thinking food tastes better than it actually is, and excitotoxins over stimulate brain cells till they die.

Almost all vaccinations contain Thimerosal which is made from mercury as is amalgam (silver fillings in teeth). Mecury is a nuerotoxin

There are many others!

Hope this helps, good night all

Fal: Msg is a type of salt, but

Msg is a type of salt, but yes, it's meant to make foods, mostly junk foods, taste better, or have an amplified taste.

Also, the body is supposed to adapt to whatever it's up against. Sometimes it can, sometimes it can't. Why do you think there are different skin tones? The amount of melanin is based on sun exposure, to help resist the intensity of the sun.

Tarheel: MSG also makes the body retain fluids and swell up.

Havin a hard time getting that ring off your finger, or your watch has tightened up???

It's probably salt or MSG-mono-sodium-glutamate. Very prevalent if Chinese/Japanese/Asiatic cuisine.

Avoid MSG, but do NOT avoid "Love YOU long Time".

Fal: Any sodium creates water

Any sodium creates water retention. Potassium helps relieve that. The balance of salts in the body is very difficult to maintain nowadays because of such things in our foods. 2 months ago I cut out the high fructose corn syrups, high salt foods, and soda altogether. Feelsgoodman.jpg

I was up to 207, and now I'm back into the mid 190s. It isn't just msg that's bad for you. Like I mentioned, the HFCS is just as bad, but in a different way.

Also, if you like mountain dew like I did, it contains brominated vegetable oil.

I clean pools and spas, and just a fair warning, you dont want brominated anything in your system. Bromine is used as a sterilization agent, and it's poisonous. Need I say more?

wmarkley: lol

I couldnt have said that better, lol A good friend of mine is asian, she told me that they always put it on their food, she told me that once she put to much on her food and got sick, and i asked her why she puts that crap on her food and she said that it makes it taste better, and makes her feel full so that she dont eat much, and stays skinny. and yes i would love her long time except she is my daughters age, and i am married. :-D

Tarheel: How old is your daughter? D'OH !

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wmarkley: lol

My daughter is 27, and married, she is nothing like me because she dont date anymore, lol just kidding, i dont date but i have been called a dirty old man, lol my asian friend is 31, and her husband is a close friend of mine,

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