by Annunaki77 on October 16th, 2013

When the Economy comes to a Crashing halt sometime in the future. The Enemies of Humanity will try another false flag ( Probability) do not let them blame another Nation so they can take you to War.

The People of Earth must Say no to War no matter what these Enemies do.
If War does happen. Earth will be Invaded with Firepower many more times more Advanced than an Nation has.
The Federation has Weapons that you can't even begin to believe and Motherships so big they will make Cities look like little ponds.

So let's not let it get this problematic for Humanity.
Lets Arrest this Cabal in the USA and lets use the energy of Humanity for Productive things instead of War and Bloodshed.

And once Humanity has found themselves they can begin to make contact with other Space Fairing Civilizations.

So do not worry about the Bad Guys because if they do anything stupid they will be made known to the whole World. And that will be the end of all of this Malevolant Cabal.

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Annunaki77: Let them Laugh

They think I am joking. We will see who really is joking.
They come here from time to time cloaking themselves as Legit Forum Members.
But you cannot play these games with me.

So go ahead and cry to your Bosses who sign your paychecks.
The Future will be for Humanity.
Enjoy the Ride.

bluesbaby5050: Annu77-your right about this...........

Happening with the great pretenders = the governments hired agents pretending they are actual members, and they pretend they are here to learn. They disappear for a short while, and then they show up, and mock what we are teaching to others that are really here, and serious about learning the truth. We still have some visiting this site all the time, new ones and some fairly new. They still manage to get their negative comments in though, and we do know who they are. Even though you, and Edison aren't here all the time, I still KNOW you both keep an eye on this forum, along with others you have posted standing guard. Thanks for refreshing their memories. BB5050.


Using Humanity as a Food Source and Genetic Material.
Bribing The USA Government with Technology.
And Attacking Animals and Humans alike Killing them and Raping them while they are still alive and kicking.
And having the USA Government Cover up all Attacks with their Psyops Programs.

Karma is coming quick because the Human Race is no ones Food.

Abductions and Human Mutilations


The Truth is dreadful but it is the Truth.

I am just a Friend to all Life.

Chris: kanesh kuiper belt et groups

hey annunaki stewart swerdlow said the kuiper belt et groups do not have humanitys best interest edsionik said kuip belt deals with resorces if they come down here they will destroy the illumaniti and enslave humanity. what will be don about the kuiper belt et groups.

bluesbaby5050: There are those Malovents that wish to......

Land on Earth, and so they are being prevented from doing so, and many paid with their lives. Our Allies are many, and they are preventing this from happening. There is also a ancient device ( location UNknown to many) in the Van Allan Belt that was hidden/stored for future use to use if things really got out of hand in our solar system. This device is STILL FUNCTIONAL, as it had been recently checked to see if it was still capable of performing as it was meant to.... They build things to last :-)

Tim Lovell: you mean Marduk and his

you mean Marduk and his clones?

bluesbaby5050: Annu77 told me that Marduk is in .......

Prison In "ORION." And he also said," Marduk won't be getting out anytime soon." Also there is a huge revolt on "Sirius B" as the slaves are very UPSET on that planet!

bluesbaby5050: There are very many SLAVE planets..........

That are in current revolts against there OVERLORDS /Slave Masters/ Controllers, and many things are changing every where in the galaxies. So you see, Planet Earth is not alone in these changes.

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