i met someone in facebook dealing with register problem

by HebrianDaniel on December 12th, 2021

she has tried to register to truthcontrol but there error that dont let her register
i think this is why this forum dead. cuz ppl cant register
and i also cant send message to other people.
quinton if you hear this message please fix the registration and messages
thanks you deal hebrian daniel

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bluesbaby5050: Can't register?

Hello HD, Tell people that first they have to create an account with this site. Put user name they want use, and enter a password that's needed to register, and to remember their user name and password each time they sign in. That has to stay the same each time, so they need to remember both they will use. And once that's done, then go to the forum or choose a category to research on this site. Sometimes they will have to repeat this more then once each time for security on this site as I do also. It's just a part of the process. This has never changed since I've been a member on TC. I hope this helps.

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