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by cryssmo on June 27th, 2014

Good evening everyone : )

My name is Cryss and I am truly a newbie but well aware that there is a lot of wrong happening around good people...clueless ones at that. That being said, I am still trying to better understand the true works behind all of this bad energy on our planet. I am so outraged and wish I could do something myself to end them all. It is just unbelievable that we have let it come to this point. I guess I should be talking about myself, now shouldn't I? lol

Well, I am mexican. I don't think that really matters, but I still feel the need to. I come from a big family; I am one of nine. My mother is one of 11, and my grandmother is one of 13...I have learned so much from my family and made the strongest effort not to fall in their footsteps, because so much has happened. I feel that I have developed myself well on this Earth. I sometimes do not feel like I should be here, though. I don't mean I want to die either, lol. I just feel like there are greater things I could be doing for people rather than living in this fixed society. Correct me if I am mistaken, but I feel as if all of this material stuff is unnecessary for us humans to live happily and boastfully. We shouldn't need money to get the things that we want. We should be able to get them ourselves, maybe exchange valuable goods instead. Anyways, you all probably already know this stuff. Just sharing my thoughts.

I have looked into so many things, starting with ghost, spirits, demons, possessions, aliens, etc. I am always excited to hear ghost, ET, and all kinds of different out-of-this-world stories. I have a very opened mind and try my best to understand everyones point of view. I found this site whle looking up illuminati stuff, because I really would like to know what the fucking government is trying to do with us. I believe they will not succeed and I know we have to power to ensure that. There is just so much to talk about and to understand. That is why I have registered with you all to see if I could do anything to help or if I could figure out how I can keep myself and my family safe.

I hope that we all can really come together and start strategizing how to end this...it's too serious to ignore. Thank you for time! There's so much to do!!! : )

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Quinton: Hi Cryss, it's great to have

Hi Cryss, it's great to have you here! You're right that there's a lot to talk about and explore. I think you will find that the people here share similar views to you and also have some very interesting stories about ETs and other cool topics if you can get them talking :)

Thanks for joining!

cryssmo: I appreciate your reply and I

I appreciate your reply and I look forward to every and anything new that I encounter!

Crackdown: Thanks for sharing your story, Cryss! :-)

Your world vision is making me feel like your previous lifetime was not here at Earth! probably you have arrived here from some other place of universe - maybe to help Earth humans during this awakening era... Learn about yourself ;-)

if you have had some interesting experiences (e.g. something which made you curious about "out-of-this-world stuff") - please describe them, it could really help those people who have had a similar encounter

About strategizing: probably, one of the most effective ways of "fighting the system"
is by accumulating and then spreading the knowledge - through various forums, and online chats such as Omegle: http://www.truthcontrol.com/forum/operation-omegle-going-people , http://www.omegle.com/ There're other ways, but require more efforts

obsrvantlouie: Welcome

You have found a fine site to expand your mind; lots of knowledge here as well as many helpful members; all questions are welcome.

What information about government agenda are you looking for?

Tim Lovell: Welcome Cryss! you have come

Welcome Cryss! you have come to the right place :) I also feel you may be from elsewhere before earth as you say you feel you want to help people and that we shouldn't need money but should barter stuff which is exactly what the et`s do :) hope you find what you need here :)

cryssmo: For Starters!.

I can't say I know exactly what to ask or if I even know where I came from before this life. I just know that I feel like I do not belong as much as I'd maybe like to? or maybe I don't want to belong. Anyway, if I was anyone in my past life, I feel that it was an animal of some sort. Feline, or insect (being a butterfly). I would love to learn more about myself, Crackdown!. I appreciate your advise and will definitely be looking into those links. Thank you so much : )
Observantlouie: oh man, where do I begin? haha. I believe and feel I know exactly what they are trying to do now since I've been reading so many things about it.! lol I'm not sure if you all are interested but I found this insane interview between these two men, one being Eric Jon Phelps. Everything that he says just makes so much sense. I'm just not sure how to feel about it all. I would like to make a new forum out of it because I would like to know what as many people think about it as possible. So I will wait to put the link up, but please look into it! I would just like to understand why they feel the need to want to do these things, what is the point, and what do they think they're going to get out of it? If anything, I feel that they will just be disappointed in the end. All their efforts will be for nothing, I'm sure of it.
Tim: Thank you, and I hope I can find out more about where I truly came from as well. It will be the best thing I could do for myself so far.
I apprecaite everyones welcome and I hope we can have long and meaningful discussions to benefit the Human race.

Thank you all!!!

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