I know everybody HATES Obama, but it's time the RICH did their fair share ! I agree w/Obama on this.

by Tarheel on March 22nd, 2012

I know this will probably get me the "least liked person at TC", (like Im not already)- BUT I think it is HIGH TIME the RICH people paid their fair share of TAXES. They have lived in tax loopholes for so long and it's just time. I dont agree with how we got to the huge deficit, BUT somebody has to pay it back, and the other classes are sure paying their part. Rich shouldnt be allowed to hide from taxes legally any more-PAY UP your share.

Incase you do hate me, I am all for a FLAT TAX, where everybody pays exactly the same per centage. You cannot get more fair than that.

Headline at cnn-Obama tax plan would hit the rich

Excerpt-NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Wealthy taxpayers would see a big jump in their tax bills under President Obama's latest budget proposal, according to a new independent analysis.
In fact, those in the top 1% of income would see an average tax increase of nearly $109,000 in 2015, according to the Tax Policy Center.


bluesbaby5050: To Tar-----------?

How is your Owl doing now? Is he still around your house?BB5050.

Tarheel: Last night was THE 1st night he didnt HOOT in a while BUTowl

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I swear this is TRUTH.

bluesbaby5050: I like this alot!

You sure have alot of wild life where your at! How is the Owl today? Have you seen him yet? BB5050.

Quinton: I do agree with you that a

I do agree with you that a flat tax would be much better than the current approach, but I don't think the rich should pay more taxes. All taxes do is take money from somebody who knows how to use it productively (businessmen) and give it to somebody who doesn't know how to use it productively (government). The rich people know how to use their money, the government does not. I know there are a lot of rich criminals. But there are also a lot of rich good people who contribute to society. We should let rich people do what they want with their money, they earned it.

Moreover, the poorest people don't pay any taxes. I think the most fair thing to do would be to make the super poor pay more taxes rather than the super rich. That is if we want to be fair.

But I do agree with you with the flat tax. Like most problems in politics, it is hard to find a correct answer when you're working in a system that doesn't allow for a correct answer. I don't really believe in taxes at all. Tax is basically theft. I don't like the idea of forcing anyone to do something they don't want to do, especially with their money. I think all the things we accomplish with taxes could be accomplished more efficiently and cheaper without taxes and without government.

Tarheel: But OF COURSE you do,Q! You're RICH!!!

You have websites all over the globe. We're all poor, tho. I'm jokin Q. I dunno whether you do or not.

However, where's that stance for Humanity (even at it's lowest tiers)? Haha!

I am only kidding Q.

wmarkley: tax

If i got to pay taxes, then flat tax, but i say nobody should have to pay taxes, and if we pay taxes, then the people should decide where the money is to be spent, and it should always be spent on human improvement projects like free energy, or turning the desserts green, anything for the good of All, and with complete transparency. transparency should be the norm for government anyway, no more back room crooked deals, bribery and crony politics. and we do have a constitution, and anyone who had anything with altering it should be guilty of TREASON.

Fal: I kinda agree with this,

I kinda agree with this, however, if flat tax is say, 10%, I would think that 10% of 15k annual, which is about average for a part timer at Wal-Mart, is much less than someone who makes say, 10 times that much. On the other hand, that 10% for someone who makes only 15k a year is a lot more crucial to live on than someone who makes 150k a year.

Honestly, I believe there should be some sort of system involved to tax people who make more than a certain (high) amount of annual income, more than those who make less. I see people living on 20-30k a year making ends meet and they pay 20% on taxes, whereas someone who makes 150k a year pays beans compared to them in comparison. Selfish, pampered, people who live those frivolous lifestyles are just wasting money. Its not fair to those who make little doing hard work... like a Wal-Mart cartpusher. Its the hardest job that company has, physically, and it becomes mentally exhausting when you have no cooperation and get the least respect out of every job known. Even hookers get more respect than cartpushers. =[

Sorry, just ranting a bit. I was a cartpusher for a while, and I paid 20% in taxes on an already meager paycheck, got nearly nothing back, and was treated like crap.

Sorry... disparity of treatment just... grinds my gears.

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