by edisonik on April 28th, 2012

I can feel your Presence. You Dark Lords are afraid , you have reason to be very afraid.
I have seriously underestimated the Power of the Human Spirit.
Humanity are not Beasts for you to enjoy and oppress. Humanity is divine and the Falcon Clans will be here to Protect them.
So you Dark Beings think you are smart, your not, your Pawns too.
We will see who will have the Last Laugh.



edisonik: They the Humans are Awsome

And that is the Truth.

bluesbaby5050: Thank you-

Thank You Lord Edison for the Praise you bestow apon us! We Love you Sir.You are also awesome! Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

bluesbaby5050: I am proud to be of this Falcon Bird Clan family---

Thank you my father. We are BLOOD. I am surrounded ,and protected by my Falcon Bird people, I feel them,and know they are truely here to protect mankind, along with the rest of our Star Families too. We WELCOME THEM! And we give you/and them our Thanks for caring enough to be here to protect Mother Earth,and humanity from this Tyranny that has caused mankind so much pain ,and so much grief down though the ages.. We are Wise to the tryannts, and we will take back our Freedoms, and live in Peace, and Harmony together, for we are all ONE. Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

Tarheel: Humanity is asking if Darkside has any questions....

....as to the intent of The Falcon Clan as it pertains to Humanity. If so, PLEASE bring them forward at this time. (I think they GET the message, Edisonik-well put!!!)

Inspirational video, Edisonik.

Again, we Thank You.

Tarheel: Humanity DEFEATS Darkside.

When Darkside attempts to stifle Humanity with greatly enhanced power, it will not be enough to overpower Humanity. Humanity realizes that through it's whole existance it has "never let go" in fear of it's true powers not being available. Upon confronting Darkside, however, Humanity will decide to finally"let go" and use the full extent of Their strength. With 1 punch Humanity will knock Darkside OUT, but before Darkside has a chance to recover from the attack, Humanity will use great super speed to get in front of the airborne Darkside and knock it to the ground, showing physical dominance over arguably the most powerful villain on Earth.

It is then that Darkside DIES a slow death at the hands of Humanity.

I have seen it. Our Masters have told of it. It will be.

It will be SUPER , man.


You will learn who is who,and what we are all about here -TR.

wmarkley: thanks

Thank you Lord Edison for your faith in Humanity, we will not let you down, the dark forces are finished, their days are numbered, i would like to see a wall of shame for generations to see, with the faces of the treasonous, disgraceful, and dishonorably ones who committed the crimes.

bluesbaby5050: I too agree with this wall of shame ----

An rememberance to those who have caused humanity all thhis grief,and pain. This should be set as a reminder to NEVER give your power away to anyone! Let the new generations of people,and the visiting ET'S be made aware of this wall. Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

Son of Leod: If only

If I could only manifest $50,000, I would attempt to take them to court where this would need to be done and destroy them. I'll go all the way back to the Papal Bulls, King John and the Treaty of 1213.

Tarheel: That's quite a trip, SoL.

Very admirable intent, tho.

Son of Leod: Why thank you

It might be more like a reality than I think. I'm wanting to become a General Physician and Internal Medicine, with degrees in Nutrition and Wellness. There are few ways we can go about doing the harm that's been done to our brothers and sisters, and expose the corruption at the same time. If it's 30 years before anything severely changes then this is the best recourse for me. However, I am not going to accept enormous sums of money, because we should not leave the impression on the world you must have money or "insurance" to be healthy. I will have the hospital or w/e take care of my living expenses(food, my vitamins and supplements, gas, house, utilities). The rest I'm donating to charity. I'm not talking about something that David Rockefeller started either..I would be going to Africa or places taking food, water, clothes, and authentic medical treatment. I am a healer, that is my job, and it always has been. Whether it's planets, people or civilizations. I even want to name my son, Apollo...Lol

Tarheel: For EVERYONE. I hope ya'll find this helpful.

Since SoLeod speaks of health and medicine, I found this yesterday. You may have seen it but it is inspirational and about alternatives to traditional medicinal practices. They show 3 people dissolve a lady's tumor in 3 minutes without ever touching her.


wmarkley: wow

that was kool

bluesbaby5050: I already had this site--thanks anyways.

Check inb Wmarkley. I am quite familiar with Mr.Braden's work.He has been around since the earley 1990's.I have seen better links though,that offer a wider range of information then his, infact I just shared another one. It fits His needs, Not yours, and it's Personal. I shared Plenty with you. Even over the phone when I was Sick, and it was late at night, and You called me,I never called you! You recieved Plenty of answers to all those questions you had asked of me,and I was never Rude to you, even when I was asleep and you woke me up late at night. I was very helpful to you Tarheel. Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

Tarheel: SURE, I bet you did.

Thanks, Im glad you found that helpful. The power/knowledge that they have that they arent sharing...incredible !

BIG PHARMACEUTICAL is in bed with our Govt, and there is NO WAY they will promote non-pharmaceutical methods to cure. BIG PHARM wants OUR money, they dont wanna cure us, we wont need them if they cure us. SCUMBUCKETS !

wmarkley: big

Big pharm has only a short time left, when the cabal goes down, they go to, its like killing the head, then the body dies. there is going to be many new things comming, we will not need the meds that have worse side affects than the illness itself anymore.

bluesbaby5050: To Wmarkley, By the way ,how is your dad doing?

Has he showed any signs of improvement? Did he follow your advice? I hope he is feeling better. Falcon G.

wmarkley: dad

He still has two nogules in his lung, very small though, he had 4 at one time, so it is working slowly, i have told him other ways to battle this cancer, but he has a thick skull like me, he has a good attitude, and a great outlook, so i pray that he beats this. he will be stopping by my house when he and mom make their way north for the summer, they are snowbirds, its what we call them, go south to florida for the winter, and north for the summer, i may do that some day too when i grow up, lol but i want to do it in my boat on the inner coastal waterway.

bluesbaby5050: To Wmarkley--

That is great news about your dad.I hope you got him on the formular?Steer that boat up this way! LOL!! The ocean is beautiful! I was out along the coast line yesterday,it was windy,but very sunny,and colorful now.All is in bloom now.FG.

Crigitine: If we can heal cancers with

If we can heal cancers with this type of treatment whats stopping us from healing everything else with it and stuffing that in GMO's faces?

Annunaki77: Once Again your Words are overwhelming Great Falcon

You have saved Billions of Lives , and your Group has done it's Job in Protecting Planet Earth and Humanity. Peace and Harmony be with you Master Falcon.
Those Motherships have Protected The Star System yet again.


bluesbaby5050: We are so very greatful to Lord Edison ,our Falcon Master--

Our Falcon Master for all the protection we have recieved for our Planet Earth,and for humanity. We honor your presence Lord Kanesh. It is so good to have you here with us again in this forum. We have missed you in your absence. Falcon Goddess Of The Feather.

bluesbaby5050: Dear Kanesh ---

Could you please give us an update on what to expect to happen soon? Falcon Goddess.

edisonik: If the Human Race Creates Harmony no Force will change that

For you are all Ancient Gods playing a Game which you have participated in many Light Years ago. My Dear Falcon Goddess you understand many great Teachings.
This is Really Our Game and not the Annunaki's or the Reptilians.
We must Embrace our Awsome Potential and with this no Being or Organization will be able to Manipulate Awsome Humanity.
You are all Genetic Royalty, so it is not Just a Few Spoiled Families who can claim this but the Whole Human Race, you are all Royalty so stop sitting on your Knees and become what you want to become, Destiny is yours to enjoy.


Africans - Royalty ( Sirius B )
Asains - Royalty ( Orion )
Native Indians - Royalty ( Pleades )
South Asians - Royalty ( Lyra )
Caucasains - Royalty ( Lyra and Orion)

You are all Family of Ancestor Extraterrestrial Beings who have come down from heaven to make Love to Earth Women.



Son of Leod: Master where are my ancestors

Master where are my ancestors from? I've heard before that Scotland is part of Atlantis that still shows. My family is Scottish/Norse/Swedish so what would the star families be for like the Norse gods.

Tarheel: That is QUALITY PROGRAMMING, Edisonik !

Truly three of my favorite Video posts(audio not necessary, altho I did hear "Abba's-Dancin'
Queen (cover)" right after "BananaRama's Cruel Summer", which clearly brought back memories.

THAT was a nice break, easily providing major distraction from the daily grind.

Thank You for THOSE, all 3 of them.

edisonik: You are of Atlantian Heritage Son of Leod

Your Ancestors are from this Ancient Line Son of Leod.
So was Thor.
All your Legends have some Truth to them.


bluesbaby5050: Dear Edison---

Are our Falcon Bird clans going to be making them selves known to us during Contact soon? Will they be among Our Star Families landing on Earth too? Falcon G.

edisonik: This Ancient Program is about Free Will, not Worship

To Worship the Gods is Wrong. It is a tricky Affair to come down to Earth.
People have been conditioned to Worship Gods, by the Gods themselves, this is a very sensitive Issue since Religions have been part of the Human Staple for Thousands of Years.
They have been conditioned to be Surfs and Subjects , to undo this will take Great Patience and Training.


bluesbaby5050: I really do understand this concept Sir---

This was Never my intention Sir. I know how the humans reacted to the appearence of the Aliens from the past Sir. I was just curious that's all. I am not of the past. Falcon G.

edisonik: They are not ready , they will Worship

And they will want to War and cause more Ignorance to spread upon the Earth.
The Humans must be more Evolved. They are getting there but it will take time because they are still not Personally Responsible.

Son of Leod: What it would take

I'm almost hoping that something big could happen like on the MSNBC 'Heroes' that during the solar flare, and solstice at the end of this year the ones who are here to help the others transition, awaken and regain there abilities increasingly over time. Something like this would be a good way to wake people up in my opinion.

BenjaminFalkenrath: I wish there was an easier way to talk to more people.

I have one friend on this site.


I would love to talk to anyone else that has memories of our people.
Falkenrath Over & Out.

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