I have come to a great understanding in my journey today

and that is that to achieve liberation you must die to your self , you must let it go , die to your separated self ... it is the starting point to greater realization of the whole...

let it all go it is all just a roadblock to your future...


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bluesbaby5050: I think a lot of people are just a little bit confused by your

Words you chose to express your thought here Tim. This is why some people reacted to your statement in a negative manner in this forum today. They just did not get it. I understand what it is you really mean. Your saying that you have to ALLOW the OLD YOU TO DIE OFF, not your physical body, but to let go of your old believe system, and your baggage, and all your old wounds no matter who hurt you in your past life's, and in your present life. because this would only hold back a person. Not to do so, would cause a person to feel ill, and ache mostly in the large joints, because this is also where pain is strongly felt, and mostly this is caused from unresolved conflicts with people in ones own family, and spouses EVEN IF THE PEOPLE WAS NOT RELATED, and in all relationships AS A WHOLE, YOUR NEIGHBORS TO THE STORE CLERK, ON THE JOB ETC. and in the recent past, and long ago past lives, and in this present life time. Pain is not always caused by an illness. It's your Karma, and it has built up in the body, and will show itself in a disease sooner or later, or even a short illness, until it has been resolved. You can also ask the ones you hurt even if your not sure, do it anyways, and just ask them to forgive you too. You can actually call them, visit them or not. The choice is yours. Even if they passed on, already. It does not need to be long, and drawn out. These emotional pains are held in the un-conscious memories, of all your lives. It must be dealt with. It is not so hard to do. Even if that person has already passed on. All you have to do is be very sincere in your heart, and tell them by name, or a mental image if the name was not known, that you forgive them, and you cut the ties that bind you, because of this. Your releasing your karma this way, and your also clearing the baggage from your soul. It does not matter if they accept this from you. It is finished on your behalf. This is what you meant by dying. I understood you when you said it to this forum. Just to let you know I knew your meaning. A person has to truly mean it in their heart.

Tim Lovell: yes BB this is what I meant

yes BB this is what I meant thank you .. its clearing that matters...

bluesbaby5050: The people in this forum knows who they are......

All they had to do was open their heart, and they would have understood what it was you were trying to say, and the message you were trying to get across to them instead of being nasty. They need to reflect on this. Whether or not they do is their karma.

obsrvantlouie: Presentation

Has a lot to do with understanding and perception regarding communication. It's up to the presenter to try and present a clear and concise message and then up to the reader to understand and perceive the intent of the message...always two ways.

You did a nice job of explaining Tim's message BB and I very much agree with this.

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