i chatted with illuminati minion on chatroullete

he is funny telling me they will rule the world and this
he said he opened his 3rd eye through sacrifice humen during a ritual
he tried to scare me but lookts like he is afraid of me himself.
i told him the aliens already are going to arrest teh illuminati.
in the end he said Hail the illuminat and i said
illuminat wont win.
and he left the chat.

well. now i know that the illuminatis are bunch of scared chickens who hiding in the shadows.


Tarheel: Avoid them, they are very deceptive.

Careful HD. We want your youthful exuberance here. Besides they are a model of deceit.

bluesbaby5050: YA-H/D We want you--

Here with us.This is where you are Growing in Knowledge,and besides, I Like/Care about You }:>)

wmarkley: right

The iluminati are already finished, they are just too stupid to know it, maybe they will understand that it is over for them when their necks are starting to stretch, and the rope starts to burn the skin on their neck, and that sudden POP when the bone breaks, then they can dance for us, the fandango i believe it is.

Ecbra de Oaoj: hey Mr Holmes

you played very well in your last Hollywood movie... Good Work; beautiful demystification.

Congratulations Shelock!

World... Earth;. Planet. Terra... etc. Is Awesome... and it include Humans and beings...
but... orders and... governs... are other thing very diferent... you are important man! thanks for Courage and bring us Truth...

and... remember... Iron man, Dowley Jr and... Mr Watson... are with you... ready...


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