An Idiot's Guide to the New World Order Video

by Quinton on May 31st, 2016

I posted this guide a few years back, and I recently did a video capture of the entire guide and thought some of you may be interested if you missed it the first time. You can watch the full video with me doing a voice-over here:

The full guide is here:

Stay tuned for the Federal Reserve video in the next week or so.

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wolfe: Good vid Quinton. Thanks for

Good vid Quinton. Thanks for taking the time to make things like this.

Tarheel: NWO is on the ropes

Expect it. Nicely done, Quinton. All wrapped up and easy-to-access.
How did I miss consideration for the voice-over ? (joking)

Quinton: Hehe. I tried to get

Hehe. I tried to get Annunaki77 to do the voice-over but it didn't happen ;)

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