i cannot explain what happening to me in night...

i dont like it my i hear strange noise inside my brain and its get stronger more these weeks
my body start to heat up i cant sleep well...
somebody know what happening to me?

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Annunaki77: Pray to the Great Spirit

Say this Prayer Herbrian Daniel, " Great Spirit that emanates through all living things, please protect me and my family, please protect Planet Earth and the Human Species, please let there be Peace and Harmony in this World".

You are linked to the Holy Spirit, you will see results because you are a Piece on the Holy Chessboard Herbrian Daniel.

Nothing will harm you if you believe in the Holy Spirit Son.

HebrianDaniel: im not christian. sorry mate

im not christian. sorry mate.
and i cant sleep good last monthes i hope i will feel better soon

Tarheel: HD, you dont have to be Christian to believe in The Holy Spirit.

But, I would do exactly as Wise Anu77 says. It is a generic prayer to help you and your family.

I am sure you will be okay, Brother.

Ecbra de Oaoj: Holy Spirit not owned by religion, Hebrian

The Creator of All Things. Yes, pray...

Your Force need be in , Brother. You have been seeing and because
join to be this claim to reach Heavens and

Peace and Light shines to Earth.


Strengh and Love Daniel.
believe; you will feel good

Great Spirit! Look for us and please take care of ours; Your Creations. we are here; there; we We are part of You; You inhabit in me, and All. We are part of You, take care of Us; please let be on me and our Human's Family in Earth Health and Good Will. Amen.

HebrianDaniel: well i still dont think i get

well i still dont think i get normal asnwer :s

Terran resistance: well its official

your scitso

sorry mate

better luck next life XD

Terran resistance: -

i meant schizophrenic

dont worry, was only teasing anyway XD

Ecbra de Oaoj: hahaha...

well... normal way would be to doctor or psicologist but...

I dont know if is a good idea... it may be that if they find that this worried because it has a fleet of 40 million insectoids parked near the moon and that their boss wants to conquer the universe these doctors maybe will to dope you with drugs and put you in observation...
no ofenses please I just... dont resist joking about.


Hapiness and Harmony

bluesbaby5050: Ecbra............

It was a Draconian/Reptilian fleet of 40 million Draconian warriors. Not an Insectoid Alien fleet. Anyways, DO NOT Worry About Them. Our Star families Will,and CAN take care of them! They have been doing a Great job of Cleaning our Planet, and our solar system of them already! Peace,and Harmony to you,and yours Ecbra.

bluesbaby5050: Hi H/D it's been a while since we had the pleasure...

The Pleasure of your company here. I hope your well. The word Scitso is ment as an insult to your mentalness. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THE NEGATIVE COMMENTS HERE! We ALL get them here }:>) Just pray to who ever you chose Daniel. Your prayers will be heard. What your're feeling is your body going though some normal changes,along with mother Earth's changes too. Your body is adjusting to the higher energies coming into our solar system from the center of our galaxy. This is a part of our process to the changing of the higher Frequencies of the energies of light,coming from the center of our galaxy. All the heavenly bodies are effected by this also.This is normal. So do not worry. We are ALL going though what your body is going though. We are going from a carbon based body to a crystaline body. We will become lighter in weight, and we will hold more inner light as well. Be glad for these changes,as we are going to have a way better life when it is finished.

Annunaki77: All will be O.K.

A Big Man or Woman show their Strength how Good they treat the Smaller Ones.
The Smaller Ones are small because they Treat others Small by Belittling others.

Peace and Hamrony to all Humanity.

Tarheel: Belittling others is a sick, repressive action.

I agree with you 110% on this one, Wise Anu77.

bluesbaby5050: Your so right about this Annu77!

We know why this is so.

HebrianDaniel: well this forum seem getting

well this forum seem getting boring... kanesh and edi keep repeating spirituality things and holy stuff thingies they sound now like Missionaires i hope there will be more interesting subject not only spirtuality.
i hope the forum will be interesting more ;)

Tarheel: Who peed in HD's Corn Flakes?

Tell us how you really feel HD ! That's why we love ya man.
Sprituality is a grave concern, and Humanity as a whole certainly lacks in the Sprituality Department, which is why Im guessing they focus on it lately.
I respectfully disagree with you on the BORING aspect. There's aplenty going on HD. Like the 40 million Repts looming about and Chris updates the Pac Ocean ordeal.
Stay tuned My Brother !

HebrianDaniel: well listen.. i see myself

well listen.. i see myself as agnostic i was born to religious family but the reason i stopped being religious is because i found no asnwers to my god exitence or other stuff in religoins i didnt found
people can tell you there good holy spirit and higher realms the exist but we dont know about it but
since i dont know if is fact or if it true even if someone tell me that true i still cant really bealive
today there alot of Disinformation and misinformation we cant really know what is true or false
the only way we can know the truth is to see it through our own eyes.
i do want to bealive about things but if i never seen these things i cant raelly find reason to see its true
i have never seen Spirits/orbs/Etheral beings/
creatures from other dimensions. and other spiritual stuff in reality
only in dreams.
but i stick to reality because what i see through my eyes (tv excluded...) is quite enough proof ;)
i do like this forum but its getting boring we dont have really serious conversations.
all the things there in the forum is stuff that kinda scaring people which make them to see reality much worse.
like someone says reptillian trying to control earth or UFO abductions
Goverment trying to control the people and take their freedom
or poisoned water and food
its scare them people will see reality much worse.
what i want to say is to see our reality as positive to see the good side of our reality
we always talking about bad side of our reality why cant we talk about the other good side of it?
well thats what i have to say

Tarheel: Yeah, BUT.....

I once had a Doctor that was NOT a "witch dr/sorcerer", and he told me..."Believe NONE of what you hear, and half of what you see." That's because we dont always see the whole truth just because our eyes are open.
True, we have to buy a lot on Faith. I would suggest you decide WHO you can put Faith in, and who you cant.
I wholeheartedly respect your opinion and I agree on the "try to see the GOOD in things", BUT I do want to HELP EXPOSE the evil so people are aware. Example-You go to the grocery store and you see (with your own eyes) some really AWESOME looking fruit. You buy it, take it home and you eat it. Then, you get sick, really sick or die eventually from what you SAW as good fruit. It was POISONOUS/GMO fruit and it's being shoved on us WITHOUT our knowledge or consent.
Catch my drift now, Brother HD? You cannot always trust your eyes. So I choose to expose the lies and seek the truth. It's a never-ending quest, for me, at least.

HebrianDaniel: well now you see that even

well now you see that even our eyes can fool us.
now its really hard to know what to trust on. =/

Ecbra de Oaoj: not only mixed motion


do you believe in some... mission one day? for... you duty?

well... ; skeozons seemns more
inaproprieted; than humor

I dont know, just excuse; eis the question, person
not diseses; diferencs, only.

what star; talking; about;
lost; same one in life; its no; alegre
and feel; pression; I n this place; Jerusalem and; around
and; you eventualy; stand?

and... did tell, ... yes a; exemple ;
film matter so; not religion or mission in prior;

Kirk and; sundenly.
one orbe. they inside navy and;
you are attained; not came back permited. you have
10 minutes to ; if pay God. your culture, apresents
because you all will dead.

and... Spock neither trumble and; Kirk wake totaly; crew suspensive
Doctor apreensive. and... this cenary.

I fthey are a inteligence to travel in Light nuances. So, ...

One controler; that I not got take name in mind now, say desespareted; open our arms, all we will die, and shooting high caracters of desesperance and...

interesting, no one prayed; they conected in their and;

see... if found, a resume only this scrap; 40 minutes it episode. and...
fill much more; views
entrand; camera on suposed sfere; a aquoso. behavier seemns and; a figure; enlarged; something ugly

and; crew and... what ? and...

not. if you use it and kill us; you will be retalied.
and; silence. kept they chanel y. and.
bacasitetly; it. and...
dispensed. out of Capitain to major in table that demonstrad;
intentiolnaled; made vibrations; of estressed moving. and...

1 minute; 30 second; and... 3, 2, 1.

Some eyes, closed.
no happen. no one. but... after few minutes; the voice implicateding?
depregrou a litle ligh in front cabine and said: you because; ok, blbla...we take you to ahead for colonia arrasted. and doctor taked the major nervous and leave he to a medical centre in their ship, I imagine and..

Dr Spock with a signal confirm; they dont scape this tracion and... they go... goes; they... shyyuuuuusssshhh... and...

trying talking; with these; entities. and...
In some point of this flee; Captian sayed: cant we get inside there? and responsible by that came one telesportantin, remember? and... yes.
Who will ?

Me; Doctor and; the controled; literaly; then; not religious a; recort; of explaining
to bring; what e; and...

well. once inside it, suspense; and... a chair. and a; kid. seens litle but; face of old and;
misterious; and... ok aiy? and...

tre entered; Doctor, Captain and; the Controler stressed; and...
they once inside it, suspense.

why it? ask in some long out creepers recem went there place. Where are your crew?
and the carring in nave with tractor ray; is just me! I wanna company; wanna spect what you made.

and; The what was on table and; estressed; I am voluntary; chance cult version with; and The Doctor and Captain agree; and;
they came back to ; and go to...



the question is... because; I think; in these days; Captain; ?
Sparrow? was in the televion here and;


smile; not will be; censured!

neither; exchange; exemples; well...

expressing; religious; speach; inst the
precious than;

if we arent ... created? just... stay... and...



not moke idem; a prece to; these; Universe. Respect and be; with. All We; Here and; yet out; if you...

I dont arrogue me; know; all around; never more than; you. human... do understand if are you? and; if not...
ok. they if enemies not; Are want us.


yes Hebrin; Tarheel, Bluesbabe and;;; all; if came these letter untill here to; read.

what; anormal? what answer wait if even; a-normal. no-normal...

what normal?


Im learning.

; with you; include; of course; and; all nature around

so... what is... finaly; religioun; for you?
words, songs; films web neted, followers... frindships bargains or; brother-sisters hoods claming; I... learning to; just; wanna
say; laugh; but if not;
no reason to; sleep; if is time to; awake; if contrary;


duality; I was viewing you talking about;
not talk Jack Spaider; the personge ' Jonhy Deep in Holliwood; aahhh... now; much long;
see you. if want if; not.


I Love you in; the same way.



ps- I think your insony is ; passing. belive will; get. usually.


ps... 2.

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