I think i saw death

by lilian on December 9th, 2013

Its hard to explain, I over the times i have seen it i guess i was not convinced it was not my mind playing tricks on me. I am against religion, And i really do not believe in anything unless i can see it. I over some years have seen this really scary shadow in the shape of a person i thought it was someone in my home. It is always followed by death or something really bad happening. I never really believed it but.
some examples are. My husbands cousin went missing everyone believed he was just haywire somewhere. I was laying in bed and i opened my eyes and their was a large figure standing next to my husbands side of the bed looking over him. A day or 2 later his cousin was found dead. So this was 1 time i just put it to the back of my mind, i did not really believe it. Than i saw it again before my uncle died. I still did not believe it. i guess i thought maybe things happen it cant really be true what i was seeing. I than had my nephew staying at my house in the cot next to my bed i woke up and their was something leaning over the side of the cot above him , This time i thought it was someone infact in my house and i yelled get away from him. and swung at the shadow but it disappeared. The next day my nephew fell down a flight of steps. He was ok but now i think back i wonder ig the shadow had something to do with it.
all these are just a few of what has happened in recent times. I never really believed it, I kept thinking it must bein my mind. i really just did not want to believe it infact.

now a few days ago i woke to this dark thing right in my face leaning over me, I let out a blood curdling scream as i lunged at it trying to push it away from me. It was more scary than the other ones. It was pure evil i felt it, It has horrified me because i knoew i was awake i know what i saw.
my husband also woke up to my scream.
the next day my husband got a phone call at work from his mum saying his dad is in hospital and he is sick. My husband came home right away knowing what i had seen the night before. We have not spoken to his dad in 8 years a falling out. But i said to my husband, I feel like he will die, You need to make peace ..So he has, And his dad apparently has days to live if not gone tonight.

I fear what i saw more now because its just to much of a concordance to not worry about it. We knew what was to come because it has happened before and i had mentioned it to my husband the toehr times. I guess this time we both believed it because it was so clear.

I just do not know what to do, Is their something evil attached to me, Or what is going on. I jsut do not understand it.

I would like advice on what this is., It feels evil and bad. I felt extreme horror, and i am not a scared person. A few times in the past i use to feel like something was watching me, It was extremely scary but for a long time ive not felt it.

also when i first moved in to this house im in i felt a child in the cupboard, I cant explain the feeling but it felt like a child. it felt awful though in a way that i would keep the cupboard closed esp at night. But the last few months i do not feel it. and the cupboard is often open.

Before this house a few years ago and few houses before, i use to see something walking to my daughters room. It happened the same time every night and i would see it and believe it was my husband checking on daughter but always it was nothing. also in that house i felt like their was something black sitting in the bath. I would see it when i walked past.

also in a house before that, It just felt evil, This is a guess where i felt most scared. The house brought out the worst of my self and husband, hubby got server depression and it was not a great time for us, i always felt like i was being watched. it was not a ncie feeling.

but all these things. i guess i always put it down to imagination. Or something. I remember them but i guess nothing really terrified me until this time and esp cause of the next day with his dad. its to close for me to denie it anymore.

Can anyone give me some advice on what i should do. Im defiantly not insane , I know it sounds like i am in some respect because i know how it sounds,. If someone told me this i would think they were nuts.i just need answers if anyone has any.

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UN.i1-PHI: Welcome Lilian

what if you would not have seen them shadows? would you then not believe in it, or still be in a phase of denial?
if you want to believe in something only if you see it, make sure its not just your eyes wich can see it, but also the deeper stuff beyond the surface and see trough it with your minds-eye!
what i mean with that, is that just seeing(with your phisical eyes) should not be conceived thesame as believing something(with your mind)
not everything you can see physically, another thing they take advantage of...
you may have already come to the conclusion that they are doing this to scare and haunt you to make you live in fear, this is what feeds them, and now you are aware,try to figure what would be the best way(s) to react to them and the horrible situations they cause, but first consider what,how and why they are making you (re)act towards them&their shit like THAT. if THAT is the way they want you to behave and react, then that is what and how they are achieving what they want, why? for their own personal gain and in attempt to deprive you of goodness and replace it with fear for their shadowy games

so my advice, tough easier said than done;(and i'm not implying you HAVE to DO what i say but...)

meditate and seek within for a way to bring back harmony and how to deal with it,
and you can better also seek information about them from others and tough you may not personally know and find (much) ppl with the same situations/problems, you can take advice from ppl's posting on the internet, but always keep thinking for yourself and use your intuition

i think you have come to the right place to learn about 'them' and those alike...

here are a few links from edisonik's & annunaki77's postings this website i tought you could start with and find interesting &correlating

also you can always ask them (and other members in the forum) anything you feel like...

and pls try not to confuse spiritual teachings here with being religious impeachment, as the information provided on this website mostly goes beyond the religious tools of control and exposes them for what they really are and how it ties in with an nasty ugly malevolant agenda/scheme for humanity, hosted by our intra&extraterrestrial badboys playing the strings on their puppets playing puppets playing theatre as our world leaders&politicians...

do not fear them for they will/can fear you if you dont!
humanity has much more potential & awesomeness that they realize, and this is another thing malevolants are abusing against them, for if the humans knew and realized the power they have their whole game playing behind the curtains will fall...

and no you are not the first one coming here for/with this reason (being molested by them)


you are very welcome here on TC to share and ask anything, just keep in mind what private information you want to reveal in public or in private messages...as you 'never know'...you know...

UN.i1-PHI: playing with lifes

theyre game is playing with lifes.. , i'm sorry for your losses and nasty situations...

just dont forget;
life lives on!..
after death,
we come back in another form...
se lets not get upset,
because we'll be reborn...
maybe not on earth,
but remember the lessons we scorn...
what we give, is what we'll get.

Tarheel: They'll not Play w/ Me

What a great opportunity to bring out a Classic. This is almost 50 yrs old, so the video & audio is definitely analog but you will love it, nevertheless.


edisonik: The Dark Shadows are just Reptilians

Playing and Feeding off Human Fears / Misery / Uncertainty / Anger etc.
Good Work UN.i1-PH1.

If you are a Soul with Strength & Power these Vampires will scratch you can cut your Flesh , sometimes while you sleep or sometimes right in front of you before your eyes to drive you Mad with Paralyzing Fear.
Always Pray to Source/the One for Protection and at that time think Passionate thoughts of Love and cry , this will light up your Soul.
The Entity will be burned and it will go away because it cannot stand the Energy of Love.

Remember around you there are 12 Dimensions ( Radio Station type Frequencies ) running 24/7 spanning this known Galaxy.
I keep stressing to keep your thoughts Positive filled with Love.
Not Fear , Hatred , Ignorance , Misery or Dispair.
If you do not Master your Soul you will Feed the Lower Entities Unknowningly.

bluesbaby5050: Many people are reporing seeing these Shadow Beings.......

And they are not to be confused with disincarnate relatives, because you can ALWAYS RECONIZE THEM. But on the other hand, these Shadow Beings are being reported with SOME wearing hats like the stove-pipe hats that President Lincoln wore back in his time, as many men did also, and long coats. And some others Shadow Beings are being reported as wearing a wide brim hat like the Mexican Sombero, and the long coat. These beings are seen as solid, and totally black in appearance, and they are sinister, as this was also reported. This Shadow Beings,and their descriptions were reported at length on the internet, and radio shows of COAST TO COAST, with host ART BELL, and Host George Noory. They can still be heard on this show. Many people in the last hour are allowed to call into this show, and they speak of their experiences with these beings. Yes, and many are also those REPTILIANS, and they also INVADE your dreamscape, in many disguises also. They will wear glasses to cover their eyes from us. Beware of this also, they are very clever.

bluesbaby5050: A great RE-POST of the Shadow People.............

Many people have experienced these Beings. As Edisonik tells us, they are just nasty reptilians playing , and feeding off from people's fears, to create even more fear in those people.

edisonik: Also another thing regarding people who Die young

One of the main reasons besides Vaccinations why people die young is that the Soul Inhabiting that Vessel ( Human Body ) is a YOUNG SOUL. Meaning that the Soul was just recently created by Source , in other words this Soul would not have the Experience from previous Lifetimes for skills such as Awareness & Pre-Life Experiences.
That Young Soul which Dies leaves the body and will Incarnate again to continue the Journey of Life and Developement.

There are a lot of Young Souls Incarnating here on this Planet , they are so new that some of them cannot make it and often Die Young , but there is the other Spectrum also, there are also Ancient Souls here on Earth of Incredible Knowledge & Wisdom that have come here for a Vacation often Teaching Advanced Knowledge you will not get in your Religions , Priests or Witch Doctors.

These Old Souls have knowledge of the Ancient Universe, you would call them "THE FOUNDERS", The PATAAL.
A Race so Ancient that many ET's believe that they are all gone from the Histories.
These PATAAL are not dead or gone they are here on Earth living among the Seed of Adamu.

Some of you could be this Ancient Race, within the line of Humanity lives the Ancient Ones.

bluesbaby5050: Here's the link to the ART BELL SHOW..............

www.artbell.com Art Bell came back out from his retirement, and he has resumed his radio/talk show after he moved back to the U.S. with his family from living overseas. Art Bell has covered a wide range of topics from the Occult, and to the Paranormal, to the Alien Abductions, to Time Travel, and about Aliens & Demons, and from the many Whistle Blowers from the military concerning Area 51, and beyond. Nothing is too strange for this show.

Tarheel: "Dont fear The Reaper" message for Lilian.

This is fool proof prayer given to me by Anu77..."By Order of The Ancients, I command all negative entities AND all negative energies to leave immediately or face The Wrath of The Creator God, Lord EnKi.". Say it out loud and they will be gone with haste.

Now, THIS is from me,Tarheel and it is brief, and it is AWESOME.

Don't Fear the Reaper ...or anything for that matter

UN.i1-PHI: notice

the omega/THE END symbol Ω on the reapers clothes/robe,
but remember, death is not just an end, cause an end is the beginning of something new, and the beginning of something new is the end of something old, they are complementary, the beginning and the end, the alpha and omega, Α & Ω is a cyclus ad infinitum!
an eternal cycle!

Quaesitor: I read this with deep

I read this with deep Interest as my brother just married into a family that has had some experience with this. Shortly after moving into a new home, new to them, but actually quite old, the mother began waking up with scratches all over her, they would itch and burn and drive her mad. She always thought that she had done them herself in her sleep, Or possibly their cat had scratched her and she hadn't realized it. Then the baby began to wake up with them as well. They broke their contract losing hundreds of dollars, and moved out after they researched it and began to believe that they were being haunted by demons, and called the marks upon themselves "demon scratches".
They actually brought in a bishop from their local church to bless the home, but it didn't work. Obviously.
Why would it be, that the "scratches" were visited upon them while in this house, but not any other? Are the reptilian's attracted to a specific location, rather than a specific person on occasion?
Thank you lillian for posting!

Tarheel: Repts are EASILY defeated.

They cannot handle good/positive vibes AT ALL. Don't fall for fear BS or get caught up in their power trip. That's their trap.

Edi & Anu77 teach to think Loving thoughts.

bluesbaby5050: The Reptilians go where ever they will get the ....

Most action, and the most reaction to their tormenting of Humans. The Reptilians reside in the 4th dimension. They can appear in physical semi- solid to solid form if they choose to. They mostly like to remain hidden, or appear as a human wearing any kind of disguise, and of any race, a female, or a male human looking person to confuse you, and play with you to feed off your emotional energies. Whether they are positive, or negative energies, it is still energy/food to them. They are commonly active in the dream states as well, and for all the same reasons, to keep humans from spiritually advancing, and to control the humans, and to steal the human souls, IF THEY CAN. They are constantly active in their quest for chaos in this universe.

bluesbaby5050: The Reptilians can also...........

Lower their vibrations to appear, and play in the lower 3 dimension, and this WAS where the humans were until recently ( 2012) in their vibrational status until the people of Earth( most of them) had risen in their higher vibrational frequency which is now in the lower to the higher 4 dimension. There are sets of octaves between each dimension, and they are but levels in Frequency. All dimensions have them. Right now at this present time, people will find them selves moving back forth with their emotional levels, and they are doing a lot of emotional clearing until 2015 when the frequencies will be set into the 4th dimension. And their will be pockets/areas of the higher 5th dimension levels on Earth at the same time. All people are at different levels, as they will continue to fluxuate within their vibrations. Think positive, and be happy, because this is what the negative reptilians truly hate, and they will hopefully leave people alone.

Tim Lovell: tell me about it BB I am all

tell me about it BB I am all over the place atm lol

bluesbaby5050: Me Too!

Ya, I know what you mean lol! Those pesky Reptilians are very persistent with their agendas to destroy the peace and harmony here on Earth! WE will NOT allow them to gain control of us anymore. They are a tricky, and very clever breed of aliens. They watch us humans closely to study us though our behaviors, and our likes, and our dislikes, and though the habits the humans have. We are a social species, and we love, and we play hard. Enjoy life to it's fullest every chance you get. One last note: The Reptilians hate the FEELINGS of the Love vibrations, and they will leave your space when they feel this strong emotion of LOVE! Not to be mixed up with sex, and infactuations, because the Reptilians just love sex, and they feed well off from this action too, so please be aware of this also. Happy Holidays to Everyone.

lilian: Thankyou for all your replys.

It has been a while since ive logged on here. I real all of your comments and it gave me alot of insight. I have been trying to think more positive and so on. But life is life we have up's and downs.

So a new update.
a few weeks ago i was not on speaking terms with my mum because we had a small argument, just general mother daughter arguments. A month or so i did not speak to her, In this time i was laying in bed and opened my eyes. And i saw, not 1 but 2 redish in color figures above me, But it was different to the other times where they had been beside me leaning over me, This time they seemed like they were on the bed and directly above me face on, and their was 2. And their was red all around them.
A few days later my sister told me mum had been diagnosed with a bone disease. it was in the same time frame just after what i had seen. I had not spoke to mum so i did not know about this when my sister told me and when it was i felt like what i saw had something to do with it.
But i saw 2. Which is a part i do not understand,

Now getting past that 3 days ago. I was in bed with my husband it was in the day,. I was awake in was moments after we laid down, Both of us still awake. I felt something that felt like a bit of card board or something being hit in to my lips from the side. It was enough to move my lips and make a smooch noise life something had hit me.
My husband also heard the noise and opened his eyes. He said i looked shocked and was looking around touching my lip confused. I thought it was him for a moment until he swore to me it was not him. I looked around for a bit or card board or really anything that may have fell off the fan and hit my lips but i found nothing.
All evening and the next day i keep touching my lips trying to understand what happened.

My husband told me that evening that when he was drifting off to sleep after it happened and we went to sleep again , he heard something in the corner of the room but glanced over and drifted to sleep with out another thought.

I am still confused to what hit my in the mouth it was not hard, But enough to move my lips and smooch my lips to make a noise. I did not believe things could physically touch you.
Also we are atm packing to move. I do not know if this has something to do with it.

i guess i was starting to put what i saw all the times as maybe a warning or something to something bad going to happen. And was trying to see it in a more positive light to make it seem better. But now i do not know what to think.

I am a little worried that something touched me. And i felt it. I guess i wonder what else it can do if it has done that.

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