I being of the Ancient Line of the Fathers of Heaven will give you a Secret, Secrets of Heaven!

by Annunaki77 on March 21st, 2012

Like a Television you have the Power to Manifest your Reality. You are all that Powerful, the Annunaki and the Reptilians who really Piss me off know this.
Now Boys and Girls, I have a Question for you all.
How can my Annunaki Back Stabbers and Reptilian Smart Asses work you all over?.
All of you are Vessels of Energy, the Only way they Feast on you is through your Fears, so if you can Master your Awsome Mind and Heart, you can Manifest Energies that they will not be able to tolerate.
So I say to you , give them Vibrations of Love, Happiness, Pleasure, Joy, Wonder, Peace, Harmony, Passion, Free Will and Destiny.

This will Destroy them, Feed them Fear and they become Stronger through your Fear.
Study the Reports and see how they Feed Humanity Fear, the Activities of their Bad Deeds are Real but , what do these Forces Fear the Most.


They can only control Humanity through Fear, you Master your Emotions and they will Lose this Game of Subversion my Gods and Goddesses.
Master your thoughts and Create the Opposite of what they are trying to created and then we all Win.





Tarheel: I have been guilty of this fallacy BUT, I am learning how....

...to overcome it.

I get by with a little help from my FRIENDS


I learn the source of The Fear. Me. I created it therefore I MAKE IT DISAPPEAR ! After all, it's what you know about yourself on the inside that makes you afraid. I am, learning to overcome my fears. And I LOVE that I am mastering this.

BackStabbaz/SmartAsses-FEAR THIS, mofos !

Besides, I have Anu77/Edisonik in my pocket. And I KNOW nobody wants to phuk with either of them. Hahahahahahahaha!

bluesbaby5050: Tarheel

You are your Own master.What you Think,is what You Get! Fear Will only hold you back.You are becoming a true Master. You Make Annu77,and Edisonik Happy!

Tarheel: Im trying but I wish it would happen faster.

But I will say this...it IS happening. I feel it more and more daily.

And GOD help the Muthaz who phukked with me when I do Master this. Every day my fear subsides more and more, and Im getting stronger and stronger.

In the past few months I've floated/flew/swam and flew some more. It was crazy. Oh--so you dont think Im nutso..the flying was in DREAMLAND. But it was cool. The flaoting...I came up outta my bed so much it T-Ripped me out.

The things Ive manifested are quite tripping. And, Im on the front end of this gig? Hello.


bluesbaby5050: To Tar-----?

Is that OWL still around your house? You said he was really noisy the other night.All the critters around your house was, you said.Don't sing so loud! This will only stir them up! Hahahaha.BB5050.

wmarkley: owl

i wish i had an owl outside my house, the squirl population is terrible.

bluesbaby5050: Your so funny Wmarkley Hahahahah!

Whhooooo did you say? I feed the critters BB5050.

Tarheel: This Dude is Bad ! I dont mind squirrels,tho.

I havent seen a mouse 1 since he showed! And HOOT, that Dude hoots major league.
I am NOT making this up. He let out a multi-tiered HOOT at something the night before last that was frickin awesome. I like them. Ya wanna know somethg. ....I havent seen him yet but HOOT he does. Im sure if I looked hard enough I would see where he lights. Im sure its where he can check out as much turf as possible. After all, he is The King of His Castle.

I THINK I know what tree he's in but Im not sure. I dont wanna scare him off.

wmarkley: squirrel

On second thought, i may need them for food if things get real bad, lol i never ate squirrel but i know people that have, i hear they are good with bar-b-q sauce, lol

harleyborgais: Humanity and Dimesions

I put this in another thread, but wanted it to be here too:

Humanity and Dimensions

It is not that we will shift from one dimension to another, because we exist in more than one dimension at once.

It is that we will shift from thinking with only three dimensions, to using five. Here is what that means...

When you think of only the here and now, and physical things, then you limit your thinking to only these three dimensions. Your physical urges, instincts, impulses and reactions, are all 3D.

When you learn enough about the past and present, and understand the causes of the effects you observe well enough, then you can see where things are heading, and predict the future.

Then you are thinking in four dimensions.

This is an ability that is not unique to humans, but just like computers, animal brains needed to reach a certain level of complexity to completely render this reality over a length of time, instead of just one instantaneous image at a time, or incomplete visions of surroundings. This comes from added complexity in our pre-frontal cortex (thin layer on outside of brain, under skull at forehead, performs rational thought, and short-term memory), and Pineal Gland (the one unique and centered, eye-like organ in the brain, which puts thoughts together, making it your "All seeing eye", because it can "See" or envision things you cannot actually see with your eyes. This is how you: "Cross the Veil of Isis" like stated in '13 masonic secrets').

(Note: Insects, spiders, earth worms, fish, birds, cats, dogs, and humans are all "animals")

{It took me 12 years to figure this out, trying many varieties, and the 3Ds are: 1) electrical charge came first as it is compressions or expansions of 'space itself', (which is microscopic black holes from the previous existence at a smaller wavelength, as if a lower 'octave')... Charges spin to make particles, forming magnetic dipoles, or charges move straight as light. 2) Spinning and moving straight is the motion, which is the dimension we call time, the 2nd technically -I just figured that part out right now-...and then 3) the Magnetic dipole is the 3rd and last dimension to form our 3D Universe (Uni-Verse = One-Word). Previously I had considered time the 3rd, because the magnetic dipole has to spin around another perpendicular axis/dimension to make the sphere, which is the particle. Only then do you get straight line forces which push or pull, which we call the forces of nature: Electricity, Momentum/Inertia, and Magnetism. The Strong force = Electricity+Magnetism very close together. The Weak force is dissonance between non-harmonizing or resonating particle orbits, causing a portion of the curvature or energy that is the particle to radiate as 'light'.

(5) Five dimensional thought= When you can predict the future fairly well, then you add the ability of creative thought to imagine different futures, and you figure out how to make them happen...

Then you are thinking in 5 (Five) Dimensions!


And what we are doing right here and now is the reason why that will happen.

#################### More notes: ##############################

"...a number that you are “carrying over” to do a subtraction, or a persuasive argument that you are going to make...two very good examples of why you usually hold information in your short-term memory: to accomplish something that you have planned to do." http://thebrain.mcgill.ca/flash/d/d_07/d_07_cr/d_07_cr_tra/d_07_cr_tra.html

[Note: I actually used my pre-frontal cortex to figure out that the short term memory was stored in those neurons, because I realized that the other neurons (besides the motor neurons at the base of the skull), all perform long-term storage. Furthermore, all neurons are constantly using their stored energy patterns to compute, which means to attain resonance between all neurons...or in other words, to figure everything out. That is what I have accomplished, which is why I can figure out something like this, then look it up, and find that it was correct--which I just did now. Harley Davidson Borgais. 6/12/2012]

"Fabric of Space"=All of the paths of energy of all particles and radiation as they weave through each other throughout the Universe.
Gravity=The combined Negative and Positive charges of a mass, but the excess negative charge (how many more electrons than protons as a total of the mass), which most planets have (because the electron is on the outside, so it radiates more), makes up the Static Electric Field.
Magnetic Dipole=The dual and opposite tornado shaped radiation wave patterns (traveling across the Fabric of Space), formed by the spinning motion of the extensions of the fields of the electrons and protons as they move through a mass.
Magnetism=The effect of the Dipole.
Field=A curvature of space. Three Fields are: 1) Electrical Charge (pressure of space), 2) Magnetic Dipole (torsion of space), and 3) Gravity (Stretching in both opposite directions of space).
Energy=Curvature of space
{The above definitions Unify General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics.
That is one of the greatest mysteries in the public, 'mainstream science' field.}
Work=Transformation of energy from one form to another (One can never create of destroy energy).
Holy=concerned primarily about the welfare of all life above all other issues.
Science=The process of using reproducible experiment, controlled variables, and creative thought, to determine the causes of observed effects. This is the pursuit of fact and truth.
Religion=A set of beliefs and/or practices. When you know something you can prove it to anyone able and willing, because you possess a factual truth. When you only believe something, then you lack facts, and cannot determine without those facts, if you possess truth.

Right: The most beneficial of all choices or actions for all lives effected.
Wrong: Any choice you are capable of figuring out is not the Best one for all effected.

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