I dont get it.

Why do the movies that involve space have to do with robotic and metal looking extraterrestrials like the transformers and i saw the avengers ,same concept. metal creatures cannot be alive it just doesnt make any sence. If they are going to portray aliens they should do it correctly.


Crigitine: Because it sells, mainly. The

Because it sells, mainly. The ideas that have been formed and molded over the last century is that aliens come and cause trouble and that's the entire plot. And..not to offend anyone, the general public of civilization is still pretty dumb..to put it lightly. People (the rest of the world) need to stop debating on what will happen on 2012, because if EVERYONE sat and debated the golden age would not happen, and they would only have more things to complain about because they didn't do anything about it.

The robotic depiction is probably for the false flags that are supposed to happen this year, the greys and reps probably won't want to actually be the ones on the ground and flying because they have seen how armed and crazy people are getting thinking the world is going to explode.

alinabezerra: haha good point..aliens may

haha good point..aliens may only attack if they feel threatened,but if dont start the war there may not ever be one.I believe the world has millions of years of life left.

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