Iced out: A view from the perspective of an Alien God. (On the outside looking down.)

Hmmm. He thought to himself. Squander and Ponder as he did some of the time, with his tiny feeble human mind, planted into this fractal soul. Never to look up or realize.

Hmmm. He thought to himself. As he looks down. I wonder if he will ever realize that I am he and he is me. Until he looks up.

We forget that the only reason the "God" we seek is so elusive is because we claim that the God WE SEEK, as XYZ an when we find this GOD, it he/she is that we find is actually a being who are lesser than that which is the real one & only source. An for the one who is, asks not to be, an is not in it ones self.

You keep seeking a God who is Jealous and only wishes for to be praised. When the one true realizes that in the end it doesn't matter since you will all in turn come back to thee in the end either way. An therefore when in doing the opposite you're only praising the likes of Lesser Lord's.

Meanwhile GODSELF is up there patient as anything just happily awaiting the day you return. But this world. Out of all the others that have been made. Has ICED God out. Which is fine. WE may not know that a time will come, all of us will come around. God knows, so this is not going to phase God. If you remember one thing, remember to ask your spirit to go to the place which you feel most one. Connect to whatever it is you feel most high. An do not alienate your self from this feeling of source. Call it God or what you will. But don't alienate it. Because how would you like to be on the other end looking down? Just waiting on the dial tone?

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LoliApolys: very deep

very deep topic of what you say ben ;) i wonder how many truly get all the many references and meanings of what you say? then again if many did we would not have the world we do know........

BenjaminFalkenrath: True. Isn't it the whole idea

True. Isn't it the whole idea that we do not know down here that makes the whole game part of the fun of it all? lol!

BenjaminFalkenrath: We may be fractured pieces of

We may be fractured pieces of a whole of what was once a big piece. But we are our own selves an beautifully so.
My point is, in that so many are missing the point an don't even realize they're not seeing then true one and only an they now before a lower level Lord or being on a higher ok level than them but lower than the one true all n all. An this makes for a very lonesome alienated place for a sovereign God who's only desire was that everyone had what he had an experienced what hen did... Just saying. IDK maybe I'm dumb for thinking that way.

Tarheel: Good post

Nobody thinks you're dumb for anything.
It's a tripped out concept.

BenjaminFalkenrath: I have a problem. An it's. I

I have a problem. An it's. I can visualize these things an yet. Have no words to express or draw or put them together.
So... It's almost like me here now. Remembers the me there then telling myself to remember this me. To remember that me. To also remember the All in All that we're all from because we're so wrapped up in our individualisation an idolizing of lowered deities that we have forgotten our humble Spark up there just sitting up there watching us. An all I can think of is remembering the very brief moments I had since none can stay in that place, an all I can remember is being given that momentary feeling of Alienation that was shared with me. An I was told not to alienate the one who made me.

Timo678: I am also confused about thta

I am also confused about thta.

BenjaminFalkenrath: I think what makes it

I think what makes it confusing is, it's like having a spherical 3D puzzle. An it's put together by color an energy an time. An you get to see it spin in a circle full one time then watch it get tossed an broken on the floor. Then your blindfolded an asked to put it back together by the feel of it....

All the while the one who created the puzzle is aware an simply awaiting the moment you remember even for an instant they exist. An during this time, a part of them linked to you. Just the way you have that hold where nothing on Earth can fill.... They have this same void... An it makes them feel icy an alienated from us down here. They even as a God to feel this....

John Duncan: Neat dude! I really liked

Neat dude! I really liked reading that. I love the way you are creative and open - it speaks for me too. Thank you.

BenjaminFalkenrath: Thank you!

Thank you!

I probably could have elaborated more and I always look back months later and wonder if I could have written my articles better and I think of various ways on how I could have interpreted it or wrote it better I always critique it but. Sometimes I think on how I mean things a certain way and then how I could have done it better later but.
One thing's for sure I feel like that I've lived multiple lives on this Earth and multiple lines even prior to being on this Earth and prior to the Earth even coming into existence you know but I'm still learning and it's even more difficult having to be I don't want to say limited that's kind of undermining the diverse nature of being a human I mean being human is so awesome because it's different than being anything else I mean you can be so many different things when you're a human when you're anything besides a human like if you were I know this is going to sound silly if you're a cowboy or a cow if you're a chicken you're a chicken if you are a rock you're a rock if you're a tree or a tree that's what you are if you're human you didn't take any crap if you want you know I mean you can be a bad person you can be a good person you can be this type of person you can be that type of person you can work this career you can work that for where I mean look at how people are you know where is different as they come you know not everyone person's alike so it's really cool.
I guess what I'm trying to say is we're always growing learning and making things new. Keeping an open mind is the best thing you can do though.

RobertOne: Free will the creator as I

Free will the creator as I call him gave humanity free will yes most people only worship the lessor gods they want things from their God's Free will means God can't interfere in any way.

I do not believe this is how we were created, Humanity did this the death and illness in the world humanity caused all of it with us wanting to rule and be like a God.

For the most part Humans can't even see truth they want the fairy-tale world of illusions.

I honestly believe the first commandment forbid all religions but like everything we do not want to see the truth

BenjaminFalkenrath: I agree. There in lies the

I agree. There in lies the problem. As they do not even realize they are under the guise of false deities which is why the one true creator wants no others before him. It makes sense. So one can truly be free. An yes humanity did do this. Death is a lie. It isn't suppose to be this way. It wasn't suppose to be lie this. No one remembers the way it was suppose to be, or very few at all. Religion is man made. Spirituality is where it is at.

MorninGliGht: Where to go with this

I feel incredibly connected and synchronized with the one around me most times and relized that even though I feel in tune with my sources frequencies others around me pick up on my natural state of being as different and I don’t know how to react I’m also 20 and just realizing most of this stuff this past year and know I am a light worker by the ability I have to control my own emotions as well as others around me. I’m enjoying very much this spiritual experience but am having trouble findings guidance within this world today. I feel like this would be a great place to ask what some people have done to include the spirit into your day to day life to better experience it yourself?

Tarheel: What works for me...

The spirit is there. My advice would be to work on expanding your consciousness and developing your soul.The spirit will show.
This is what I do. Good luck!

BenjaminFalkenrath: I agree with Tarheel.

I agree with Tarheel.
An also remember; Rome wasn't built in a day. It all takes time. I like you started waking up in my 20s. I was homeless at 20. Hungry an yeah had rough times. A lot to reflect. I'm almost 33 an always still learning. My soul is eons older an I still don't feel like I know a whole lot.
There's a fine line between emotional balance an control of yourself. An going to far. The best way to keep it good is to always ensure it's positive an never of a manipulative manner to the people you are around. In short. Don't try to hard to get into their heads or sway them into you're way. However. Much the way that many who believe in as a religious type prayer works. We realize that as ourselves we have our higher selves. Thereby technically we are at another point our own over lords. In a sense. See. An GOD if you will is a collection of many of US over LORDs in a soul group. God means guidance on demand. An prayer is you asking your higher self for something. Where your higher self CAN be outside of space an time an can already know the answer or find favor for you. But this doesn't give us the right to infringe on others free will see.
:) Think about that all for a while then get back to me... But don't copy me because I'm still working on my book LMAO ?

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