Throughout the History of Earth and the Human Race, there were 8 Shocking Realities that Humanity still hasn't overcome their Trauma from the Gods.So my Beloeveds these are the 8 Great Shocking Abuses of the Human Race for behold the Words of an Ancient Friend that truly Loves you and that wants you to know more forbidden Knowledge.


Number One - The Garden of Eden ( Where Humanity was first created by Lord Enki).

Number two - The Destruction of the Tower or Space Rocket of Babel, by Lord Enlil.

Number Three - The 40 Years in the Desert that the Hebrews dwelled. Where the Hebrews were trained to Serve Lord Enlil.

Number Four - The Fear of Hell,( a place that Lord Enlil uses to torcher Humans ).

Number Five - The Departure of the Gods to Sirius.

Number Six - The Planetary Flood that Killed almost all Humanity thanks to Lord Enlil (Yahweh) in Sumerian.

Number Seven - The Destruction of Mars and Earth because of the Battle between King Anu of Sirius and King Zeus of Mount Olympus of Star System Bod .

Number Eight - Lord Enlil's Covenant to the Hebrews.

These are Humanities Greatest Fears which must be Understood and felt so that they can understand that they can mold a Destiny of their own instead of becoming Slaves again.

The Great Shocks are Events that are so Overwhelming that Humanity cannot break free from these past Ancient Events.
These Events are Very Real folks so understand the Gravity of this Knowledge.
Enki want's Freedom and Spiritual Growth for the Entire Human Race, not Tyranny or Worship.
Lord Enki has been Demoded as Evil because he wanted the Slaves to Achieve Free Will, he was called the Serpent.

Lord Enlil ( Enki's brother ) was Yahweh ( Lord of Command).

KING ANU is the Father of Both Brothers (Enki and Enlil).

Lord Enlil has made child birth painful and has made Man work hard for a Paycheck for the rest of his Lives.

Lord Enlil has created a rift between Man and Woman so that they fight each other to make the two hard to live with each other.

Also Lord Enlil has shortened your lifespans to 120 Years or Less to Control you Humans better.

The Tower Babel ( Babel Space Rocket ) was not an Act of Arrogance against Heaven, the Humans during the Pre-flood wanted to speak with King Anu because they were being abused and killed by Lord Enlil ( Yahweh )for productivity. The Humans created a Star Ship called the Babel Rocket,and the Cities of Babel, it was Destroyed by Lord Enlil's Forces to keep the Humans Enslaved and Controlled.

What Lord Enlil fears most is Free Will, Passion and Destiny, in his mind Humans are not equal to the Annunaki.
So Lord Enlil used Advanced Technologies to scramble Humans communication with languages to scatter Humanity around the Earth to keep Humanity far away from Uniting.

So the Annunaki created Religions to keep Humanity Docile and more controllable, more managable and gullible.

During the Time of Moses and Ramses, the two Great Men of Egypt had made Peace among one another and their people.
Ramses let Moses go along with his Hebrew people,Lord Enlil didn't like that so he made the Pharoah Angry against Moses and made the Pharoah attack Moses and his People.
As a game of Entertainment and Leisure Lord Enlil opened the Waters to let the Hebrews cross the Great Waters, when the Pharoahs Soldiers crossed , Lord Enlil released the Magnetic Field holding the Great Waters from his Starship to Drown the Pharoahs Soldiers for his Amusement.

Lord Enlil saved the Hebrews from Pharoah so he can train the Hebrews to War with the Canenanites because the Canenanites worshiped Lord Enki.
All Canenanites were slaughtered every Man, Woman and Child by the Hebrews.

Lord Enlil was so loving to the Hebrews that when the Hebrews complained about this bloodshed and barbarism ,they were bitten by snakes that were falling from the sky by Lord Enlil's Starship to teach those Hebrews who complained a lesson not to Question their God (Dog).

Moses was angered and he said to Lord Enlil (Yahweh in Sumerian ), "Listen this is our Army and you are treating them like this?, what kind of a God are you?.
Lord Enlil stopped his little game of humour and said " tell you what I am going to do, I will give you a Brass Snake Idol, tell the Hebrews to look at the Snake and they will not die of the snake poison which I have put on the Land to punish those who Question my Command.

Lord Enlil never approved of the Human Race's Existence,he wanted Slaves, nothing more, nothing less.

The Garden of Eden was in Iraq. The Lulu Amelu ( Adamu )
( You folks )were created to mine the Gold on Earth.
Apparently Gold is extremely Precious and only available on Planet Earth.
More Precious than Paper.

In the End you Humans must become Masters of your Destiny and your Free Will, you must never abuse your Power to oppress others and help one another and work in Harmony for a better tommorrow for all Humanity , instead of War and Destruction.
Live in Peace and with Harmony.

I can only wish you all a Great Beautiful Future for you and your Families, I ask for nothing and demand nothing for what Heaven has created can be neither Good or Bad for everything which was created , was created by the will of Heaven.

I Truly Love all of you. Peace.

I am proud of all of you , you make me Proud for this Endeavour was well worth it. Beautiful Humanity.



bluesbaby5050: I know I speak for us Humans---

We are so Greatful to Lord Inki for giving Humanity Life! We know Lord Inki did this out of his Great Love for Humanity. We are Proud to have Lord Inki's DNA too. These were his gifts to Humanity.WE are the same! WE ARE ALL ONE! Peace,and Love,and Harmony to all Humans,and to OUR SPACE FAMILIES TOO! The Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

bluesbaby5050: The above is a very important RE-POST FROM OUR---

MASTER LORD ANNUNAKI 77. Please read all of this post,as he has given humans scared knowledge! The Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

HebrianDaniel: so much sad

so much sad information....
its very shocking that our god in the bible are no more than lord enlil.
i can even see enlil did very bad things in the bible.
if every jewish whould know this truth everyone whould leave the judaism because of this evil sadistic god (enlil)
ive been fooled all this years in bealiving (enlil) is nice god.
i hate this brainwashing.

bluesbaby5050: To H/D---

I know how sad this is, as we all have been Tricked,and we have to face the Real Truth about this too. People will have to face these facts all over the world, as they can NOT refuse the facts in front of them! It is as plain as the nose on your face! But, this is the real Truths. They can still Pray to the Holy Spirit, and the prayers WILL BE HEARD BY THE GOD-SOURCE-THE ISSNESS. This is also what Lord Edisonik ,and Lord Annunaki 77 has told all of us. They would NEVER LIE TO US! They even PROVE this with the true history from the video's they give to us,so we can see it all for ourselves! The Real Truth of Our Earth's history ,and the history of humanity has even been played on the Major Cable,and Satilite Channels, over,and over so people can learn the Real Truths. We are very Lucky to have this web site! The Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

Tarheel: Hebrian-WE are the lucky ones......

....for we know of EnLiL and his tricks/deception.

I'm telling anyone who will listen about EnLiL. The hard part is getting people to listen. They arent buying the 2 Bros Good/Evil,Right/Wrong scenario.

Consider your brain "White-washed" now, and you are filling it with The Truth of Lord Enki.

Tarheel: Marvelous post, Wise Anu77.

I sense some sort of seperation from us by you when you say, "I can only wish YOU a wonderful future". Please tell me there is no finality in nyour words, or that you arent pulling back from helping Humanity "DO WHAT WE GOTTA DO". I hope I am wrong.

That was a great post, FULL OF good info. Book of Heaven good.

bluesbaby5050: To Tar---

Our Lord Annu77 IS NOT IN ANY WAYS PULLING BACK FROM HELPING US. We are Always going to be a part of him,,ALWAYS,and he loves ALL of us too,And this is also why he will help us ,HE HAS BEEN ALL ALONG! DO NOT WORRY Tarheel }:>)

bluesbaby5050: 8 Shocking Realities for Humans........

By Annu77 in the above Thread in this post. It still has valuable information in this RE-post.

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