I give Tribute to the Rainbow Warriors of Olympus

Nothing is Impossible, you are all Warriors so never let the System Push you around.
Achilles was never Loyal to a System of Oppression, he was Free and no Army messed with him.
Achilles Son of Peleus, an Olympian Warrior, Achilles you make Olympus Proud.



Tarheel: Anu77 draws a nice parallel here !

Our Anu reminisces about the days of old.

The message is clear-Be like Achilles !

Son of Leod: Incidentally, my neighbors

Incidentally, my neighbors son was born this past December on the same day as my older brother, and they named him Achilles.

bluesbaby5050: Wow! No kidding?

Now that is an unusual name for sure! That is awesome! I like different. They will probably end up calling him Art, or Artie?The kids in school might.They always want to shorten a name,or give them a nick name.BB5050.

Son of Leod: That's what I told them.

That's what I told them. Quite a few people were like hating his name and my only response was that it's an amazing name... Unique even. We have millions of johns and Jacobs and Todd's. Only 2 people I've ever known of being named Achilles. Don't get me wrong back in that day it was probably common practice to name Greek children after him. But that's not so now. I want to name my son Hermes... Achilles likes for me to sit with him though he'll smile and wink at me.

Ecbra de Oaoj: I give tribute to Jesus

if Crist; or not.

for his message; of Peace. and Humanity.

if was Enky; or not.

for his courage. and sacrifice.

if ressurrected. or not.

for his intention. and teaching to us.

i give my Tribute; here and now; to Lord Jesus.

if have one person that i acept in History that i knew like King.

yes; Jesus.; Honour. Glory.

if religious take his life and sell doctors...trines. to gain money and power. God have been seeing
but His... soul and voice... continue... to who wanna hear...


Jesus... dear... Lord.


wmarkley: Jesus

Whether he was the christ or not is not important to me, his message is what is important, as for a king, i believe that humanity has out grown the need for such people, this King shit is what started this whole mess that we are in today. The only need i have for a king is for him to go get my coffee in the morning. other wise il just go get it myself as i always do. as for Enlil, I have a job for him when he gets here, and that is to clean up this mess that he made on our planet, if he thinks that he is going to assume some throne, then he will get his wake up call.

bluesbaby5050: Jesus was a teacher first,and Master.He--

Tried to help the masses of people learn how to love,and what life was really all about. He tried to teach humans the scared laws of the universe.He was loving ,and kind,and patient.He taught to heal,is to love,and to love,is to heal.And that all things come from within yourself,not from your outside surroundings.When you go in-side your self,you will discover all these gifts,and you will know how to use them,you can NOT use them without love,and this is the key.You must go inside yourself,and all the wisedom,and secerts will be revealed to you from your HIGHER-SELF.Your GOD HEAD.BB5050.

bluesbaby5050: All down thoughout the ages there have been--

Many Master teachers.They came from different parts of the world to teach these parts of the world.Each corner of the globe has had their own Master teachers.There have been many more that have also followed down though the ages,for all the generations to learn the same lessons that were taught.There are many of them that were nerver famous,but they taught the same important lessons. BB5050.

Tarheel: The throne he sits on will be permanently....

....lodged up his butt.

And I know who's gonna put it there,

bluesbaby5050: Tarheel---?

Would you care to share this with us please? Curious minds want to know! BB5050.

Ecbra de Oaoj: ei wmarkley


good for you. in true; us; who dont need or must carry breakfast to anyoune; save... by free; and spontaneous will.

i dont serv; no one king brother... but;
that i know... maybe not enough or all true; or received desinformed facts; etc. but i feel; and trust in my intuition and intention.
for his message. and miracles. Jesus. for his gentleness and words and acts. i acept he as king. just because yet he dont arrogated his self King. neither Ceaser, or something like this. Just because probably he is Enky on same way, just because he dont wanna be worshiped. he dont colected forced taxs. he cure people. and teach clearly and with autority about God's Law. and i said and repeat; i dont deny he; and pray; to he let me will life in his Kingdom; of Peace. Respect. Health. Love. Hapines. Freedom. etc.

religions and kings; there was before Nicea Concil my friend; blame he by manipulation of his life is like blame the sun because are night.

word dont is the thing it self. just; one artifice of idiom to describe what you think.

Harmony and Valour guy


Ecbra de Oaoj: to Anu77

I give tribute to The Raibow Warriors of Olimpus, too! sure...

about Homero; Trojan War. and Odisseu...
all people say that greeks built a horse and trojans carry it to inside town but...
when i read; this book; i dont found it. maybe translation; ? poesy or history?
what writer said went that Achiles; after Hector have with a sword beat the misericord cut against his cousin, broke very angry all defenses of trojans and killed Hector, the most valorous comandant of trojan army and primogenitus prince, ending then this war.

Greeks fought bravery (Ajax brothers, meinly) to dont let Hector take the dead body of cousin's Achiles and throw to beasts devour and because it Achiles make it with Hectors body, let in beach sand after kill he but Zeus ordened that no one devour Hector's body and his father, Priamys, take he and provide tradictional funeral.

ahhh Helen... beaut and... wonderfull ...

ah Paris... do you realy choose Venus porposal?

ah Eneas... you are ... survive and winer.


alooo... Anu...

Peace and Love to you dear Lord

caseyhue: Yes...

Jesus was a very good teacher.. It's sad that this corrupt state an Lizards are making this world lose sight of this all. Many people who follow religion etc... lose sight of the true teachings it's like it's been erased in this world today.. Those stupid lizards sure know how to ruin the minds of humanity. If it wasn't for a group of us awaken from all this crap.. we'd be trapped in the matrix forever. I doubt it, but it sure feels that way..

Ecbra de Oaoj: i give tribute to Pátroklos ( Πάτροκλος )

because he for love to his brothers faced war and death, and did it, changed Destiny.

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