I heard Eisenhower exit speech warning against Militarism

by Tarheel on November 18th, 2013

I am sorry if someone posted this before, but CHECK THIS SHORT (2min/30sec)speech out.

A military man himself, Eisenhower warns AGAINST the Military Industrial Complex.

I have a newfound respect for Pres. Eisenhower.

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Starperson: A classic

He had a big pair to warn us. It all comes down to the $. Certain "people" get rich as the Military Industrial Complex expands. When does it expand the fastest?...Start a war!

Tarheel: I always thought him to be a militarist (in err).

I will say I was wrong unless he changed as he saw the darkness that came from it while he was in office (I may have been right on an earlier mindset of his).

By the way, within 2 yrs of his exit speech/warning, JFK was killed and Vietnam was in full swing and they were stoking the Cold War fires, making Russia a really bad guy (the was an ally in WW2)

Sky: Two applications here on Eisenhower

Adam Smith in Wealth of Nations said something to the select of how the war industry is the profiteering of the few at the expense of the future prospects of a nation's true wealth for citizens with ontrapenerial spirit. I never read the book but so many persons I respect refer to Adam Smith Wealth of Nations when referencing the war invested industries and their cronies.

Also in regards to outrageous implications of the military industrial complex (aka Eisenhower's warning). I just finished a book entitled KENNY' S LAST STAND - EISENHOWER, UFOs, MJ12 & JFK' s ASSASSINATION by Michael Salla, phd (instructor on conflict resolution and writer on East Timor bloodbath 1975). I like this book in that Salla shows in an erudite way how James Forrestal then high gov official (later majestic 12 of former Presisent Truman) was contempary to Eisenhower who identified with Esienhower's warning discussed here. James Forrestal was a major influence on John F Kennedy in that JFK New WHAT happened to James Forestal. This was the start in JFK revoltion of what I interpret to be Brithish/American moles (aka 911 Sinthetic Terror by Tarply). JFK felt shadow gov elements were secretive to the wrong motives to our Republic's funtionality. If the reader does not know who James Forrestal is, by all means look him up on Camolot and or wikipedia.

I just fi

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