i got new idea of goverment! Mass Democracy!

instead of few hundred people that will decide the life of million
all of us will decide our democracy
we will make vote system in every house a voter that everyone can vote
there will be always decisions everyday of rules that we all will make
there will be numbers of laws that you can vote on certain day or you can refuse to vote
that will be great than the riches and tycoon cant buy us all because we are millions
compere to few hundred that are easy to buy out and fish him up for their interest

good idea no?
vote system in every house that we can vote digitally and the votes will be counted by
the counters that we decided to count the vote.
that sound like great idea!

what do you think guys?

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Quinton: The problem with democracy is

The problem with democracy is most people will vote to be controlled by the few hundred.

People don't want to take responsibility for their lives, they are easily manipulated and consequently their voting behavior will be siphoned off to the few hundred once again.

Tarheel: The problem is with representative democracy.

Our representatives get bought off. With all these NOT-SO-smart phones and cell phones having internet access, there should be no reason why we can't figure a system where people can routinely vote for and instill change/legislation. The only way is to remove the middle-men who get bought and and get controlled. Very few of them care about their constituents.

We have to take the power away from them...we have to take our power BACK.

Quinton: Another problem with

Another problem with democracy is it forces other people's desires on another person, even if they don't want it. If majority of people want something done a certain way and I don't I am out of luck and have to do it their way. If majority of people want to pay taxes and I don't then I'm out of luck. If majority of people want my children to go to certain schools and I don't want them to then I'm in trouble. If majority of people want my doctor to have a license and I would rather pay less to a doctor without a license I can't.

From many philosophical perspectives this is the very definition of evil -- taking away somebody's freewill and forcing yours on them. You could go as far as to call this black magic.

If you believe democracy is moral you have to also believe that violence is moral. A democratic government by its very nature is a monopoly on violence. You can't enforce democratic laws without violence. You need to use violence to make people abide by the rules that majority of people vote for. If we don't believe violence can solve problems then why do we think violent democratic governments can? I don't believe in violence and therefore I can not believe in democratic government.

HebrianDaniel: i see its make sense that

i see its make sense that what form of goverment should we make then?
its hard to find a goverment idea that will agree with everyone desire....

Quinton: I would ask you why we need

I would ask you why we need government? People seem to do okay without religion. What makes us think people won't do okay without government?

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