I have some personal startling news.

by Fal on May 8th, 2012

I hope all has been well with my fellow truthseekers. I, however have startling news.

One of My best friends, more like a brother, believes he was abducted a little over a month ago. He talked to me yesterday and told me about what he could remember, and had strange bruises on his back. He took a picture which I can share later, as I am in the middle of work and using my phone to post this message.

The bruises were all the same size, circular shape, and equidistant from each other. Advice and theories are welcome.


Son of Leod: Caution: Open Gently

I would try and open him up slowly so that he doesn't suffer from any trauma. Sometimes victims are in shock and too much can set them over if not careful. I would just let him know he could talk to me about what happened whenever he felt like.

Crigitine: I'd get X-rays if he was

I'd get X-rays if he was really scared. People find bumps and little pieces that weren't there before and they find out before they get them removed that they are broadcasting signals in ghz. And after surgery they stop broadcasting, self explanatory. Hypnotism gets them to recollect memory according to others. Otherwise all you have to go on is your gut and your friends bruises.

Quinton: This sounds very interesting.

This sounds very interesting. I would love to see the picture :)

Fal: Sorry I haven't followed

Sorry I haven't followed through, yet. Been busy with the kids, and my wife's health issues. I should have a chance after I finish my route. Just letting you guys know I havent forgotten.

Also, Crigitine, can it be detected through EMF, if so, I may have a way to test.

Crigitine: I personally have not used an

I personally have not used an EMF or know that much about them. If you happen to have a strong magnet you could use that and see if there is anything there in the first place.

This show is what I was referencing, I'm not suggesting you call them and make an episode. I think it's long shut off and the research they did was mainly about removing it. It was a lot like finding something spectacular in the wild and taking it out of it's habitat to study it but have that cut short because it died..because they removed it from the power source without further study. That's pretty sweet that there is more cases out there of that same imprint, I'll keep my fingers crossed for a graceful recovery.

around 8 minutes in they start doing tests before the surgery. They name their tools they use as well.

Fal: Theres the pic.


He said it was the day after he had a strange dream about "a bolt of lightning hit my right where my third eye would be, i guess, and then I woke up from feeling like my body was dropped onto my bed".

Anything is possible. I am taking into account the fact that he could have leaned on something that could have caused it, but between his weird dream, and I did some searching myself, and I found a few other pictured on the internet with exact markings in a different pattern.

Here are the links.



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