I need some advice on my rh- blood and new discovery of bloodline war

I am an rh- my boyfriend well ex of recent is rh- and he is from the bloodline of cain o- and Im from the holy bloodline ab-. I would never ever think that this is possible but he believes in no God and I have always known there has been someone something watching over me since i can remember. My ancestors are from the city in Germany alsace-lorraine my grandpa was a 33degree freemason. His ancestors as well is from alsace-lorraine. He is a narcissist I am an empath. I am German he is French, My great grandpa came from royalty and was tracked down here in America after he fled the country with a french woman he wasn't supposed to marry as german royalty. Anyways my mom's side is Assyrian blood from a small village in Lebanon high on a hill had preserved this boodline from ancient times. My ancestors come from a line of priests and were forced to come to America to escape from the muslim takeover as they are Christians. I have certain powers when angered enough can cause things to happen. I was bORN ON september 11 1982 and live on the 33 degree latitude line I have come to understand that the cross of Lorraine has to do with the Blood of Cain? My question is if anyone can give their opinion if I should stay from no contact with him or what? I know I'm protected as I have been In many places and should of not lived through those events. I don't think I'm endangerd physically but what of this war between the bloodlines?

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Tarheel: Ancestry

Find your PEACE, sis.
follow your heart.

CausesofCauses: One of my good friends is an

One of my good friends is an athiest but he respects my spirituality and genuinely cares about me.. all I can say is open your heart.. theres good in all of us! Godbless!

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