I have started automatic writing... with aliens...

I have started automatic writing... with aliens...Im in the process of gathering questions to put forward to them, what would you ask if you had contact with aliens?

Im currently talking to a person in a hollow earth city of Pleiadian in origin called Yiu, a Sirian called Theo and a person from Gemini whos name I have not learnt yet.

Please do share.

They are not allowed to share the future to a certain extent however.

...and yes I will answer your questions if need be, ask anything... you will be impressed.

I have over 33,000 words worth of questions and answers thus far but I need more :)

Thanks in advance.
Stephen Hope.

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Quinton: First of all, welcome back TR

First of all, welcome back TR, nice to see you here again :)

If you don't mind sharing you should share some of the Q&A you've had thus far. I think everyone here would be interested in reading what you have written.

TillToTheWhen: Hey Quinton,

Hey Quinton,

I'd appreciate it, if you delete these lies being posted about me.

435: I am interested in this

But I am not sure what to ask.

33,000 is an interesting number of words.

I guess I am just at a loss for words, but I am totally interested in this topic. I will stay tuned.

Tarheel: Please expand upon your communications.

How did you start ?
What medium do you use ?

Per your request, here's what I believe to be one good question: Is it as dark there (wherever your aliens are) as it is here ?

Welcome Back https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZzEzDkeHzI

Terran resistance: answer

It started when I was being spied upon, at first I thought they were aliens, then I later discovered that they were triple stranded people, they have an extra DNA strand to their double helix and they were protecting me for things I will do in the future basically they are what people call indigos but this term is inaccurate and out of date. I cant go into more detail because I have a very bad memories of those events.... i tried killing myself a couple of times...from being spied on all the time.
I started hearing voices in my head at first I thought I was going mad then I realized that it sounded too outside of me to be actually me, they sounded reasonable thats when I realized that they were not my own thoughts then just a month ago I started writing the thoughts down on my computer.

As for your question:

Yiu: Good question, in our sky cities in the hollow earth we use the sun from the in center of the earth which is an electron sun to bring light into our sky cities and because of the rotation we experience night and day, night lasts for 9 hours on average which is all the sleep we require.

Theo: I have done automatic writing with a person called Tom Moore as well, we can only use the vocabulary which is in a persons mind for automatic writing to a certain degree, to answer your question I am currently in a spacecraft above Stephen Hope's head. Some of us require very little light to see because from where we come from it is quite bright like your desert enviroments on earth. We come from Sirius A and B and we are now all united together Sirius A, B and C before you ask.

Gemini: We too are on a spacecraft and experience light levels 2.2 times the strength of the sun in your solar system. 2.2 times in strength matches our sun in in terms of light intensity.

435: I am thankful that you didnt

I am thankful that you didnt pass away.

My cousin, who had revealed many hidden truths to me, decided to "go" a few years ago. To this day I'll be thinking or reading and all the sudden something that he told me years and years ago all the sudden makes sense.

Now looking back- he was amazingly intelligent and very kind.

Terran resistance: Thanks

Its all in the past now the whole suicide ordeal.
I have had people I've known comit suicide as well, its very easy for people to call it an act of cowardice because they never have been in that state of mind.

Does the name Stuart mean anything to you because that name keeps coming into my head.
Otherwise nevermind.

435: Yeah I dont believe in

Yeah I dont believe in calling or saying anything like "coward" etc- I dont see anything like that at all or anywhere near it. Plus, who am I to judge someone like that? I am just a person. My cousin *is* a great person. I have read many of your posts and comments here at TC and I think you have a lot of awesome thoughts.

Stuart/Stewart does indeed mean a lot. My step-dad, half sister, etc all have that last name. My step dad is a great guys also. I have not seen him in about 12 years, he lives in Oregon and I live on Utah (United States), and I just havent made a trip there.

Terran resistance: At Tarheel

Yiu: Mr Douglas.... I think you should find a different job, dont you?

Quinton: Thanks TR. Here's a few:

Thanks TR. Here's a few:

Are the different races in Earth from evolution and environment or from different planets? If from different planets where do red heads come from and where do blondes come from? What about Asians and blacks?

Are women treated as greater, less than or equal to men?

Do they choose the bodies they incarnate into?

Do they know who St Germain was?

Do they have violence in their world?

Do they have governments?

Thanks for any response TR :)

Terran resistance: here are some answers

Me: Questions put forward to me via the website Truthcontrol.com, sorry for any spelling mistakes and more!

I will get back to you for the other questions later :)

Me: Are there different races on Earth from evolution and environment or from different planets?

Yiu: The races in the hollow earth like all races and soul groups on this planet do not originally come from earth. Theres Hyadeans in the hollow earth which mostly come from Aldebaran and four other stars in the Hyades cluster. 56% of people who are Hyadean come from Aldebaran on a genetic level. Theres Pleiadians in the hollow earth and some people of the Neanderthal lineage which are white. Everyone in the hollow earth is white. In the future there will be people from Gemini in the hollow earth who are currently exchanging technology with us (Pleiadians) because they are thousands of years ahead of us and this will be beneficial to the planet if we are ever invaded again. The Gemini are what you call the tall whites though not all of them are tall. They have a greyish white skin tone. Evolution is not true and neither is creationism, the many species on the planet have come about from multiple races visiting earth in the past creating lots of species because earth is near a galactic trade route into Andromeda.

Theo: The Neanderthal lineage in the hollow earth no longer have brow ridges because of the electron sun however they have an albino type skin tone. The sun in the center of the earth and away from the earth can influence certain genetics hence why most white races choose to live in a center of a planet because they are adapted to it. The Neanderthals are not mere ape men as your modern science wants us to believe.

Gemini: The Pleiadians mostly come from Maia, Merope and from Taygeta in the hollow earth after the fall of Atlantis. The Pleiadians went to occupy many worlds in the your solar system including Venus and Ganymede.

Me: Where do red heads come from?

Yiu: Red heads come from Orion, most of the modern red hair in the world comes from the Hebrew aliens from 3 lineages out of 13 especially the Irish lineage and Scottish lineage.

Theo: Lots of triple stranded red skinned people living among you have red hair and they are originally from Sirius B And A.

Gemini: Nothing more to be added at this time.

Me: Where do blondes come from?

Pleiadians: They come from the Pleiades, the Hyades and from Sirius C mostly.

Sirians: Nothing more to add at this time

Gemini: No comment.

Me: What about Asians and blacks?

Pleiadians: Orientals DNA comes from the constellation of Cancer originally they were yellow in color and are the only race to pass for human even though some suspect they are not which is a long story. They are the only race in the galaxy that isnt human that can mate with humans with out the aid of technology.

Sirians: Black people come from Sirius B and from Gemini. Gemini black people have more Caucasian like features along with their black skin tone.

Gemini: The Sirians are correct, however its very difficult to distinguish between triple stranders from Gemini or from Sirius B or double stranders for that matter.

Quinton: Awesome info! Thanks for

Awesome info! Thanks for sharing TR and company :)

Tarheel: JLH

To answer #4, it is Sir Francis Bacon. That whole spin on the story is trippin, but I like trippin things...SFB supposedly faked his death, went to his funeral, migrated to Transylvania and is an ascended master of ancient wisdom. I'm sure you're aware of the story, Q.

Here's a very short feature FROM St. Germain with JLH on the strings. Paste this in a new window & listen while you're surfin' TruthControl.

Terran resistance: Some more answers

Sorry for any spelling mistakes and more!

Question 1

Me: Are women treated as greater, less than or equal to men?

Pleiadians: We recognise that there is a duality in the universe up until seventh density. Having said that men and women can never technically be equal because each other them provide something in society for example societies which are made up of just females or just males suffer greatly in terms of technology and spiritual growth hence why its best to stick the laws of physics and acknowledge that both genders play a vital role in society. Women and men are treated equally up until a certain point.

Sirians: The Pleiadians are correct and we agree hat men and women can never be truly equal though we do realise that surface Terrans try to make men and women equal and prefer to believe that both sexes are equal but we believe that this is foolhardy because we live in a duality so of course there are going to be things in the court of law which apply only to women and not men and vice versa for example rape as a simple example men have to have erection and need to be excited before they can have sex so are women capable of doing rape? This has always been a philosophical question and one which we would like to share with you and always has been under discussion in the Dog star system because its very controversial because the man might not have the choice but to force an erection in order for women to commit rape. But this is just an example in the court of law where women MIGHT be treated differently to men, different star systems have different perspectives of this.

Gemini: Where we come from women have a higher stature in society then men because we believe that women bring about the most social change and some have speculated that this is one of many reasons why we are ahead of many human races technologically and spiritually. Its not about whats fair between men and women, we believe that technological innovation and spiritual growth outweighs the need for constant rules which demand that men and women be the same.

Question 2

Me: Do you choose the bodies you incarnate into?

Pleiadians: With the current laws of physics souls choose what body they reincarnate into but also the parents manifest what child they want. The laws of physics make it so that both parties are satisfied when reincarnation occurs. When souls travel the whole universe most souls like to stay relatively close to where they last reincarnated, this is because when they are looking for bodies to reincarnate into the parents are manifesting what kind of child they want in their life this means that the souls of the dead when travelling the universe are more likely to choose bodies closer to where they first died because you realise on a spiritual level as a soul that by choosing closer to home you are more likely to get spiritual growth because of similar surrounding. Rather than jumping into a civilization half way across the universe into a society which they know nothing about and trying to adjust themselves to it. The bottom line is souls are very picky on where they reincarnate to next because when you are a soul out in the in the universe you have a different perspective than when you are in a physicality.

Sirians: Souls have a very special way of travelling the whole universe that many many civilisations have been trying to replicate to use in their spacecraft without much success though as we have said before we believe that there are races out there that are so far in advance than our galaxy is that they can come and go anywhere in the universe without being detected and many spacecraft captains and crews have sworn that they have seen such being and there are many rumours.

Gemini: Some bodies are designed in a certain way that about 13 to 20% of the phenotype or physical appearance matches what they believe they look like which from triple stranded people would mostly be from their past lives which would effect to a certain extent what people look like.

Question 3:

Me: Do you know who St Germain was?

Pleiadians: Saint Germain is none other than Apollonius of Tyana and that it is why in the bible it says that Jesus is immortal and will stay on earth he is roughly 3000 years old, the story of Hermes Trismegistus in freemasonry is none other than this person. Germany was named after him, he currently still lives and was a part of the Sirians previous plans on bringing out the second coming of Jesus. He is currently in America at the moment. This person works with the Sirian conglomerate and all the royalty of Europe is related to him, he is twelve stranded like most extraterrestrials are.

2 Timothy 1:10
“...but it has now been revealed through the appearing of our Savior, Christ Jesus, who has destroyed death and has brought life and immortality to light through the gospel”.

Sirians: Our basis for the second coming of Jesus was to bring peace and prosperity to earth and was never meant to be something malevolent. Lots of stories about immortality in films is about the immortality of Saint Germain. An example would be Captain Jack Harkness from Doctor who who is a play off of saint Germain in fact the person that plays him is actually Saint Germain but we are leaving it at that. We cannot say no more.

Gemini: What the Sirians said will be the hardest to swallow the reason he isnt red skinned is because he as had cosmetic surgery to help him fit in. He used to be the head of state of the Roman empire after the full of Julius Caesar and also used to be the head of the state of France. Augustus of Prima Porta is seen pointing in statues because pointing is a hand gesture done by triple stranded people and aliens when their souls originally came from the Dog star which was later adapted by Freemasons as gods of the sun.

Question 4

Me: Do you have any violence where you live?

Pleiadians: Neanderthals cannot drink alcohol however this leads to lots of Hyadeans that can drink doing lynchings on people in Kalnagor in the hollow earth (Hollow earth city which doesnt float) who are of Neanderthal descent. Neanderthals and Hyadeans do not get on very well. We rarely have much violence on sky cities but when something does happen it usually children messing around to get attention. Part from that there is no crimes committed in general.

Sirians:As we have said before there have been conflicts between people of Reptilian origin and human origin but generally the only crimes that are committed are from new comers which is why there is some controversy especially after we discovered many spies in out network of government that less foreigners be let in.

Gemini: We have a zero tolerance to people who commit crimes and they are taken off world and left to their own demise.

Question 5

Me: What are your governments like?

Pleiadians: Most of our sky cities are run by an advanced AI which sets the rules and regulations and determines whether or not a person can be integrated into our society. Which you saw for yourself, the machine said that is likes your guts and would integrate you into society if it could.

Sirians: You still wont remember much about about your trip to the hollow earth with the Pleiadians because you were hypnotised. Our government is run by a demarchy selected from a group of people above a certain age group to insure that they have more experience and they have IQ tests and from the group, a government is selected, people that implement the laws are democratically elected using proportional representation.

Gemini: We dont have a government, anything that needs sorting is handled by group of elders which are also randomly selected from the population and is known as the council of human rights. This council is administrative.

Quinton: Fascinating information TR!

Fascinating information TR! Really appreciate you taking the time for this :)

obsrvantlouie: Do they have

Do alien races posses individuality?

Within an alien race; what makes someone and individual?

What are alien races afraid of?

Terran resistance: some answers

Questions sent via the website truthcontrol.com

Sorry for any spelling mistakes and more!

Question 1

Me: Do alien races possess individuality?

Pleiadians: Yes we do but we also realise the significance of not being an individual as well because we are a product of our environment everything we say, do or think is because of our experience with reality and other individuals though many famous philosophers and even main stream scientists within our culture have used this argument that we do not have individuality and that we do not possess free will hence forth, but its all up for debate.

Sirians: We believe that the more individuality a person has the more spiritually they can advance, we also believe that because of the nature of reincarnation that we try to make the next generation of children smarter than the last and we keep doing this until we reach a point where we cannot progress any further which some of our best and brightest foresee in the future in that case we will need to come up with ideas why this has happened and what can we do next so that as civilizations so we can progress further. We also have reincarnation cycles with the best brightest born one generation and the less brightest born the next which can lead to people thinking they are somewhat better than others but this is a problem within many civilizations across the universe. The greys aliens called the Dows do not possess any individuality at all because they are a hive mind and interface with each other using technology on their contact lenses on their eyes. They normally have cat like eyes, in fact you can tell many abductees if they are telling truth because of this fact. I hope this proves useful.

Gemini: Because of the nature of time travel reality is always changing so the old argument on earth that our path has already been laid out for us therefore there is no free will or individuality is wrong. We believe like the Sirians that individuality plays a big part in the advancement of a person spiritually that doesnt mean to say that they should not have outside experiences, but like we have said before the more you meditate the more you pull truths from the back of your mind; hidden truths. So this is basically an argument that individuality does lead to spiritual growth.

Question 2

Me: Within an alien race; what makes someone and individual?

(The data in this is more accurate than some channellings on my website due to recent changes).

Pleiadians: What makes someone an individual is if they have a soul or not, or if they are a clone with no soul with normal thinking patterns that allows this person to manifest and hence forth have a physical presence on reality, in other words thoughts can become reality and if their thinking is having an impact on the laws of physics they are an individual. If they are synthetic and have between 10 trillion and 7 trillion megabytes of information and are self aware we believe they are an individual.

Sirians: We believe exactly the same what the Pleiadians have said though the Gemini have another take on it. The reason that that its the exact amount of megabytes is not because of what we think but under our law and under Pleiadian law what makes an AI an individual and then they can be charged as a being an individual for their crimes if any or not.

Gemini: We believe the same only that we believe that for an AI to be an individual it needs between 9 trillion and 6 trillion megabytes of information and need to be self aware and to be treated a an individual, the law was changed because of synthetics believed that this was the correct number and biological entities had no say in this matter so when someone is confronted by the council of elders for misdeeds they have done if they are an AI or synthetic with these attributes they can be kicked out of society and left to fend for themselves.

Question 3

Me: What are alien races afraid of?

Pleiadians: During the Lyran wars with the Orion group and the Draconian fighting humanity and the Cassiopeians roughly 120,433 souls of humans and Cassiopeians were placed into containers so that they could not reincarnate so basically these are souls prisons however creation has made it so that ever a soul becomes entrapped it has the ability to undo some of the tabs on its soul that maintains itself in this time line. Basically like what we said before that there are 11 original realities in the whole universe. One reality just as second density while another has second density and third density and so on and so fourth hence why many souls choose to stay in the reality where all the densities are activated and the realities that shoot off from them. 86% of souls come from realities that do not have all the densities activated so they have a tab on their soul which allows them to stay in a reality which has all the densities activated so they have the ability to break this tab and the souls escape and end up back to where they were originally. However there have been cases where souls cannot escape so basically they have to wait in the containers until the solar system jumps to next density and then the soul is free, this can only happen when a solar system passes the galactic plane when there is a new density coming into the universe so when souls cross the plane they are liberated however the flaw is that solar systems can be manipulated so they dont move up a density by crossing the galactic plane hence souls could in theory be trapped forever. This is what scares people the most because the Draconians and Orion group have found a way for souls in their containers to not be able to escape, this is the greatest fear for any soul we believe, trapped forever and ever.

Sirians: The soul being trapped is a huge flaw by the isness or god, you need only look at yourselves a a civilization, your not allowed to leave the planet and your not allowed to leave on a soul level this is in itself is enough to scare us let alone the idea that a soul could be trapped forever. We are doing deals with the Orion group so that souls within soul prisons are released and souls we have in containers are also released and these souls are allowed to go on their way. While the soul is in a soul prison it cannot think for itself so its in vegetative state so its doesnt know its trapped which is a good thing otherwise it would be hell for the soul.

Gemini: We have done raids on the Draconians and on the Orion group in secret so that we could uncover some of these soul prisons because souls that are trapped give off the most powerful frequency that we know of and can be seen for 18 light years, this is where we get our faith that there is a god that we have manifested by believing in her. Theres a flaw which allows for souls in soul prisons to be found so we believe that must be divine intervention, no cloaking device that we know of can cloud where these souls are and from the next 1000 light years around us we can see that there re 10,533 souls in soul prisons and we are attempting to liberate them all at what ever cost because we believe not to do otherwise is going against god, or goddess to be more accurate.

Quinton: I have a few questions:

I have a few questions:

How can a soul be in prison when it is already connected to the highest energy and there is nothing that can't be created from here? There are many channeled entities which never mention soul prisons. Doesn't this belief dis-empower people and put them in a victim mentality when in reality they are not victims and instead creators of their reality?

If you clone a human being does a new soul enter, is the clone synthetic or is it something else? Does it depend on different things?

Does the level of a soul, or consciousness of a soul, depend on the bytes of information? For example, if you create a robot in 3rd density would it continue to be synthetic unless it was able to process a greater amount of bytes of information and therefore support consciousness of a higher density?

Tim Lovell: Quinton I'm sorry but arnt we

Quinton I'm sorry but arnt we missing the point here... if you need to get answers from a site on the internet , are you not already NOT connected to your `higher self` , look i am sorry i like TR I really do but anyone who needs information like this , dose it not defeate the point ?, look at it yes he does bring some accurate information through , but i have also observed some innacurate , now either this is just his ego or other influences , just remember channeling is NEVER 100% clear from contam ination ok.

Quinton: I agree completely Tim.

I agree completely Tim.

Terran resistance: What say you?

You really believe the bullsh*t the Pleiadians have been feeding you about Atlantis? That Atlantis was detroyed by a crystal? The Pleiadians destroyed Atlantis! Its your own ego thats talking mr I know everything. Biller Meier dishes out false information and when has he ever debunked evolution when human aliens exist? He had contact with Pleiadians which didnt tell him everything what makes you so different? I dont mean to take a nasty tone but I have never pretended I have all the answers. If you have had contact with aliens why havnt you shared your experiences? You are squandering it, when other people could do a better job and would as well. Good day.

chianka: Chanelling

Yes i agree...be careful

chianka: Chanelling

Yes i agree...be careful

chianka: Chanelling

Yes i agree...be careful

Tarheel: I have questions.

Why are we subjected to a system that seeks to repress, in any way possible, our powers & abilities as creators ?
If we were meant to develop as creators, why would this system not be "fear based", and rather instead supportive or conducive toward our development?
I have what I believe to be the answers, and I think I know what their answers may be, but I would still like to hear from them.

pasqualie: if you listen to simon parkes

he actually addresses this question.

he says various races is because of different geography and different melanin content based on weather and sun for humans.

all human races can have different soul groups in them so the new age teaching each race comes from different soul family is incorrect.

pasqualie: Quinton

St Germain is the annunaki Thoth, he goes by many names in history and cultures from hermes in greek culture. many names of thoth. Being immortal they took different names in different cultures in different time periods.

Mesoamerica: Quetzalcoatl

Inca Viracocha

Rome: Mercury The Messenger

Greece: Hermes Weights and Measures, Travel

Celtic: Merlin the Magician and Storyteller

Atlantis Chiquitet, Tehuti,Zep Tepi

Persia Zarathustra or Zoroaster - Z

Just as the annunaki go by different names including Elohim, Velon which includes the hathor.

pasqualie: The annunaki or velon

want humans off the earth so they can claim it for themselves, its why they spread all the theory of humans leaving earth through ascension in new age channels and other methods.

they only want a small group of humans as slave labour. its why someone with connections put up the georgia guide stones to put it out in intention of thoughts, also to tell people what their intentions are.

there is no ascension off the earth, its re-integrating your soul back into your body. its why the earths schuman resonance or vibration has risen to 7.5 hz or higher to accomodate the energy needed for the soul to be able to integrate back into the body.

those that can re-integrate their souls will stay and gain their potential, where those that cannot will be eventually die off or get sick as the frequency rises, and their souls will go to another planet to continue their consciousness experiment.

pasqualie: Article by Chris Thomas has St Germain in it Quinton

From my readings I have come across its Thoth the Annunaki. Although not named here, merely inferred as annunaki and other alias's as Lord Melchizedek, Metatron, Arch Angel Michael and other aliases people have channelled.

Its an alternate take on new age, but it fills in alot of holes actually if you have gone through alot of the stuff out there from Dunvalo's stuff to Anna Hayes stuff. All the channelled stuff in new age basically Annunaki saying they are this race or this ascended master or this arch angel. End of the day, basically affirming what many have said, when you channel you dont know who it is.


pasqualie: If you read the emerald tablets Quinton

Thoth even says he is known by many names in different periods from hermes , to the atlantean chiqutet and a few other names. Its written as it was dictated to the sumerian scribe by the annunaki, and likely thoth himself. The name thoth is from his egyptian timeline where he was a scribe there represented by the ibis bird. Different names in different cultures for gods but same velon annunaki players involved as they try to pass off each culture as the creators of humans.

In this time period he is st germaine, arch angel michael, arch angel metatron. ascended master sananda, or any of the various made up ascended masters from tibet created by the velon annunaki to fool the human channelers, that they have come to save humanity and they dont have to do anything at all to raise their energy or consciousness. Because there is no way for human channelers to know who they are channeling or if they are being told the truth. So in most cases some truth mixed in with alot of disinformation.

Its why in various new age movements they have various groups of aliens saying they will take down the bankers and the NWO and give everyone 10 million dollars on earth.

Playing into the greed, fear and not doing anything or taking personal responsibility for themselves.

Its why Chris Thomas fills in alot of Gaps in new age for those that he gone through alot of the material out there form drunvalo and anna hayes and even Tom Kenyon with the Hathors.

Its why also I think why Amazon banned Chris Thomas's books and videos. They will sell other new age material but not Chris Thomas's stuff.

435: Franz Bardon

I read some guys saying that Franz Bardon was an incarnation of Thoth Hermes.

Of course I have no idea- but thought it was somewhat interesting.

Terran resistance: my website

Heres some of my automatic writings so far:


Tarheel: Lotsa info on your site (and an off topic question)

Can you expand upon your SH2-264 Orion nebula is the all-seeing eye ?
Why do you believe this ?

Terran resistance: where the all seeing eye is and why.

This is my second site, but there is a few mistakes on it, its still under construction.

Links grouped together are ones which should be seen together for a greater understanding.




















Hope you enjoy :)

Tarheel: Thx

I sent you what I consider to be 2 reasonable good questions- about their views on spirituality and off-planet colonization. I look forward to ma response when you have an opportunity.

Terran resistance: this better explains it all.

something for people to feast upon while I take a break from questions...

I'm currently studying Hittite and its relationship to star worship it's a very interesting language.

Terran resistance: More questions?

Can I have more questions please? :)

zodizac: Yes! Hey Leon! I have been

Yes! Hey Leon! I have been contacted many times throughout my lifetime & ever more frequently this year. I have been following source light & my question is what will help me at this point in my journey.

Terran resistance: @zodizac

My name is not Leon, my name is actually in the start of the forum topic, its Stephen Hope.

Tarheel: Here's a couple of questions....

1) Ask them if they are spiritual, and if so, please have them explain their beliefs/spirituality.

2) Ask if they believe we will colonize other star systems, and if they have a timeline for it.

Terran resistance: Some answers

Sorry for any spelling mistakes and more!

Questions via the website truthcontrol.com

Question 1

Me: Are you spiritual beings, and if so, please explain your beliefs?

Pleiadians: We like to believe we are spiritual, we believe in the big bang caused by two universes hitting each other one we believe was fluidic in nature, instead of a vacuum of space it had fluid and this hit another universe like our own which created this universe so the big bang theory is essentially correct, we believe that by meditating very much like the stereotypical meditation way on earth and we believe by doing so we can learn internal truths because the brain is designed in such a way that you can pull truths from the back of the mind. We believe that there isnt a god for the most part but some of us are theists which make up about 26% of us.

Sirians: We believe in the big bang as explained by the Pleiadians. But most of us believe in a god called the Isness which we believe the dimensions that come out of black holes are parts of god. Because of the nature of dimensions coming out of black hole when you travel from one galaxy to another the fourth dimension which is time can curve which means that when you are moving from one galaxy to the next its hard to determine what time period you would end up unless you use machinery to work it out because time can pass faster or slower depending on different galaxies. The dimensions come out of black holes in the center of galaxies. Depending what angle or approach you take into another galaxy can determine what time period you end up in. The Andromedan galaxy for example, time moves a lot slower than our galaxy when standing at the epicentre of the black hole in both galaxies as a comparison.

Gemini: We too believe in the Isness and believe that we manifested god, because people in the universe believe in a god, that increases the likeliness that there is a god because thought can create reality and because there is so many people across the whole universe that believe there is a god we believe that she does exist. We say she because that is what we believe that is the gender of the god being manifested across the whole universe. Because of there being more densities with duality and the fact that we believe that more women believe in god throughout the universe we predict that god is actually a goddess. We believe that more women believe in god because they give birth so their belief in creation is stronger, I hope that makes sense.

Question 2

Me: Will we colonize other star systems and when will this start happening.

Pleiadians: This we predict will happen in 1011 years from today a of 26 September 2015 however the time line keeps changing so it could be as early as 965 years into the future. The Andromedan council has said that basically humans on earth cannot go out into the universe for 657 years. This number however is static and their reasoning behind this was because of spiritual and technological growth based on other planets like this one which are stuck in the mud as well.

Sirians: The Pleiadians are correct that 657 years from 26 September 2015 is a static number which will not change; time travel will have no say in this number and will remain static unless the Andromedan council votes otherwise. The Wingmakers, the government from the future have no say in this which they find offensive because they feel like they are being belittled when they should be in charge. There is already mining expeditions by the program manned by triple stranded people mostly in the asteroid belt because they want enough resources to bring about the gold and silver standard. Whether or not this will happen will also depend on whether or not there is an economic collapse of America or not, if there isnt the gold and silver standard will be introduced. The Venusians and other Pleiadians from Ganymede use the asteroid belt for mining operations as well. The Maldekians inside of the moon find this offensive because the asteroid belt is basically a giant grave yard to them because of the civil war which destroyed Maldek, 2 million years ago, which the people inside the moon originally came from. The Maldekians used time travel to move the moon which is an old Orion troop carrier into the future. Troop carriers are designed so they can time travel however the moon has turned into a permanent place to inhabit for the Maldekians.

Gemini: Mining operations are allowed but colonising will not be allowed for while, attempts have been made by the Program which is Hyadean hollow earth controlled to create other worlds which they would inhabit so they could build up their numbers and come back to retake the earth from the Andromedans and from the Wingmakers and other civilizations involved with earth as a part of the Andromedan council which have all failed. They came from two worlds on the edge of the galaxy, nice and remote so no one would know what they were up to then they tried using time travel in order to take back the earth; These were Hyadeans and a few Pleiadians from the hollow earth as well. This tactic is always used in warfare as means to escape just in case and as means to take back a planet if it were ever attacked. However there are so many factions on earth trying to help out that it was impossible for them to take the earth.

Tarheel: Wonderful

Awesome responses...beyond what I expected.
Thx !

Quinton: Okay, since nobody else is

Okay, since nobody else is asking anything...

Do reptilians have the same kind of souls that humans do? Is it possible for a human to incarnate into a reptilian body and vice versa?

Terran resistance: Reptilians @ Quinton this is all I know thus far...for now...


Channelling session 19. Experiment with aliens who are Pleiadians in the hollow earth, aliens from Gemini and from Sirius A and B. Sorry for any spelling mistakes and more!

Question 7

Gemini: ...souls and spinal cords, the Ciaker have three souls one in charge and two along for the ride just like most Reptilians, this is how they integrate outsiders into their ranks basically indoctrinating the new souls to the way of life of the Draconians, all four classes have three spinal cords for this purpose which they use to train souls on average they spend about 76,000 years on the spinal cords of Draconian Reptilians and are constantly are being moved between bodies then they are allowed to reincarnate inside their own body then they go on to train two other souls as well. They practice this because they want outstanding loyalty to their clans hence why new souls are indoctrinated. Also at the same time why the Draconians are becoming a huge threat because they are growing in number all the time. Sooner or later they are going to have to be confronted by the other races in the galaxy, we even think that the Orion group is worried about them because of their power. Because the Ciaker have such big brains they are very very psychic and in combat can predict an enemies movement 76 steps ahead we reckon in faced to faced combat.

Thats all I now for now, but i need to do more automatic writing :)

Quinton: Thanks TR!

Thanks TR!

Here is one more if you could:

What is the purpose of life? Why are we as humans here on Earth?

Terran resistance: What is the purpose of life? Why are we as humans here on Earth?

Sorry for any spelling mistakes and more!

Questions via the website truthcontrol.com

Question 1

Me: What is the purpose of life? Why are we as humans here on Earth?

Pleiadians: No one knows for certain what is the purpose of life but the fact that we are given objectives after we die and our souls go near the Van Allen Belt seems to suggest that there is purpose for it all. Otherwise there wouldnt be any objectives. We judge ourselves on our accomplishments in life and our failures while we are near the Van Allen belt and dead. We can stay in the Van Allen belt upwards to three months then we reincarnate. The length of time we spend near the Van Allen belt depends how big the population is on earth and a variety of reason such as what children their parents want and also if there is a body worth reincarnating into. You can see your whole life ahead of you while in the Van Allen belt however because of the nature of time, the time line keeps changing so you only get a rough idea of what you're getting into when you reincarnate. Some souls even go as far as reincarnating in Africa to know the true meaning of suffering which is the second biggest Van Allen belt objective next to the objective that we shouldnt withhold love which is the biggest objective that people have on this planet because so many people withhold love. Because double stranded people cannot remember their objectives this life time they end up failing them 99% of the time and keep redoing it again and again. The Objectives are set by the earth itself which is sentient to a certain degree but not like how people think it is. Races like the Draconians ignore their Van Allen belt objectives all together and even have ways of stopping these objectives being set which we believe this is because of the elite; they dont want their populace to change directive in their lives, we believe this is because of social conditioning.

Sirians: There must be a purpose in life like the Pleiadians said because we dont believe we would have objectives set by planets either otherwise, it seems to convenient. The reason planets set objectives however is because the beliefs of the people on the surface can effect the vibration of the earth hence why planets set objectives that will increase the vibration to a more harmonious resonance so that the planet existence is not under threat by the people living on its surface. Because planets dont have souls like we do its in their best interest that they dont have beings living on the surface that want to destroy it. They cannot reincarnate hence why there is always more souls of planets and stars coming out of white holes in the universe. Once a planets soul if you want to call it that becomes an electron sun in the center of a planet its kept alive by the sun outside of it. Because stars are always nearing death, extraterrestrial races keep them going by adding stuff to their suns so that they dont die out, we believe planets are aware of this hence why souls of planets try going into the goldilocks zone of solar systems for this very reason. To increase the likeliness of colonization and increase their chance of survival. But a lot of souls of planets are not as aware as other souls of planets that go into goldilocks zones around star systems. Theres different levels of intelligence of souls for planets and suns in other words.

Gemini: We believe that all our souls were once a part of god and god split 'her' self up so that there would be the creation of souls, for what purpose is up for debate. But we believe that we are the eyes and hears of god and we are a manifestation of god trying to explore its surroundings. We believe that there will one day be a density in which souls are allowed to return back to god we believe this to be the 24th density according to our laws of physics that this density will allow us to return to god. Not many civilizations share the same beliefs as we do thats for sure. Humans are on earth because of your own free will to a certain extent however you could argue that most souls on earth are on earth are here against their own free will because souls cannot leave the solar system on a soul level because of the 19.5 degrees devices on all the planets and some of the moons in the solar system which stops souls coming in and out and also people cannot leave on a physical level because you dont have spacecraft however it wont be like this forever, you can trust us on this, the age of innocence will end and there will be a mass exodus of souls from earth. You however will go to the other 22 planets like this one to help out. The Andromedan council is helping with 19 of these planets in order to help them evolve. They are for the most part on the same sort of situation as earth is in.

Tarheel: Other related questions !

1)Gemini said- "The other 22 planets like this one".
Where are these other planets ?
2) What are these 19.5 degrees devices Gemini speaks of ?
3) Gemini also said "the age of innocence is ending". When is it ending and what will happen next/what is the next age ? I never thought this was an "age of innocence", but I can see aspects or characteristics that I would expect from such an age.

By the way- Quinton's question was good and so were the answers.

Terran resistance: Your questions

Sorry for any spelling mistakes and more!

Question 1

Me: Gemini said there are other 22 planets like this one, where are these other planets ?

Pleiadians: Two of these planets exist near Canis Major around smaller star systems around Omicron 2, whats so special about these two worlds is that even though they dont believe that extraterrestrials exist these two worlds are however aware of one another and have known for 156 years, so there have been many communications and dialogues which have opened up because of these two planets, they both exist in two solar systems which sit right beside each other. They are all double stranded beings and human but cant remember things such as past lives. They were originally used as slaves for mining by the Sirian conglomerate as you call them. One of the planets is made up of red skinned beings and some population of black skinned people while the other planet is made up of red skinned people mainly. Because of their blatant appearance being similar they have realised they have a common origin and still have not discovered about the extraterrestrial reasons yet but many people on these two worlds have realised that this is the only logical reason. At the minute there are twelve stranded beings from Sirius A and nearby stars that are visiting them and intervening to stop nation on nation warfare on these worlds, they blend in so seamlessly because they are human and red skinned like the beings on these two worlds. In the future they will not have triple stranded people like they do on earth because the DNA in triple stranders on earth has DNA from higher densities within the genetic code which allows you to physically move to any density between 2 and 12. The genetics of the people on these two worlds however require that they all be upgraded to 12 stranded beings, so at the minute the Sirians are trying to infiltrate by putting 12 stranded beings in the hierarchies of the governments on these two planets to help guide them down a benevolent path. There will be tensions in the future because twelve stranded beings will be made but they cannot mate with double stranded beings because the offspring will be double stranded again, so we predict there will be a transitional period that will be speeded up with technology and the sun to create extra DNA strands, this will be very confusing time because people will evolve to triple stranded beings they will only be allowed to mate with each other, then fourth stranded people will be born from them and they will only be allowed to mate with each other, so this transitional period will take up to 10,000 years before everyone is to be upgraded to 12 stranded beings assuming that there is no mating between people with a higher amount of strands with people with lower amount of strands. I hope that makes sense. Also I must add someone on trutcontrol.com will also be one of the people that visits one of these 22 planets like earth to help out. We cannot say who.

Sirians: The Pleiadians are correct. The other worlds like most of them sit on the rim of the galaxy facing the Andromedan galaxy. Theres one in Perseus which is ahead of all the 22 planets including earth in terms of technological growth. At the moment 70% of their population on their planet is triple stranded and double stranded people are beginning to realise of their existence so it wont be another 9 or ten years before they have alien disclosure, Which will be done by us and the Andromedan council. This world also has ape DNA within their DNA which means they have the extreme of emotion like earth Terrans do. They are Reptilian in appearance.

Gemini: None of these planets are as diverse as the surface of Terra 3 I.e Earth. This is because of time travel and the fact that earths solar system is right beside a galactic trade route hence why there is such a variety of etnic groups. One of these worlds exists in Capricorn hence why that word keeps coming into your head. They are human looking but far from it, they have different organs. Another is in Draconis which is out of our reach to help them or for any human faction to help them. They are not human however but we do fear that some of other extraterrestrial factions nearby might take advantage of them. The others would be too hard to explain using your star designations.

Question 2

Me: What are these 19.5 degrees devices Gemini speaks of ?

Pleiadians: These devices are placed strategically on planets and some moons and because of the laws of physics they stop souls around these planets or moons from souls from leaving near the Van Allen Belt to go elsewhere so when we said as group that it creates a sort of forcefield around the solar system this isnt 100% correct some of these forcefields connect to each other because some moons and planets are close to each other for example earth and Mars have a forcefield that overlaps each other but this isnt the case all the time. There is a scientific reason why they are placed at 19.5 but this is to do with physics which Im afraid you wont be able to understand because we can only use the vocabulary in your head. These devices are only placed around moons and planets that have a Van Allen belt which allows souls to go to after they die and go through after they go through the tunnel of light. The souls would usually have the opportunity to move out of the Van Allen belt however because of these devices they cannot. We only place these devices on planets and moons which have no life as a precaution however the one placed around Jupiter has been done for political reasons. The Orion group have been able to push back Andromedan forces past Jupiter and they have placed a device there in case more souls come out of it which we believe are Paa Taal which are souls that created sixth density all the way down to second density, The Gemini however like some other extraterrestrial factions are sceptical that the souls coming out of Jupiter are souls of that of Paa Taal who in ancient Draconian legends fought each other before souls came into the universe, like we said before for 3 billion years there were beings in the universe that were being kept alive by auras before souls came into the universe and attached themselves to the spines or other places of these beings allowing these beings to reincarnate which we have explained before in past discussions. What they were doing for three billion years is up for debate but we reckon that there was a war between the Draconians that came into the universe and that of the Paa Taal. Andromedan council forces are fighting the Orion group and are fighting a losing battle at the moment, if they beat the Andromedan council forces, earth will again fall to the Orion group. The situation is dire. If you are interested there is plenty of evidence of these devices such as the one found on Jupiter if you do an internet search.

Sirians: The Gemini are joining the fray against the Orion group and they are more technologically advanced than any other human race including lots of factions on the Andromedan council, we foresee that we will eventually push the Orion group away from Jupiter. What will happen if more souls come through Jupiter we cannot predict neither with time travel or with super computers. If more souls were to come this could change the dynamics of earth quite considerably.

Gemini: The souls that come through Jupiter are coming from a higher density but we personally do not believe these are the souls of Paa Taal. In certain places if you were to die in outer space away from these devices and their fore fields you would be able to go nearly anywhere you like in the universe as a soul.

Question 3

Me: Gemini also said "the age of innocence is ending". When is it ending and what will happen next and what is the next age ? I never thought this was an "age of innocence", but I can see aspects or characteristics that I would expect from such an age?
Pleidians: The Age of Innocence comes from the the original name which was the age of ignorance however this we feel was offensive so it was changed to innocence, the name innocence was chosen because of the small life expectancies that earth surface Terrans have in comparison with most extraterrestrial races. Hence why extraterrestrials say that earths surface is a planet of children that are playing with things such as nukes without realising what would become of earth if they were ever to use them. This might be condescending to some but this is what future Terrans have called this part of the time line.

Sirians: The next age is called the awakening, because this is straight after alien disclosure on a governmental level. The age innocence is not your fault because double stranded people do not remember past lives, they dont know, where, why, or how they got here which is out of innocence because they are in an unfair situation, these are the characteristics of such an age. Hence why its called the age of innocence. The age that this will end will be after alien disclosure which could be as early as next century. Because of unforeseen things that could happen to earth the time line keeps changing when alien disclosure will happen.

Gemini: There is no more to add than what has already been said.

Tarheel: Yet another related question

Sirians mentioned "we are in an unfair situation". I believe this to be true but I try not to harp on it or even keep it in my mind. I try to make the best of what we've been given. Can they expand upon our "unfair situation" and what makes it unfair, and why please?

Thank You in advance for your replies.

Crackdown: BIG questions about 19.5 degrees devices

Dear TR, please tell:
1) What is a true reason of these "19.5 degrees" devices placement?
2) Why do these "benevolent extraterrestrials" think that we, Terran humans, should be denied our freedom of choice to go anywhere we want beyond the Van Allen belt?
3) Why these "benevolent extraterrestrials" are using these "19.5 degrees" devices to keep us, Terrans, inside these "artificial reservations"-prisons ?

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