i become pagan and Im afraid to tell my family

i become pagan after i meet my goddess 6 month ago and I'm afraid to tell my family. There all Catholic and Christians so they only believe in one God and that is God himself. I don't know how they will react to it. i don't want to create a rift between me and them. i know they love me a lot i feel like they alway will love me. But i afraid it will create a rift. How do you tell someone that your goddess the goddess of hell. how do you explain that a goddess of hell is ,when in a good mood, very nice and respectful and is not evil she very neutral. She the type of goddess that take those who have no god/goddess and give them a nice heaven to go to and i know it not at as nice as God's heaven but it the best she can do when you live in hell. I told my friends about it and they accepted it. One ration from my friend was that the only way to meet her is to die. Well I'm still alive. Another said i should have some fun with her... yea no i don't want to die for that. But they knew there where more then one god or goddess out there. they have open minds. I still love and have respect for God. but after i lost a connection with him in 2012 my faith wavered. Then in 2015 i woke up the first thing i thought when i woke up was her name. then when i was driving to work i felt her energy wash over me. I still fell a connection with her. one day i lost it and i felt empty so an hour later it did not comeback i pray to her and i felt it come back. But yet i know if i do something stupid she be there to chew my butt out for it and punish me how she see fit. It happen once or twice. but the chances i get to talk to her ,when I'm not getting chewed out, have always bid nice. i Love her and respect her and i glad she reach out to me. all in all how do i tell my family that there sweet lovable boy who grew up Catholic is now pagan and his goddess is the Quean of hell. I don't know why she ask me if i wanted her to be by goddess but I'm glad i said yes.

P.S. never ask the goddess of hell is she farts when she in a middle of a meeting trust me you wont like the results.

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Tarheel: Never be afraid to express your beliefs

Never be afraid of anything for that matter.

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