I am looking for an et !

by kaleohrile on February 5th, 2018

When i was young , a woman figure would visit me at night , so i talk with her and she tell me stores and come and cook for me too , i had bad migraines and sever pain in my lag tho not sure if et can cause that after i visit
all i know is her name was drakena , also she feel in love with me , she was like my main mother i cant even feel i love my real mom but that how attach she was to me , that i i have at this time if you have any leads please get back to me!

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invinciblelight: Interesting.

Can you please tell us more about experiences with her? She looked like humans or different than us?

kaleohrile: me and the et

all know she was like a shadow , i cant remember what she look like , i never got a clear pic of her , all i know a that she was a humanoid

Tarheel: The visitor's name...

...was a bit conspicuous to me Drakena (Draco?).

kaleohrile: me and the et

as far as i know it was not the draco race , she was humanoid

bluesbaby5050: Im looking for an ET

So how do you know your visiting alien was not Draco if you never saw a clear view of it then? You said you saw it as a shadow. A shadow has an out line of it's figure and you could still make that out when you looked at it each time you saw it. How tall was it? Was it broad in body mass? How did the voice sound in your head? How did it speak to you? Did it just appear in the room in an open space? What time of day was it? Was it Daylight or dark?

kaleohrile: your answer

she was more like a shadow i say her figure 6'1 for height more elf like , but she was mostly in a shadow form , she knew English . she only would see me at night , she would just appear , not sure if it was a portal or how she would get in my room , for hearing her i would talk to here but she would do it to my mind

bluesbaby5050: Im looking for an ET

Thank you for your reply. You stated to me last year that you also had other ET contact with another alien that appeared reptilian. Have you seen this one lately?

kaleohrile: no i have not hadany thing happen to me lately

no i was in a health care center the first 5 mouths of 2017 so it was January to may of last year , so i lost what i gained when i was talking with all of you , why i say that is the center keep switching my med so my memory is not what it was , when i first join the site i had 3 mouths worth the data and find for et which lead me to dreams like me looking for the moon stone waking up and remembering a whole bunch of elves in one room long and blond heir , another thing that has happened i seen other me from other reality, some good some bad , it me but they made different choices , last year when the first of January so it be 2017 before i went the the center , i took i trip with some one , i i remember is getting of a tarmac with two us solders , i awoke and found a mission jar full of water and i do not know where it came form the weather the next day was wired it rain like in the spring not normal for Wisconsin , so i went out side and gave thanks to Christ god the old gods and the fa , all so their was wired solar energy going on and i know i had a part with the solar energy it , how that started is with me and my tarot but that a stroy of mine for another time . i all so had some sort of tracker on my lrft lag never my foot , for some reason it was taken out . well it late feel free to ask away ,have a good night or day when you done reading !

Tarheel: Good questions

Plus, kaleo said she cooked for him so he should have seen it.
Im not so sure I would have eaten anything from someone I wasnt able to see. Whatcha think,BB....maybe he got SLOOSH, Yuk.

bluesbaby5050: Im looking for an ET

He sounded coherent when he told me his story last year, and he did explain his situation to me as well. A person should never eat or drink anything during astral traveling. Also, the same applies when entities visit you from other dimensions. Protect yourself always.

kaleohrile: on eating

i never knew that i should not eat after seeing et thanks for the info

bluesbaby5050: Im looking for an ET

I agree with you Tarheel. Because that name gave off a clue. So its easy to pick up on when you make the connections.

bluesbaby5050: Im looking for an ET

The Draco are humanoid. Humanoid meaning. ......with a head, and torso, and with two arms, and with two legs, with two feet. Everything else is optional depending on the type of being that it is.

western_yogi: End of the day you need to clear your mind before you OBE

Spend time clearing your mind before you sleep or you will manifest what you saw, thought about or what happened during your experiences while awake.

You spend your day reading new age alien stuff you will dream of it.

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