I want to create my own Real life Galactic Empire.

by Chris on October 21st, 2012

i want to create a galactic Insectoid Empire for many reasons one insectoids multiply very fast and can build galactic ship yards and weopon factorys for my armada then breed a castes of Insectoid army one would a Scout then warrior then Elite warrior insectoid very lage and powerlful and can a 100 times its weight like ants can then i would began my conquest of the galaxy i would conquer and ocupy certain starsystems rich in natural resources and then using my insectoid warriors attack and eliminate any oposing alien forces and conquer these civilzations. i chose a starsystem to be the captital of my Empire and build breeding facilty,s to build my galactic insectoid army and i want 10 billion insectoids and more then i would buil giant plantoid star craft with living quarters for the crew wicth comprises insectiod scientists warrors generals star fighter pilots engineers etc this would be the capital ship of my vast insectoid armada wicth has millions of starships under my command the number crew is 100 million as Emperor of this empire i need alot of pretection it also has biosphere with plant animal life and it has masive laser cannon like the death star and protected by insectoid battleships and dreadnoughts packing alot of fire power numbering 10,000. now i am ready to conquer the Universe a great battles await me.

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bluesbaby5050: Did you ever see the movie District 19 Chris?

These aliens that came to Earth in this movie in their giant mother ship, sounds like your dream! They also had a lot of problems to deal with after they got here.

Chris: yes i saw that movie

but on the insectoid planetoid motherships i would have biospheres for the crew and better conditions then the motherships that they come be in better conditions for my army means better health and be top shape for battle agianst emeny forces in the movie district 9 the insectoids riped apart human soldiers and were execlent fighters insectoids are ideal warriors for army also they are very inteligent and breed very fast laying millions of eggs with my insectoid armys i would overwhelm my emenys very fast.

Tarheel: So, you want to conquer the galaxy?

..then you want to conquer and reap star systems rich in natural resources. All for what?

And you want to conquer the Universe???? Dude. THAT is phukked up. WAY phukked up. Dominate, conquer and self-serve, huh?

You disappoint me, Chris but it doesnt matter if you disappoint me or not. I was wrong about you. You're NOT my kind of person.

Quote- I hope you FAIL miserably in your attempt at conquest. Unquote.

Chris: traheel

do not take this personally i was just being creative with my mind about galactic Empires and republics i was imagining what choices different et races would would they chose to conquer the galaxy and build or empire or be in a benevolent federation to help other lifeforms its dualistic and many aliens have chosen service to other service to selves besides tarheel i don,t have super galactic army of insectoid warriors in real life if i did the good et,s would stop me and would be under arest for trying to start a galactic war.

Tarheel: I love you still, Chris.

But more than anything, I want to say Thank You for replying, clearing that up to me and for me.

You are still a favorite, I was just dumbfounded when I read that.

We are cool Chris !

I KNEW I had to be misinterpreting you somehow.

Terran resistance: dont worry

tarheel doesnt have a sense of humour thats all

he'll find it eventually

mean while in the hollow earth...


Tarheel: Did you see TR front and center in the CRABBY People video?

TR has become a Crabby Peep permanently since that #2 Jimmy crawled up his arse, setting off his uncouth demeanor.. That explains his nasty disposition. Fear not, he's migrating to The Bering Sea( in the Pacific Ocean), where he'll certainly be picked up and disposed of properly.

Terran resistance: take a chill pill

you take what people say over the internet too seriously dude...

Tarheel: Look at the pot calling the ketttle black.

I was simply trying to make you/ people laugh, since you said I had no sense of humor.
It was a joke. You didnt get it apparently.




Annunaki77: Love, Peace , Harmony and the Divine Spirit of the Human Species

Beauty and Love, Humanity will be given a Second chance.
I Love Humanity.
Nothing will change that liftetime after lifetime.

bluesbaby5050: This is so GOOD to Hear!

All the SAME to You Too! Nothing will Ever Change Between us!

ACEnBEAKY: Ok, Ok, please try to

Ok, Ok, please try to differentiate when you're talking about your own fiction and when you're talking about established cryptic ufology. Both are fine, both are cool, both overlap...but I want to hear what people think about the "real thing."
Anyway, cool idea.

LoliApolys: you play

The Zerg on star craft don't you? :)

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